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    Thanks that meat came from a fresh 60lb doe Road killl with a neck snapped all the meat was Prestine
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    More is always better than less. You can drink it at your leisure but if youre brewing, you may as well brew it all. Not to talk about myself but i had great results doing a single mash split into two partial mash beers. One went into a saison and the other half was an IPL. I understand brewing is time consuming so why not cheat father time and net more beer at the same time? the LBK is great for test batches and then you can brew them double and split between two kegs.
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    Sure have. I've used other companies recipes in the LBK a few times. Having 2 helps out a lot b/c you can split it between the 2 of them. I've also whipped up a few of my own recipes in them. They're great to experiment in; better to lose 2 gallons to a not-so-tasty batch than lose 5 gallons. Only thing that you kind of lose by using the LBK is the racking to a secondary. Good luck!
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    Ok first Bottle Popped open and I finally made Beer , For an American Lager with nothing added I actually like it but next batch I think I may add some hops to it for a little more punch and I have a few booster kits I like higher ABV% Goes Great with Deer Tenderloins
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    Happy Drinking I have 5 bottles left and a long weekend ahead of me so I guess I need some store bought crap to hold me over til then
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    looks good.... Deer tenderloins.. Yummmm
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    Well done @bikermedic108! I pop open my first tomorrow....
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    I've had some pretty okay results from NB/Midwest Supplies (they seem to be basically the same company) - there's actually a basic English brown ale kit fermenting right now. The biggest problem is you'd need to split it into two kegs (or I guess you could accept leaving your ingredients opened and half used...)
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    +1 the fermenter doesnt care where you got your ingredients. Its just happy to help. I think Mr Beer is a HME company best known for their fermenter. People love the LBK
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    I keep my mini fridge fermenter at 66 the first week and 68 the second and third weeks. What's cool is I can finally do true lagers in Texas and keep the LBKs in the mid 50's.