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    What hotrod said. My first few brews were very disappointing, so much so that I stopped for a couple of years. When I started up again, MRB had progressed quite a bit. Their craft refills and partial mash recipes are quite a step up from the old "base HME + booster" recipes. That, along with the accumulated knowledge on this forum, has re-ignited my "brew bug". Temperature control during fermentation is probably the single biggest factor that has improved my brews. So you're on the right path there. To me, the standard refills by themselves are a bit bland. When you branch out to the ones that use added LME/DME, hops, or have partial mashes/steeps of grains, then you'll really notice a difference. Since I started brewing again about 14 months ago I've made a couple of blah beers. But I've brewed many more that I'm proud to share with family and friends.
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    Ha that is good. Today I bottled 2 of the 3 LBKs from my divided Dark Ale after 3 weeks. I checked the FG using Refractometer and web calculators. First the thing was off by zero error of about 0.5, so I fixed that. So #1 was BRIX 6.8 starting from 8.6 giving FG way too high (1.022 ABV 1.2% Huh?) and very bubbly when poured in glass. It was also much too sweet. See pic for fizz. So I figure that must have stalled so I added a pack of Mr B yeast and put if back to ferment more. #2 Smelled very citrus and aromatic and tasted good and the BRIX was 6.5 (from 12.8) giving FG target of 1.010 as planned. It tasted a little like Citra hop although I used HBC438. I like this hop. ABV calculates to 5.39% against initial calculation of 5.48%. Close enough. #3 Smelled sweet orangey and tasted a little that way too. I could drink this and #2 without any more maturing but will l see how much better it gets. BRIX was 5.8 (from 11.8) giving FG of 1.008 for target 1.009. Considering some of my calculations were approximations that is not too bad. ABV calculates to 5.19% vs initial calculation of 5.07%. Close enough. Note all these LBKs were fermented using 1/3 pack of Coopers Ale Yeast (7g pack). I have not tasted any commercial beers similar so I can tell you that is what they taste like. I primed conservatively. - 0.5 sugar dot per 12 oz., 1 sugar dot per 750 ml., 2 sugar dots per 1L. I don't like my dark beer real fizzy anyway.
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    Stick with it @bigntall1983, they will get better!! I am sitting here drinking the last bottle of my first ever batch (Classic American Light brewed back in december) and i can tell you, patience and practice are key. Read through this forum, ask questions, but most importantly, keep trying. Make adjustments, take notes, review those notes. i am now over 20 batches and i can tell you, my first few were just meh... but once you fine tune the process, make the adjustments and work out the kinks, you know... find your groove.... it does get better. This one that i am sitting here drinking, on a scale of 1 to 10 gets about a 4... just meh... it has a cidery taste to it that has never gone away. Cidery taste comes from too warm on the fermentation not an infection... sour comes from infection (now if i am wrong, i am sure someone **** cough @RickBeer cough*****) will correct me. now if i compare that to one more recent, Smitten Bovine or even Black Beerd porter.... there is no comparison the more recent ones blow this one way out of the water they are more of an 8 or 9 on that same scale. Stick with it man!!!
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    How is there not a thread labeled "Ask RickBeer" by now?
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    I like to revisit my older topics and post updates. Anyway, both of these have at least 3 weeks conditioning now, and I've tasted them both. They're both pretty dang good. I dont know how high those temps really got, heck, it could've been in the 80s for all I know, but it obviously was far enough along as most of you said. Thank you guys for putting my mind at ease!
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    I'm still fending for myself for sustenance, so...
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    Better with age. I too started with the kit, Classic American Light. It was "okay" after 6 weeks. After 6 months it wasn't great but it was pleasant. Some batches turn out good and some are amazing, but nearly all are better than what you get in the store. And each one is unique! I just love that first bottle opening of a new batch and getting my nose right over the bottle to get that first whiff. Always a delight.