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    My first brew! My son and I got to try our first brew today, Churchill's Nut Brown Ale. It turned out so good! We started some Aztec Cerveza today, too.
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    Wound up bottling 5 12oz bottles non carbonated, just to try it the old traditional way. Got 14 bottles (12oz-22 oz) carbonating. Has light, balanced flavor. Good malt profile with a kick of juniper and hints of orange blossom and "funk" from the kveik. Excited to sample it carbonated!!
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    Brew day. 4 kegs of beer. No big deal, not like I have a life anyways. edit Done. Yes, 5 hours later, but I just got back from eating out, and I took my time doing the brewing. Still I almost mucked up...twice. I took a reading on the robust, and it came out WAY too high. Turns out, I didn't fill it up to the keg's level 2. Once I did, the number came in correctly. Also, on the Smooth batch I grabbed a jug to fill it up to level 2, and it was the sanitizer water for the next LBK. I calmly put it down, and grabbed the correct bottle of spring water, and filled it with the correct fluid. Again, ALMOST mucked up, but I think all went well. I did take OG readings, and I will take FG readings, but I won't publish the results. Multiple reasons, First, I'm not going for alcohol, or as I call it, "chasing rainbows". Also, I'm using Safale 05 instead of regular dry yeast, which might (or might not) make it different than the regular yeast. Finally, there might be an expected final ABV, and if I publish that a batch didn't make it as expected, then I could worry that something didn't go right. Did I not clean the can of HME enough? Did I not read the fractometer correctly? Honestly, alcohol isn't the goal, flavor is. I should be very close between the four, and within expected results. The brew house (aka upstairs apartment) is a nice chilly 65 degrees for the weekend. Doubt I can sustain that...might make this experiment overly priced due to the electric bill. But for the first 48-72 hours, the air temp will be 65, and the wort temp will be very closely monitored to try to keep it at 65. After that, I will slowly bring the air and the wort to 68,,,,,,,slowly Now, I'm going to take an afternoon nap. chat with y'alls later
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    This chica mal is chilling in an ice bath as I type this. I went basically as I said......instead of waiting to dry "stick" the cinammon I cut it up and threw it in with the ancho chile......I used two el dorado hops (1oz) for five minutes. For the grains I went with all the 2 row, munich, and crystal, and half the black and half the chocolate. My wife couldn't find any vanilla beans at the market. (I suspect she did not search with all her heart, mind, and soul.) I've got some vanilla bourbon extract. I am going to put 2 tbl spoons into the wort before I stir and sprinkle the yeast. This is the most audacious brew I have ever brewed.
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    Congrat's! You gotta love a success straight off the bat.
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    Great job. Here's to many more successful brews!
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    Well done - it is good to have a success first time.
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    Congrats!!! Welcome to the wonderful world of home brewing... your new obsession...oops...i mean hobby....
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    Nice brewing there @KaijuBrew! Hey - If you were to stand an LBK up next to that, how does the size compare?
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    Thanks for all the help - with the 2G Fermenter I received my Funky Buddha - Hop Stimulator Double IPA kit! I am very much looking forward to brewing it today! I like that this kit came with printed instructions and even labels for the bottles! I wanted the 2G fermenter for this recipe because it indicates that it can generate a lot of fermenting activity and it is easier to prevent overflows with the 2G than the LBK.
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    Thanks for the info! My plan (as of right now) is to leave Louisville on Wednesday 27th, as it will take two days to drive to Tucson. I'll get there late Thursday, and can spend Friday, Saturday (day of festival) and Sunday touring the city and the beer pubs. Then Monday drive back to Louisville. Again.....that's the plan for now. We'll see what happens.
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    Sep 30th. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/paid-vendor-registration-for-2017-great-tucson-beer-festival-gtbf-tickets-32093946859?aff=erelexpmlt
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    Done. BTW, love the logo. I'm looking forward to seeing the store when I visit Tucson
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    If you don't brew it, who will? Well done! 🍻
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    I lost my clips so I just use office binder clips. I didn't like the wand as I got one with no spring and it dripped and it is another thing to clean - so I cut 1.5 inches off the tube and stuck it in the spigot spout. Now I can bottle without spilling, over the sink. I like the LBK spigot much better as it has a spout. This is the LBK wand I think and the tube is tight but it will fit. But that is just me. When the LBK spigot washers start to look manky or I lose one, I use 5/8 inch garden hose washers.
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    Thank you both for your responses. I did toss it all out. I appreciate you answering my questions.
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    To say you would not be the first person to do that would be a big lie. I haven't, but others have posted that.
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    @RickBeer You, good sir, are an amazing human being. I bow in awe.
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    You got 3.57%. If you emptied the can completely, and emptied the LME pack completely, then there are several reasons why you didn't hit 4.0 - 4.1%. I always swish water around in the can to get every last bit (the hot wort water is fine). I don't use LME packs, but you need to squeeze out every drop. 1) You read OG wrong. 2) You read FG wrong. 3) You did improper temperature adjustments (normal adjustments are usually insignificant because you're so close to the calibration temperature. 4) You are reading the hydrometer wrong (see below). 5) Fermentation was not complete. Unlikely because you would have had bottle bombs or bulging bottles. 6) The yeast did not attenuate as much as expected, and then did not do more in the bottle (unlikely, because the sugar would have kicked it into gear).
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    I don't necessarily want more alcohol. I just want to hit the expected marks. I'm going to pay closer attention to the dates. But why does Mr. Beer instruct 7-14 days fermentation? It never is. I've traditionally done 3 weeks anyway, just thought this one might not need as long. Plus I have to brew and bottle when I have time so that plays a role. Thx for your input guys.
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    Once I sober up, which might be sometime Monday late morning at the office, I'll start a new thread about Tuscon's Beer Fest. Won't be the first MUG meeting (I have other plans for that), but we'll consider it the first "national" MUG meeting. adoYiniM. Wondering how much it would cost to make t-shirts of the event................
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    Just need to know when the festival is this year, so that I can schedule vacation, hotel, rental car, etc.
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    Awesome! When are you planning on visiting?