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    I still say the UK Dark ale. If you're going to break the tie, go for the Notty!
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    Caught one 14" brown trout on a woolly bugger then let it go.
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    I don't think there is a need to toss the caps in sanitizer. While I sanitize the bottles, I put the caps that I will press on them on top while I shake the <CENSORED> out of the sanitizer in the bottle. That should sanitize the inside of the cap, and leave the outside of the caps fine and dry.
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    Hi Guys- Quick question....are there any instructions specific to bottling with glass? I'm bottling my 4th batch on Monday, and I have used PET until now....but I have the Mr, Beer 12 oz glass bottles, caps and a capper....just wondering if the process is the same, or if there's any tips for capping? I'll toss the caps into sanitizing solution for a few minutes while the bottles sanitize, and then prime, fill, and cap. Should I try to dry the caps or anything after they sanitize? Will any wetness from the sanitizer cause problems with the seal? Thanks! Dave
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    Gonna let this wort air-cool for a few hours while I take my nephew fly-fishing. Hopefully by then, the small issue of which yeast to pitch will be resolved, and I'll have an OG to post!🍻
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    OK, thanks, kedogn...it looks like they're not real similar. I was thinking of adding some Simcoe hops to the Howling Red Ale. How do you think that would turn out?
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    Thanks @MichaelL! Maybe if I offered everyone that votes a complimentary bottle of this for Christmas, I might get better turn-out.