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    soy has more phytoestrogens than hops ever will. American men are becoming sissified because they eat too much soy products... directly or indirectly. the government puts gobs of it in processed foods to keep us fat and passive. the ONLY cure is to consume MORE alcohol!
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    3 weeks bottle conditioning and my first taste. Wow! Great beer. I can see these going quickly. A hint of banana, and a bit of clove. Will certainly be re-ordering this recipe.
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    1) You technically should watch your beer like a hawk. Wait for the krausen to fall and then do the DR. You want to hit about 75-80% attenuation. I have done a number of things, lowering 5 degrees everyday until 35 degrees or the dangerous method of "crashing" to 35 immediately and then lagering in the fermenter. 2), carb at 70 3) you get benefits from each. Id condition for 1/2 warm and 1/2 cold of your target drinking date 4) ideally, this is crazy, theres so many lagering methods now. Any way, if its 1.040, then lager for 4 weeks, 1.050, 5 weeks so on and so on. methods of making a lager ferment to 75%, DR (and DH) for a few days. DR is usually good after 24 hours but if youre dry hopping then youll want some time at that warm temp. Crash to 35, lager for how I explained in #4 point. ferment at ideal temp, at 50%, raise 5 degrees, 75% raise 5 degrees until terminal, crash and keg. in the end as i always say, its your beer. Do what you want
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    @MiniYoda From my experience with MRB lagers, I would recommend the 2-3 day diacetyl rest, but not necessarily the cold-crash. Carbonate @ room temp. for a couple weeks, then lager in your beer fridge until consumption. Great experiment, Yoda!
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    Hi Andy, My Zombie Fest is in the bottles and will be ready to chill and further condition September 3rd. The bottles are starting to firm up nicely. So my first taste should be mid to late September. I'm very excited about this and will definitely let you all know how it turned out. I had some issues with dissolving the DME in the initial brewing stages and had to use a radical approach. So if this turns out OK, it just further proves how easy ~ and forgiving ~ home brewing can be. - Good luck to you -