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    How does Mr. Beer create new recipies?

    Mine would have to be Sumatra Stout. I have always liked the coffee flavored stouts.
  2. MRB Rick

    How does Mr. Beer create new recipies?

    Novocaine was one of our Christmas party beers back in 2005. We liked it so much it became something that we sold. The rest if recipe history.
  3. MRB Rick

    How does Mr. Beer create new recipies?

    You got it all wrong! I am not some tyrant sitting on a throne. I am more of a revered elder. (cough, gag) Sorry, I just spit my coffee all over my screen. A little bit of everything above is what happens. Sometimes they just happen and other times we really plan it. A couple of my favorite accidents were the original Sumatra Stout and Bengal Tiger IPA. Josh has ramped up the style a bit recently to make sure we are sticking to some sort of guideline, but sometimes just throwing something together creates something interesting.
  4. MRB Rick

    MUG MidWest meeting

    I may have to go with @MRB Josh R just to make sure he handles himself We'll see
  5. MRB Rick

    MUG MidWest meeting

    Hmmn, would be nice to do something here at HQ at some point. . . .
  6. MRB Rick

    MUG MidWest meeting

    Working out who will be coming from our side. Two people would be unfortunately small, but hey, more stuff for you two then right?
  7. MRB Rick

    Meet Up Info

    Lets keep all information in this category related to meet up information.
  8. MRB Rick

    MUG MidWest meeting

    That could be interesting to make it out there. Please edit your first post with all the information so that people don't need to scroll down to get the details. At least one of us from Mr. Beer should be able to make it, Pat is from Chicago, I am a Purdue grad and ran hotels in Merrillville before delving into beer in Arizona, so we know our way around the midwest. One way or another, I think we can do something.
  9. Just letting you all know that I gave almost everyone off for the holidays. They deserved it after a very busy year. I have only a few people in the office here and @MRB Josh R is the main person doing support this week and then my accountant and myself. So we have sent many of the new customers here to the forums for help. Thank you for helping them out as seen by a few posts already. We will try to keep up with the phone calls and emails. On behalf of myself and all my awesome employees here at Mr. Beer I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  10. MRB Rick

    Lost Lid - Options?

    Scott, We can't put all of the possible shipping options available on the site for a multitude of reasons that I wont get into, but I think we can help you out with this. We are pretty short handed this week, but when my warehouse manger is back next year, let me see if we can send one via US mail instead of UPS shipping. We may be able to get it much less. Send your address in as a ticket here: https://www.mrbeer.com/help-desk and then reference ticket 191504
  11. MRB Rick


    Just to let everyone know. We have made the entire shopping site using https so in case you are having problems connecting, it may be that your browser cache is still recognizing the old site. The community site is not part of the shopping site so it will not have the https. Let us know if you have any issues.
  12. If you were to choose a beer for us to put into the starter kit, what would it be?
  13. MRB Rick

    Poorly Packaged Shipment = Dented Cans

    Thank you for the note guys.
  14. MRB Rick

    NEW RECIPE - Witch's Flight!!

    JoshR brewed this for the Tucson Brewfest and it ran out right away. It was a big hit.
  15. MRB Rick

    Mad Scientist Brews

    Since you can't taste vodka with that much fruit you may want to throw in the whole bottle.
  16. MRB Rick

    First Overflow

    If you were watching it the whole time it would not bubble over. I think you should get an internet camera hooked to your phone so you can be in constant contact.
  17. MRB Rick

    1.5 Gallon Mini Keg System

    We have tried to tell our retailers this for a long time. But the consumers are liking to do only a one gallon brew for some reason.
  18. MRB Rick

    Best Beer for the starter kit

    What do you all think about a Classic American, 4 ounces of DME, 1/4 ounce of hops, and some special steeping grains?
  19. MRB Rick

    Best Beer for the starter kit

    I am up for give you the best experience. Not opposed to the big can going in there.
  20. MRB Rick

    Fresh hops?

    Josh and I were just talking about this yesterday as we have a small local farmer with about 4000 rhizomes that would provide us with cones soon if we want. We are trying to determine if we want to help distribute those. I love supporting these locals as they are doing it organically with Neem oil and Diatomaceous earth for pest control and natural fertilizer as well (if you catch my meaning). Right now they provide all of it to a local brewery. Let me know if any of you are interested in this sort of thing.
  21. MRB Rick

    Poorly Packaged Shipment = Dented Cans

    Those are great shots. One thing to remember though. If that dent is on a seam. Let us replace it. I will have a talk with our CSR staff to make sure that they know this as well in our weekly meeting. I am not sure if they are aware of the seam issue.
  22. MRB Rick

    Bottling Wand question

    This is where some people just have different tastes. I have, in the past, went ahead and filled each bottle up 7/8 of the way and then went back and gave each one a little bit of that ending. Other times I have just put it all into that last bottle. Later when you are enjoying your hard work, you can usually see how much is sitting at the bottom and know if you pour slowly you can avoid it if you don't like it. I end up using it with our beer bread that we have (except I am going low carb right now as I have had one too many beer breads) but also throw that beer in the beer brats and hamburgers next to the grill. Never waste it
  23. I was very surprised at what the cucumber does. When I visited our friends at Banger Brewing in Las Vegas a few months ago they tempered their El Heffe (remember our collaboration?) with cucumber and had it on tap. It was really unique. I know...when people say that it was "unique" that means that they may be the only one to really like it, but if a craft brewery is going to put it on tap, people are drinking it. It was good. Give this one a try. You will be surprised how much you will like it.
  24. MRB Rick

    Poorly Packaged Shipment = Dented Cans

    I can tell you that this is something that is looked at ALL THE TIME. First things first. Packing peanuts. I hate them. Packing paper. More dents. Air pillows pop. Back in the summer of 2012 when the new cans came out we knew that there were going to be problems. The can circumference is much more than the old ones which meant that we were going to deal with a much higher likelihood of dent damage. JoshR and others have put in the forum how those cans are most likely very safe. To combat this larger can we developed a new packing box that puts all the individual cans into a grid system. Most packages should be using this double wall grid system. These should not have any peanuts in them. As we ship many differing products, there are other times where peanuts may be used for stabilizing those loose items. I can tell you that our packing peanut usage has dropped in half since January 2012 and that is with increased number of orders. That cost benefit is offset by the cost of the new boxes being doubled. Another of your issues that we are looking at is putting all recipes into their own box. In that box would be a recipe card. This would help to solve a few issues that are coming up. You all have mentioned wanting those cans and other things to be included all together AND by having their own box we can minimize can damage as well. There are some significant warehouse changes going on to support this and you will see it in the future. We see this as an opportunity to use some of our old boxes as well instead of just throwing them away. So you will see some inside-out boxes. We are trying to be as green as possible. Lastly, LME packs. These were introduced to see how well they stand up to abuse. We are very pleased with the results so far. These don't dent, they weigh less so shipping is less costly, they don't damage other items in your order and they are flexible to fit into boxes nicely. The machinery for these are expensive plus there is a 40 year history of canned malt extract that we would combat. Mr Beer has always been about bucking current trends and making our own. All of this work is being done to minimize those shipping issues like dented cans. Sdrake. I am sorry that you received some dented cans. I can tell you that it is not on purpose and that it left the warehouse clear of those dents. JoshR gave you some great options so give us a call. I do appreciate those of you that do use them when they arrive minimally dented as it saves us a lot of money that I don't have to pass on with higher prices later on. Any ideas that any of you have is always welcome. Just PM me or post it in here. We all have things to say.