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  1. fuzzydeath

    Tired of carry a cooler around....

    now, if you can rig one up into a jockey box with a mini corny and a small co2 tank
  2. fuzzydeath

    Mason Jars

    mason jars work as long as you fill them with 12-14 oz, not 16. also make sure you use new lids
  3. fuzzydeath

    Getting more glass bottles

    go talk to the bar tenders at local restaurants like chili's
  4. fuzzydeath

    Hemp Ale?

    you could also try milling and mashing the seeds
  5. fuzzydeath

    Clone Recipe Kits

  6. fuzzydeath

    Anybody Used Salt In A Recipe?

    the only thing i know about salt and beer is that if you put a chunk of rock salt in a Paulaner Hefeweisen it will oscillate up and down
  7. fuzzydeath

    Peanut Butter beer

    someone on the mrbeer fans forum was looking to make a peanut butter porter. i don't remember if anything was ever posted, but you can try looking there
  8. fuzzydeath

    New beer flavors on the horizon?

    since you guys are working on recipes rather than beer mixes, can we submit recipes or recipe ideas to mr beer for you guys to perfect?
  9. fuzzydeath

    Using Heineken mini kegs?

    i don't know about the Heineken keg, but i know some mini kegs can be re-used. the only problem is that it looked like a major pain in the @ss to set up and reuse, so not really worth the effort
  10. fuzzydeath

    Why you like making homebrew instead of buying

    i think it works out to about $2-3/6pack cheaper to make beer, plus it taste a hell of a lot better