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  1. cal287

    Advanced brewing?

    Does anyone on this board have any experiance with making your own beer, without pre-packaged good? Like, experimented with differant grains to get that unique taste you're looking for? I love Mr. Beer products and will continue to use them, but i'm also looking to branch out and start making my own brews from scratch. If anyone has any websites or information that can help me, it would be greatly appreciated. I don't expect to be spoon-fed any information, i'm just looking for a quick-tip to get a foot-hold into what to look for, and where i should be looking. Thanks again guys!
  2. cal287

    Why do YOU drink beer?

    I also started drinking to get drunk with the boys. woods fires, camping, the 'usual group', and to-be friends...sitting around getting drunk making way too much noise in the woods. Since i've been going to the liquor store myself, instead of people picking it up for me, i've been looking thru the aisles and first finding drinks that sound interesting, then by looking at interesting colors of the beers, and now that i've had time to have many differant variations of differant brews from differnt areas, i can pick out which beers i'll try next by the style. Now also, i collect all these bottles and display them so everytime i walk past them i can remember the night the night they were tried, who was there, and what we did. Brewing my own has added another level to that. you can re-define a taste you like by brewing it with your own little twists. Hahaha...and THAT is why i drink beer. if you read all that, i thank you.
  3. What brings you to the bottle? Is it that aroma you get when you pop the cap? Is it the taste you get when that liquid hits your tongue, sending your taste buds into an extactic rush? The smooth feeling of cooling deliciousness pouring down your throat? Or do you just love being drunk with your buds? Spending time with your boys/girls chilling around making an ass out of yourself? Spending time in your favortie bar watching the game on the big-screen? What is YOUR, PERSONAL reason for the beer you drink??
  4. cal287

    Campfire beer

    Well, i especially like campfires around the time in Fall when it starts to get cool outside (not cold, like now!). And the best beer, out of like 2-3 that i've done so far, for that occasion has to be the Bewitched red ale. i'm actually about to start up another batch tomorrow I was thinking about trying the Witty Monk, too... guess i'll be ordering that sometime soon too.
  5. When i first got a kit, i wanted to be able to make lots of beer for cheap. then once my first batch came out, and it was DELICIOUS, i wanted to start trying all the differant flavors. the main reason i brew now is, because like many others have said, the feeling of self-worth when you open up that bottle, take the first sip, and realize what a wonder you've just created yourself.