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  1. lebete

    room temperture (65-........

    thanks. i was planning to make the black tower porter,,,but i guess i will put it off, the tempeture in my house never gets above 63 and is generaly cool
  2. my question is in the winter i keep my home around 63ish, is this to low to let the beer sit in the keg?
  3. lebete

    Black Tower Porter Ideas

    I may try cherries!
  4. lebete

    What's your favorite

    wow! I can't wait to make some of these!!!
  5. lebete

    Thanks for the invite

    I am about to start a Dark Tower..and I am looking foward to tasting it.
  6. I started with the pale ale included in the starter kit....it was good. I am now making a Black Tower Porter. Do you have a favorite?