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  1. RJ

    Glass bottling experiences

    By the way, that was my 45th batch of Mr. Beer!
  2. RJ

    Glass bottling experiences

    I'm a little disappointed in swing tops. I've used the Mr. Beer 1 ltr PET bottles, no problem, I've used the 12 oz glass, (Killians and Boston Lager) no problem, I've even used the screw on Budweiser bottles and crimped my caps on those---no problem. For Christmas, I got a case of "EZ Cap" 1 liter swing top bottles. The second time that I used the bottles, approx 4 out of the 8 bottles had virtually no carbonation! They appeared to seal well, clamps tight,beer good color, etc---- Am I doing something wrong?? Granted my brewing conditions are a little on the cool side, but never had a problem before but do do the 3/2/2 to even 4/3/3 system. For now, I've gone back to Mr. Beer's 1 liter PET. I know they work! Drank the flat beer anyway, I'll be damned if I'll let a half case of St. Pat's go to waste.!
  3. RJ

    St. Pat's Irish STout

    Just placed another order--- Has anyone tried a St.Pat's with two cans of Creamy Brown UME?? I've been using an extra pouch of booster, but reading the threads here, a lot are suggesting an extra UME instead. Any thoughts??
  4. RJ

    cooler climate brewing

    I just finished a batch of Shameless Stout that I used the Dry Lager yeast in. A lot smoother! Might have a new favorite.
  5. RJ

    Good Stout Recipe???

    The St Patricks Irish Stout is good and so is the Shameless Stout
  6. RJ

    riptide red

    ??? Has anyone tried a Bewitched with 2 cans of mellow amber???
  7. RJ

    Posting in 'General'

    WOW I'm on my 16th batch and just cracked open the 3rd bottle of "Shameless Stoudt" I might have a new favorite! Been pretty hooked on the Bewitched Red but did this last batch of Shameless with a dry lager yeast and it's great!!! By the way----went to the local micro brewery last night and ordered a stout and it tasted like water!!! The reason that I started w/Mr Beer was to get closer to the micro's. Mr. Beer is great!!
  8. RJ

    Glass bottling experiences

    I've tried the glass bottles. Used Sam Adams bottles with success but when I used some Killians bottles (screw on caps) I lost a couple of caps during carbonation. Glass is handy, but prefer the plastic. Some reason, I think it tastes better and easier to know when the carbonation process is done!
  9. RJ

    American devil + booster

    ??? 3-2-4 ??? I'm new at this---sorry does that mean 3 weeks ferment, 2 weeks carbonate, 4 weeks to lager or sit? I'm learnin I've been "working" on drinking a batch when the bottles get hard and clear! Maybe a little impatient usually a week after I bottle them. hehe I've done a couple batches of the American Devil with booster. I like it. Thought it was a little more bitter than the Bewitched that I like but it does seem to sneak up on you!
  10. RJ

    How much yeast is enough?

    Can you use two different types of yeast at the same time ie: dry lager and ale? Rj
  11. RJ

    cooler climate brewing

    Thanks-----I was wondering just that---if i could use both types of yeast at the same time. I've got the low temp and high foam problem. My basement temp runs in the mid 60 range, so it's iffy on either yeast. High for the lager and low for the ale.
  12. RJ

    premium refills

    I did that with the American Devil (2 can) and a pouch of booster----quite a kick----sneaks right up on ya! hehe
  13. Guess what i'm getting at is that if i start adding stuff, like booster or ume------do i need more yeast??
  14. Can you use too much yeast???
  15. RJ

    Red IPA

    I've done a couple of batches of the American Devil IPA and added a pouch of booster---------a little bitter and hoppy, but has a good kick!