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  1. mrb2006

    Recipe: RR Golden Ale

    Thanks. Excellent tip. Any nutrients to help cider along ? I think that will be my next batch...
  2. mrb2006

    Recipe: RR Golden Ale

    Im just so depressed, this is the first batch ever that did not come out... I have heard of using nutrients with honey mostly Mead which most people have told me will not work with MB equipment anyway, are nutrients useful for beer too ?
  3. mrb2006

    Recipe: RR Golden Ale

    WLP001 California Ale Yeast supposedly does up to 15% and it did not work...
  4. mrb2006

    Recipe: RR Golden Ale

    Talking to a few local brewers here they recommend a stronger yeast for this batch. They claim California might be too wimpy for this level of alcohol. Mine turned out ok , slightly sweet to my dismay, but you might want to go with something with a higher Alcohol Tolerance. Cheers !
  5. mrb2006

    Recipe: RR Golden Ale

    RR Golden Ale 4 Pilothouse Pilsner 1 Pale UME White Labs WLP001 California Ale Yeast 11.5% Fermented 4 weeks. Condition at least 6 weeks. My 10th batch Started 2/23/2010 Do not drink this one too fast, I bet it packs a kick like a mule !
  6. mrb2006

    Still cloudy after 2 weeks

    Ended up letting it ferment a whole month - mostly because of laziness not worry. Halfway through a 2 week carbonation and things are looking good.
  7. mrb2006

    Still cloudy after 2 weeks

    Thanks for the advise. I think Ill give it another day or two then bottle. I just never had a batch that was cloudy after fermentation. All my other batches cleared up quite nicely in the brew keg before I bottled them.
  8. I tried a new recipe, info to follow, 5 cans of malt and WLP001 California Ale Yeast. Should be pretty strong at 11.5%. There is sediment on the bottom but after fermenting for 2 weeks the wort is still pretty cloudy. Should I give it some more time or add some more yeast ???
  9. mrb2006

    Sukkhot Special Reserve (11% abv)

    Congatulations !!! Feels good to have a personally crafted recipe come out great doesnt it ! Funny how patience does pay off when dealing with yeast... Where does the name come from ? I plan on making all my future brews 10% or better !
  10. mrb2006

    first experimental recipe, IIPA

    What did ya name it ? Did u make any labels ?
  11. mrb2006

    Recipe: Rollie's Bohemian Grand Slam

    Pics ? No. Sorry. I drank it all before I could take any... :cheer:
  12. Rollie's Bohemian Grand Slam In memorium of Rollie Reid 1928 - 2008. His son and great friend got me started brewing with MrBeer. 4 Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner 7 oz can fire roasted diced green chiles (or add a Booster - 10.6%) 9.2% ABV Boil all except Chilies for a few minutes. Put the Chilies in the pot, using tea ball or hop sack, near the end to boil for just a minute or two. Follow normal instructions. My 9th batch Started 5/31/2009
  13. mrb2006

    Special Yeast for Pilothouse ?

    I have not tried Pilothouse before. I do like White Labs liquid yeasts. I have Grand Bohemian in the fermenter right now that I brewed with the yeast that came with it - but I used 4 cans so my recipe is a bit stronger than normal. Ill post that recipe later... Thanks for the tips Hopheads :-)
  14. Whitelabs or others have a good ale yeast to complement MrBeers Pilothouse Pilsner "ale" ?
  15. mrb2006

    Tripple Dopple Amber Tackle Bock (~12%abv)

    Sounds like a great beer !!! I love making strong brews with MrBeer ! According to MrBeer 4 cans malt x 2.3% = 9.2% not 12%. Did you take gravity readings to get that number ? Is the Mr beer manual wrong ?