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  1. HopHeadBrewski

    My Own Noble Pils

    StarRaptor wrote: So I've been a big fan of Sam Adams the last few years and like most on the forum have enjoyed their newest spring seasonal Noble Pils My Mom got me the Premium Refill 4 Pack during the sale and I decided to use the Pilothouse Pilsner HMEs and a lb of Light DME to create my own Noble Pilsner Here's the recipe 2 Cans Pilothouse Pilsner HME 1 Lb of Light DME 1 oz of Spalt hops 1 oz of Hallertauer hops 6 Grams of Saflager S-23 Yeast (About half the pack) Here what I did Mixed a lb of Light DME I picked up the day before from my LHBS with 5 cups of water and brought it to a boil. While still on I the added 2 Cans of Pilothouse Pilsner HME and the Hops. I let it go for a little while then added it to the keg. I let it cool to the 80s then added the yeast and let it sit then mixed. Now its time for 2 weeks of hanging out before the first taste test. It's a good idea to never boil any Mr Beer HME as it changes the flavor profile. Always add it after the heat is off.
  2. HopHeadBrewski

    Mr Beer brew keg modifications

    Interesting to read the last two posts. I can't say about the others, but I'm still at it, making big, monstrous IPA's. Here is my latest: Style: IPA ABV: 9% SRM (Color) 12 IBU (Bitterness) 14 O.G. 1.080 F.G. 1.010 Batch Size: 2.13 gals. Ingredients: 1 Can Englishman's Nut-Brown Ale 3.3 Lbs Briess sparkling amber LME 0.5 Lbs Crystal 60L (30 min @154) 1 Packet Dry Brewing Yeast (under lid of beer mix) 1 Packet Safbrew S-33 ale yeast 1 Packet U.S. Saaz Pellet Hops (20 min) 1 Packet Northern Brewer Pellet Hops (20 min) 1/8 Oz Dried Magnum Leaf Homegrown Hops (20 min) 1 Packet Cascade Pellet Hops (5 min) ½ Oz Dried Cascade Leaf Homegrown Hops (dry hop) 1 Grain bag 1 Packet One-Step™ Sanitizing Cleanser ½ Cup Dark Brown Sugar ¼ Cup molasses
  3. HopHeadBrewski

    carbing tabs

    Yes, I should have clarified that I was referring to Muntons. Good to know the Coopers work, tabs are easy to use. I've moved on to batch priming and that is by far the best way to go. By racking off into another vessel (I use a Mr Beer keg) that contains the priming sugar, I get 2 major benefits: 1) Leaves the trub in the fermenter so the bottled beer is clearer. 2) Can easily adjust the priming sugar to the style of beer I'm making. :chug:
  4. HopHeadBrewski


    Buy a hydrometer & test a small sample. Search the forums, there is some good info on using them. Really, this is the only way to be sure it's done. :chug:
  5. HopHeadBrewski


    I would buy another Mr Beer keg and do the whole can! Best to use your ingredients fresh. :chug:
  6. HopHeadBrewski

    carbing tabs

    Junk! Don't use them, they are unreliable. :chug:
  7. HopHeadBrewski

    Is Witty Monk Similar To Blue Moon?

    bhiland23 wrote: I LOVE BLUE MOON!!! I'm about to brew Witty Monk in about about a week. Wondering if I add orange peel to it if it would give it a blue moon flavor. Yes, go with the orange peel. Just be careful to not get any of the white part or it will add a bitter flavor. Try the peel from one small or medium size orange. Add 1/2 tsp. crushed coriander seed if you want to make it more Belgian in style. :chug:
  8. HopHeadBrewski

    HHB Imperial IPA

    The brandy snifter is a great idea, and why not? When you drink wine, you use a glass that concentrates the aromas, so why not for beer. I think I may do that. The OG was 1.074 and the FG was 1.022 so that yields about 6.7%. I like the slight residual sweetness of the malt, it balances the hops nicely. :chug:
  9. HopHeadBrewski

    HHB Imperial IPA

    I know I posted this recipe in another thread, but I'm putting it here because I'm drinking one now and it is awesome. One of the best IPA's I've done. It's had some time to condition and just keeps getting better. You will notice I used 6 hop additions over a 1 hr boil and it makes the hop flavors very consistent from initial taste until the finish. It's a technique used in Dog Fish Head IPA's and I can say it really works well. One other comment, I know MB has no recipes for AD IPA because they say they cannot improve on it. I beg to differ. 2 - Cans American Devil IPA 1 - Can Creamy Brown UME 1.5 Cups Light Brown Sugar ½ Lb. CaraPils – Dextrin malt 1 - ½ oz. Packet Argentinean Cascade Pellet Hops 1 - ½ oz. Packet Cascade Pellet Hops 1 - ½ oz. Packet U.S. Goldings Pellet Hops 1 Packet One-Step™ Sanitizing Cleanser 1 Safebrew S-33 Mix all 3 hops, then divide in 6 even portions. Fill brew pot with 2 gallons cold water. Bring water to 160 degs. Add CaraPils and steep for 30 minutes. Remove from heat and strain grains through colander into another pot. Leave the fine particles in the brew pot. Rinse out the brew pot. Place the colander over the brew pot and pour the wort back through into brew pot. Leave any fine particles in the 2nd pot to be discarded. Bring wort to a boil. Add DME, brown sugar stirring constantly until wort returns to a boil. Add 1/6 hops & boil for 10 minutes. Add 2nd 1/6 hops & boil for 10 minutes. Repeat until all hop additions made. Remove brew pot from heat and add the 2 cans of MB AD IPA mix & MB yeast (for nutrient). Stir to mix well. Cool the wort in a sink of cold water to 100 degs. Aerate wort w/sanitized whisk. Pour into MB keg, add cold water to 8.5 qt & pitch yeast. :chug:
  10. HopHeadBrewski

    Batch#5 - St. Drogo's Pilgrimage Ale

    It's interesting that you sparge at 160, I have always used 170 for that step. :chug:
  11. HopHeadBrewski

    Petition to Mr. Beer for a 5 gallon fermenter

    I think you know a lot there David! :chug:
  12. HopHeadBrewski

    Petition to Mr. Beer for a 5 gallon fermenter

    My guess is a 5 gallon fermenter wouldn't help MB that much. They make their money on the refills, not selling kegs. It's very easy to do double batches in 2 kegs or buy an inexpensive 5 gal fermenter for the purpose. Actually, a 5 gallon fermenter could be counter productive as it makes it easier for people to use non-MB products. :chug:
  13. HopHeadBrewski

    Partial grain brewing pointless?

    I agree with you, I'm in a gray area here. The Munich conversion rate should be low, so as a result, it adds body (unconverted sugars). And the resulting brew does have great body. This is a modified version of a recipe I got from my LHBS. He has a book full of great recipes that are easy to do. :chug:
  14. HopHeadBrewski

    No bubbles.

    Make sure the temperature is between 68 - 74. If it's cooler than that you may see little or no activity. Higher than that and you risk off flavors. Especially true with the MB yeast. There are better yeasts that work at lower temps, you might want to look into that. :chug:
  15. HopHeadBrewski

    any suggestions on whispering wheat HME can

    This is simple and worked great for me: 1 Can Whispering Wheat Weizenbier 1 Can Golden Wheat UME 1 Pouch MB Booster 1 Packet (1/2 oz.) Saaz Pellet hops 1 Packet MB Dry brewing yeast 1 Packet (11g) Danstar Munich German Wheat Beer Yeast 1 Packet One-Step™ Sanitizing Cleanser Recipe Instructions: Once the Booster™ is fully dissolved bring to a boil, then remove from heat. Pitch the MB yeast packet into the boil for nutrients. Add hops and stir until pellets have broken apart. Stir in UME & HME and proceed as normal. :chug: