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  1. anchoman

    Needing a better Guinness

    I agree totally with you about the bitterness of Guinness. Here is my recipe, which I am enjoying at this moment: 1 can Irish Stout 1 can Creamy Brown UME 1 oz Fuggles hops boiled for 45 min 1/2 cup of Karo light corn syrup 1 pkt Mr. Beer yeast This tastes awesome! The Fuggles adds some bitterness, but not as severe as the bottom of a glass of Guinness.
  2. anchoman

    St. Pat's Irish STout

    I just tried my first bottle of Irish Stout w/ Creamy Brown UME, and I added 1/2 cup of Karo light corn syrup instead of booster, and I also boiled 1 oz of fuggles hops for 45 minutes for some added bitterness. This is by far the best tasting brew I have made to date (been brewing since Dec of 07)!
  3. anchoman

    Hops in Mr Beer

    I have just tried my second batch of hopped up Canadian Draft. The first batch, I boiled 1 oz of willamette hops for 45 minutes in 10 cups water, removing from heat, then adding mix and malt extract. The second batch, I used cascade hops, the same way. Both beers turned out very tasty! The beer mixes alone don't seem to be hoppy enough on their own, and the added bitterness of a 45 minute boil does the trick for me. I haven't tried the Cowboy Lager mix yet, but I have one going in the fermenter soon, so we'll see how that one is.
  4. anchoman

    FREE BEER Winners

    Hate to say it, but I never got my email either. Think I was winner # 15.
  5. anchoman

    Batch priming

    Thanks, Gina. I was pretty sure about the 1/3 cup of sugar, wasn't sure how much water to use to dissolve and boil in.. I agree the individual bottle method is tedious, so I am definately going to try this next weekend when my 2 kegs will be ready.
  6. anchoman

    Batch priming

    Thanks everybody for your thoughts on this. I have one other question, and this is probably a lame one, but do you shake the bottles after you fill them, or is this not necessary because the sugar is already dissolved?
  7. anchoman

    High Cascadian Canadian Draft HCCD

    I used 1 oz, boiled for 45 minutes. It depends on if you want flavor or bitterness. If you're looking for flavor, I would only boil for 20-30 minutes. I like some bitter to my brews.
  8. anchoman

    Batch priming

    I want to attempt to batch prime my next kegs. I read you can do this without racking to a secondary. They say as long as you don't stir the solution vigorously and let it set for about an hour before bottling. I will be using cane sugar. Is the mix 1/3 cup of sugar dissolved in 1 cup water? I've seen different numbers on other websites, and I REALLY don't want to ruin my beer.Has anyone tried it this way, and how was your beer? Any problems?
  9. anchoman

    Thank You Veterans!

    Cheers and thanks, Veterans!
  10. anchoman

    FREE REFILL - Winner #15! 11/10/2008

    Oh, by the way, it's anchoman....as in ancho chile...:cheer:
  11. anchoman

    FREE REFILL - Winner #15! 11/10/2008

    Thank ya.....thank ya.....thank ya....thank ya!!! I will savor the flavor of this free beer!!! Thanks, Mr. Beer!!!
  12. anchoman

    Dry hopping your Mr. Beer Brew

    My HCCD with willamette hops is great! I boiled 1 oz of the hops for 45 minutes in water, then added my mix and my UME. I thought I'd try to bitter my beer a little more than what you get in the basic beer mixes. I was looking for something that tasted more like the microbrews i've enjoyed recently, Arbor brewing co. to be more precise. This is very close.
  13. anchoman

    started first brew today

    Resist the temptation to speed things up. I agree with notjason, patience is the single biggest part of the homebrewing process. Cheers to everyone this Saturday night. I am putting away some HCCD w/ Pale export and ancho and savoring every sip!
  14. anchoman


    I just got some 2" X 4" Avery white mailing labels and labelled my batch of HCCD w/ Cascade hops. They look great. I put the "Born on dates" on them, so I will soak them off each time. I tried the clear Avery labels, but you couldn't see the ink on them when on the bottles. On the plus side, they peeled off pretty easy.
  15. anchoman

    High Cascadian Canadian Draft HCCD

    I just tasted and bottled my HCCD with cascade hops, and it tasted awesome! Can't wait to have a bottle in a couple of weeks. I had some of my HCCD with willamette hops last night, and it is verrrrrrry good! Thinking back on how it tasted at bottling compared to what I tasted in the cascade, I think the cascade hops are the way to go. Will see in a few!