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  1. mb_brau

    Carbing in a Growler?

    I have 3 glass growlers, all with screw tops, and have had great success with carbonating. No problems at all. If you do decide to use growlers make sure the caps seals aren't worn down, and be sure to put them on tight. Also make sure to add enough priming sugar, and give it a good shake after 1 day. Cheers, Rich
  2. mb_brau

    Dry hopping your Mr. Beer Brew

    Another option for dry hopping... Invest in another Mr.Beer keg or a carboy. After the primary fermentation (1 week or whatever the recipe calls for), siphon the wort/beer from the primary fermenter (Mr. Beer keg #1) and into the secondary fermenter (Mr. Beer keg #2). Minimize splashing to minimize aeration (bad for fermented beer). Sanitize a muslin or nylon hop bag (boil in water 10 min). Remove from water and set on a clean plate. Add your hops to the bag. Once the beer is in the secondary fermenter drop in the bag of hops and reseal the keg. This method adds mainly hop aroma and some flavor. Cheers.
  3. mb_brau

    Dry hopping your Mr. Beer Brew

    I've been brewing since May 2006, started with Mr. Beer kits and still brew with them. I dry hop often and it has worked out very well. Put a half to one ounce in a nylon hop bag and drop into the fermenter at start of fermentation. That adds more hop aroma. For an increased hop aroma and hop flavor, add the hops during the last 2 minutes of the boil. If you don't boil at all and just add hot water, then drop in the hops after mixing the extract and hot water. Leave them in for the entire fermentation. Using a nylon or muslin bag eliminates the need for filtering the hops before bottling. Good luck. Cheers.