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  1. I would not count on conditioning out off flavors.
  2. Congrats Hotrod! Here's to many more great brews.
  3. You should give them all 4 weeks to carb and condition. As for glass or plastic, I've been at this for 8 years and still bottle each batch into half glass and half plastic. I've had a flat in a glass fliptop, a flat in a capped glass where I got the cap on a little cockeyed, but never a flat in plastic ( some were in plastic for 2 years.) Have had a plastic bottle where the bottom blew off though.
  4. Congtrats on a fine looking beer, and many more to come.
  5. Some call them yeast rafts.
  6. That's the best strategy with a new beer.
  7. I got nothing against Booster. I usually add 1/2 pouch per batch. If nothing else it brings the abv up and over the estimate Mr Beer gives without changing the flavor. Booster got a bad rap because years ago we were adding a whole pouch to a small can of malt which resulted in too much adjunct.
  8. That's the spirit. Patience is a virtue in homebrewing.
  9. My wife thinks the aroma of brewing is heavenly, especially steeping grains.
  10. Most around here condition 4 weeks at room temp after bottling. It's going to be pretty green after only 2 weeks.
  11. No you're not the only one using Booster. I usually add 1/2 pouch to each batch.
  12. It would seem like it would be difficult to get the nut clean inside the keg, especially the bottom 1/2.
  13. I used to. Now I don't.
  14. Get him! Just kidding. Welcome to the forum.
  15. Sounds like you're on the right track Wolf, welcome to the world's greatest hobby! As was mentioned, mark that last bottle as your trub bottle and drink it first as a tester.