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  1. Are you thinking of Shock Top?
  2. I store mine upside down as soon as I get them.
  3. I think you have to call them to order just the HME.
  4. I've made the Churchill. I added 4 oz carapils steeped and 1/2 lb amber dme. Just used the yeast that came with it. Turned out great.
  5. Rather than ripping Mr Beer, if they were smart, they would try to sell you some lme/dme and hops that you can add to Mr Beer to make it even better.
  6. Actually, I like to guzzle Bud Light with it while I'm watching NASCAR.
  7. Honestly didn't know boughten was an unusual word. People here use it all the time to identify something that's not homemade. Now excuse me while I finish skinning a possum for dinner.
  8. Just wondering about something? Some craft brews say on the label "Non pasteurized, keep refrigerated. Our beers aren't pasteurized and they sit at room temp for months. Why does boughten need refrigeration?
  9. I use spring water from WalMart.
  10. If you had a basement it would probably be full of water.
  11. You could wait a couple of days and then start the cold crash.
  12. Glad to hear you're OK. And you didn't lose any beer!
  13. Mr Why, could you repeat the part where you said that stuff about the thing?
  14. FWIW I usually use 1 of the new smaller packs of booster per 2.25 gal batch. So for 6 gal I'd use 2 1/2 packs.
  15. I have almost no trub in my bottles since I started cold crashing. I usually go 2 days.