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  1. gophers6

    Alcohol content

    Not dumb questions at all. Heck, most of us like helping newcomers. We've all been there.
  2. gophers6

    Caps Not Sealing

    There's something drastically wrong with a guy that squeezes his glass bottles to check for carbonation.
  3. I still do the taste test before bottling. If it is flat and not sweet, it's ready. If it's still a little fizzy or sweet, it's not ready.
  4. gophers6


    There you go! Get a nice pipeline going.
  5. gophers6

    VooDoo that I'm about to do

    FWIW. This is the best beer I've made with the Bew. AA. 4 oz carapils steeped 8 oz amber dme 1 oz Williamette hops ( no sack) boil 5 minutes with the dme BAA HME Mr B yeast
  6. gophers6

    US-04 or US-05

    How do I enter this contest?
  7. gophers6

    Dry corn sugar instead of booster

    They cut the size of the booster bag in half from what it used to be. IRRC Booster contains some maltodextrin, so it helps some with foam. You don't want to sub corn sugar for booster.
  8. gophers6

    Adding LME and Sugar to wort

    I think the new smaller booster packs add about .7% so a can of HME and a booster gets you a hair under 4%.
  9. gophers6

    BrewMax Booster won't dissolve??

    That's the same way I do it and it dissolves readily compared to using cold water.
  10. gophers6

    did my bottling for first batch

    Sounds good. You don't want foam when bottling. Now store them in a dark place around 70 degrees for 4 weeks.
  11. gophers6

    Sticky Wicket Oatmeal Stout

    Black Beerd Porter
  12. gophers6

    Adding Cocoa Powder

    The original post is 5 years old for gawd's sake 😊 but I found my notes. I used 2.5 oz of cacao nibs in a 2.5 gal batch. I put them in after the steeping grains and boiled them 5 minutes, then added dme and hme. Notes say it turned out great! Hope this helps.
  13. gophers6

    Propping Up Your LBK - No Trubal

    I've cold crashed 24 hours a couple times out of necessity and was surprised how much it helped. Not saying it's ideal, but it was certainly worthwhile..
  14. gophers6

    Something other than booster

    I'm in the minority around here, but I have nothing against booster. The new smaller packs will add about .6% abv without changing the flavor. I think it helps a little with foam too.
  15. gophers6

    Favorite MB Refill/Recipe?

    For refills, I'll go with American Porter.