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  1. gophers6

    Carbonation versus Conditioning

    I thought Mr B sanitizer was One Step.
  2. gophers6

    Brewing with Coconut

    Kedogn, not trying to argue with a pro, but my brew had a real nice head.
  3. gophers6

    Brewing with Coconut

    Yes, Mr B American Porter HME. Josh told me soaking the coconut in vodka would bring out more flavor.
  4. gophers6

    Brewing with Coconut

    I made a Coconut Porter a while back. I got my advice from Josh at MB. Here's my notes: 1.Made the beer as usual 2.After 7 days put 7 oz of unsweetened shredded coconut on a cookie sheet and toasted it in the oven till brown. 3. Put the toasted coconut in a bowl and cover with vodka for 3 days. 4. On day 10 poured the bowl of coconut + vodka into lbk 5. Ferment another 10 days Turned out great. Maybe my best brew ever!
  5. gophers6

    Pet bottles problem

    There's no reason the ring should cause a problem as long as it's all the way down against the seat. I've had plastic bottles for years and most of them still have the ring on them.
  6. gophers6

    Pet bottles problem

    It's never happened to me, but I know others have posted here with that issue. Hopefully one of them chimes in.
  7. gophers6

    Hop Storage

    I keep all my hops in the freezer.
  8. gophers6

    First taste

    Looks Good! Welcome to the world's greatest hobby!
  9. gophers6

    Alcohol content

    Not dumb questions at all. Heck, most of us like helping newcomers. We've all been there.
  10. gophers6

    Caps Not Sealing

    There's something drastically wrong with a guy that squeezes his glass bottles to check for carbonation.
  11. I still do the taste test before bottling. If it is flat and not sweet, it's ready. If it's still a little fizzy or sweet, it's not ready.
  12. gophers6


    There you go! Get a nice pipeline going.
  13. gophers6

    VooDoo that I'm about to do

    FWIW. This is the best beer I've made with the Bew. AA. 4 oz carapils steeped 8 oz amber dme 1 oz Williamette hops ( no sack) boil 5 minutes with the dme BAA HME Mr B yeast
  14. gophers6

    US-04 or US-05

    How do I enter this contest?
  15. gophers6

    Dry corn sugar instead of booster

    They cut the size of the booster bag in half from what it used to be. IRRC Booster contains some maltodextrin, so it helps some with foam. You don't want to sub corn sugar for booster.