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  1. gophers6

    Something other than booster

    I'm in the minority around here, but I have nothing against booster. The new smaller packs will add about .6% abv without changing the flavor. I think it helps a little with foam too.
  2. gophers6

    Favorite MB Refill/Recipe?

    For refills, I'll go with American Porter.
  3. gophers6

    New to brewing

    There's really nothing to be gained by sampling it now. Wait till the 3 week mark. Then taste a sample. If it's flat and not sweet, it's done.
  4. Have you had other people taste it and see what they think?
  5. gophers6

    Forgotten Batch

    I'm not as advanced as you. I just write it on the calendar that hangs above my desk.
  6. gophers6

    22mm Socket (Deep Well)

    That shouldn't be. Heck, I just snug it a little by hand, not using much force. Never had a leak.
  7. gophers6

    Bulging Can

    If that's the reason for the $10 sale, they ought to be telling us that. Don't just send them out leaving folks to wonder.
  8. gophers6

    Why the longer brew cycle?

    Actually, Mr Beer read on this forum (7 or 8 years ago) that users were getting better results going 3 weeks so they finally changed the instructions.
  9. gophers6

    Site Update!

    The print is kind of faint.
  10. gophers6


  11. gophers6


  12. gophers6

    PET Bottles

    I've stored for as long as 1 1/2 years in regular plastic w/o problem many times. I really don't know what the oxygen barrier bottles are for. Maybe there's people who store forever?
  13. gophers6

    How long to condition?

    Carbing and conditioning can be thought of as one process. Generally, a minimum of 4 weeks at room temp after bottling. Then move a bottle to the fridge for 3 days of cold conditioning and drink it.
  14. gophers6

    Re-using soda bottles?

    Root beer bottles are not recommended because of the smell. I've used lots of Coke and Pepsi bottles and they've lasted for years. Because they are clear, keep them in the dark after bottling.
  15. gophers6

    Clean Bottles Between Batches

    I use 7th Generation Free and Clear that I found on Amazon. This was a few years ago and it only came in 8 bottle cartons. I have enough to last several lifetimes.