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  3. I've stored for as long as 1 1/2 years in regular plastic w/o problem many times. I really don't know what the oxygen barrier bottles are for. Maybe there's people who store forever?
  4. Carbing and conditioning can be thought of as one process. Generally, a minimum of 4 weeks at room temp after bottling. Then move a bottle to the fridge for 3 days of cold conditioning and drink it.
  5. bottling

    Root beer bottles are not recommended because of the smell. I've used lots of Coke and Pepsi bottles and they've lasted for years. Because they are clear, keep them in the dark after bottling.
  6. I use 7th Generation Free and Clear that I found on Amazon. This was a few years ago and it only came in 8 bottle cartons. I have enough to last several lifetimes.
  7. I have a neighbor who home brews and he never refrigerates. Bottle conditions for 4 weeks, moves them to the basement where it's upper 50's and drinks them. To each his own I guess.
  8. There's something about drinking beer out of a green bottle that turns my stomach.
  9. Please, Rickbeer, no more selfies.
  10. Prepare for the foam over.
  11. Welcome to the forum, and good luck!
  12. Probably some green flecks is what he's seeing.
  13. There's been other posters here before with the same issue. Personally, I've never removed the rings and they've never caused a problem. If they are all the way down, and sitting flat instead of cock eyed, I don't see what they could hurt.
  14. Cold crashing your lbk significantly reduces the amount of trub in the bottles.
  15. And leave the lid on.
  16. Sometimes after bottling you get a little layer of foam on top of the liquid. That's what causes the ring. Maybe it's hard to see when you're looking through maize and blue glasses.
  17. What Rick said, except about 10% of the time I end up with a ring at the top of the bottle where I filled to. In those cases I use a bottle brush to remove the ring. Glass bottles only though, don't use a brush on plastic.
  18. You definitely want to keep the lbk out of the sun. If you can't, try putting a black plastic garbage bag over it loosely.
  19. Brewing can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. That's the beauty of it.
  20. abv will be around 3.0 to 3.25%. Ferment for 3 weeks and condition at room temp 4 weeks. Then a few days in the fridge. Welcome to the forum.
  21. Once in a while I get a gusher when I open a swing top. Can't explain why as I bottle every batch into a few swing tops, a few regular glass, and a few plastic bottles. If it was underfermented, too much sugar, or infected, all the bottles should gush, not just the swing tops. I'm phasing them out anyway because of the extra cleaning of the gasket and cap.
  22. I've gone up to 2 years with very little degradation. But hoppy beers lose their hoppiness over time, best to drink them young. Right now I'm having a Prohibition Porter bottled 5/20/16. It's as good as new!
  23. Are you thinking of Shock Top?
  24. I store mine upside down as soon as I get them.
  25. I think you have to call them to order just the HME.