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  1. kedogn

    Putting it all together...

    Honestly, don’t know much about those set ups. I’ve seen them mentioned on a few videos I’ve watched. Always down to watch brewery related videos, so thanks for that. Heck, the last few nights I have been up waaaaay past my bed time doing just that. I posted this pic on FB last night and tagged Mitch. Cool to hear what he had to say in 2011 back when he was with Stone. Watched a couple other interviews with him from 2011/2012 last night also.
  2. kedogn

    Putting it all together...

    I don’t do sours, yet. Too small of a confined space we are brewing in to risk it right now. #Eventually.
  3. I didn’t go to OU, but nice try. Im just saying, if it was Seattle, I could show y’all an amazing time. Then again, maybe schedule Seattle next year and I host y’all at Manfish.
  4. kedogn

    Used wrong yeast

    Is that a technical brewing phrase? Lol 😂
  5. kedogn


    Nothing I would specifically say to go to, no. I am under the belief that “aimlessly wandering” is learning and learning is good.
  6. kedogn


  7. kedogn

    Newbie Question

    It was never a thought for me when I started out either. Then friends kept telling me I needed to be able to sell my beer because they loved it. I kept reminding them: a) You’re drinking for free and b) You’re drunk lol. however, they were right and here we are.
  8. kedogn

    Newbie Question

    Very easily. From my experience all it took was trying that first batch (looking back it was terrible, temp issue I think, but I made it). Then I stepped up to 3 LBKs and got a pipeline started. Within 5 months of my 1st batch I was on to All Grain doing 3 gallon batches, then it went to 5, to 10, to 15 and eventually to 35 gallon batches and well, now, in 2018 we sold 20 BBLs (620 gallons) of Manfish beer. Yes, “obsession” is right.
  9. kedogn

    US-04 or US-05

    US-05. For what I brew, I can use it in almost everything... almost.
  10. kedogn

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    Agreed! I brewed my 1st batch 9 years ago today. Had it not been for the help of people here, who knows where I would have been or if I would have even stuck with it.
  11. kedogn

    fermenting temperature

    You want the temp of the wort. The ambient air temp around can be quite different from the wort temp, especially with the heat of fermentation. Best thing to do with a probe is to attach it to the side of your fermentation vessel (below the wort level), under something thick, like styrofoam. It’s an easy way to get a pretty accurate reading of the wort temp. Best way is to have the probe in the wort itself, but that’s not usually the easiest way.
  12. kedogn


    Problem is, there is no specific “One Stop Shop” or “Magic Powder” that will do that. You can literally start with the same water and the same grainbill (and hop schedule) but use different mineral adds (or amounts) in your water and you will have different beers in the end. One might be a bitter hoppy bomb, while the other might have the hops muted some as it brings the malt more forward and is more balanced. #ILoveThisStuff!
  13. kedogn


    100% in agreement. It’s not possible. It will help you get closer, sure, and for an all-in-one powder, fine. However, since not all starting water and not all grainbills are the same... it’s not possible to do exactly what it says. For that reason, I’ve never used it. Same thing for me with “Just add some gypsum to your water for IPAs to make them better”. While “Better” is certainly subjective, nope! Depending on your grainbill and what you already have in your water makeup, you can make things much worse. Personally, I would suggest that until you know what it’s going to do to your water for sure, don’t be adding anything.
  14. kedogn

    Stau-Haus Slash Pile IPA🌲

    I started looking at water chemistry in early 2015 thanks to @Screwy Brewer. What I learned helped take my beers to the next level be that with clarity, mouthfeel, or taste. Back then I was doing 5-10 gallon batches and I too started with distilled water. Before a scheduled brew day, I would literally go to Winco or Safeway to buy jugs of distilled water (wherever it was the cheapest I could find for the quantity needed). When we moved to this location, I sent a sample of our well water in to be tested and that gave me the baseline. The first beer I brewed here was to be just a "sample batch" to test the new water and a the additives to see how that batch would turn out (as it is, we were begged for that keg, so it became our first official release on 8/3/17 - #IPA4Life - the same beer we just brewed 56 gallons of this weekend). It is really amazing how I used to be like "My water is good" and thought that was fine. Then after reading Screwy's blog posts, that fired me up to read more and more and to give it a shot myself. "Water" was something I kept putting off learning. I always seemed to be afraid of it for lack of a better way to say it. However, like you said, "water is the only thing we have most control over" and of the 4 main ingredients, that is completely true. I tell you what, there is no comparison when it comes to my Porter when I did it straight up vs when adding CaCo3 to the water. No doubts. Which reminds me, I better find out how much CaCo3 I have, as we are running 60 gallons of Porter (aka "John") next weekend