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  1. Sitting here this morning working on up-scaling my Winter Warmer IPA. I haven't brewed this one in about 5 years or so. Kinda excited to do it again. A place in town has said they will buy anything from us that is an IPA, so its time to start brewing a bunch of IPAs I guess and might as well start with an old classic.
  2. Much like Kurt Cobain calling Aberdeen, Seattle.... now that I am North Ender, I call pretty much anything down that way, "Olympia" lol It was a small place in the Lakewood area. The Beer Essentials ended up overtaking them and they are still around I think. So many places all over have closed, a few up this way, like Larry's (Tukwila), Mt Si, Homebrew Heaven (Everett) and a couple others I can't think of right now. From where I live I either have to go into South Seattle or up to Snoqualmie (which is by for the closest at this point since I am off HWY 18 just before Tiger Mountain. P.S... I haven't lived down there since I moved to Marysville in June of 2011.
  3. When I lived in Olympia, WA, this is exactly what one LHBS did. The guy working there (who brewed for Dick's Brewing in Centralia) offered me some advise on how to "make things better". This was basically the same steps I was reading about here on the forums back then, but it was good to hear it from someone like that. He helped me learn and grow and well... now look As for the other LHBS in town, yeah, they hated MRB so much that it only took me a couple times going in and being ignored when I would try to learn about new things, that I just stopped going. Find the right place for you... sadly, most people only have 1 LHBS they can go to and are forced to deal with people like that. My theory has always been that owners of LHBS should be excited to see people who do MRB walk through the door as that is yet another customer they will be able to groom... even if it takes a while.
  4. I am not sure about he Bavarian yeast... but my next beer that I'm brewing is going to be basically a hoppy amber, using a couple # of Mosaic. It will be my first time using Mosaic and since I told people a couple years ago "You will know I sold out when I brew with Mosaic" (not a fan) I am considering calling it "I Sold Out!" lol Will probably go with "Chaos Ensues" though
  5. I just bought 1100# of grain (+100# of dextrose) and I am hoping it gets me through the next 6-7 weeks. I remember when going and getting 1-2 50# bags of 2-row seemed like a truck load. Now I have palettes delivered to me lol. A big part of that will be 2 double batches of my 12% Triple IPA, “R U Ready?!?”. Each batch is almost 100# of grain. It also has to sit 9 weeks so we need to brew it by 11/4 so it’s ready for the NFL Playoffs.
  6. That’s a good start.
  7. Very interesting book to say the yeast
  8. I went back and looked at some recipes and I noticed this trend he was talking about... however, every one of them used 1056, so that makes perfect sense
  9. I dunno if I would use it "over" US-05, but back in the day I went through A LOT of Notty. I think I used it back then, mainly, because it was cheaper than US-05. A very good yeast I used in darn near everything I brewed back then... which was 95% Pales, Reds and IPAs. Now that I am back to using dried yeast, I will be using US-05 though. I haven't used dried yeast in so long, I am interested in seeing how it goes and how long it takes to really get going. I will be using it on Thursday when I brew up a 30 gal batch of Chaos Ensues, a 6.9% IRA.
  10. That's a pretty little infection... and unless you pitched Lactobacillus, that's not a good thing to be looking at. Yikes! Just be thankful that wasn't inside a 35 gallon conical full of a pale ale... not that I can say I have ever done that <cough>!
  11. Check out Dragoon Brewing if you can too and say hey to Eric
  12. Just like my storm cellar when I lived in Oklahoma... that always made me laugh. Then again, we lived above a bunch of caves, so go figure. Good "Picher, Oklahoma" sometime
  13. You got to love carbonation and light ass fruit.
  14. With my Christmas Hefe, I toss fresh cranberries straight in to the boil. When they start popping it’s pretty cool. LOL If you do this I would suggest straining them out, they have a tendency to plug air locks and create a mess #TrustMe.
  15. I'm sorry, shouldn't that have been, "the easiest a true lager to make is not"?? P.S.. its my Friday at work ('regular' job) and I am feeling a little squirrely