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  1. I have yet to brew with this water (we just got moved in 2 months ago and well, yeah, no time lol) and so I am VERY glad that I saw this before trying to do a batch with the water just straight up, that's for sure! It was $27.50 to get this tested (plus $10 to ship the sample priority mail), and I think that's a deal for what I learned about my water
  2. Oh, I wouldn't fully say that... I mean, the beers that I make that I know I love, I hated how fast they would with a 5 gal batches, let alone a 2.5 gal batch. There is something really nice about having the ability to do much bigger batches of the ones you want, while still being able to do smaller batches if you chose. True that! However, I like to think my time is worth something as well and it is MUCH faster to keg than it is to bottle...
  3. I finally got around to sending a water sample to get tested and thought I would share with y'all what the results look like (for those that might not have seen one and were interested). I am very excited to finally be able to build water profiles for each of the beers I will be brewing based off of the #s below!
  4. #ManfishUP

  5. I've got so many of them (from buying yeast) my wife is threating to start throwing them away... heck, maybe she has by now lol
  6. But, if you plan to brew fairly often, you can do a starter, split that into equal parts and then use each of those for starters going forward. As long as you take care of it, you can take 1 vile and turn that bad boy into a long, long lasting supply of fresh yeast to where you save a lot of $ in the long run. Again, if $ is no concern, then I wouldn't worry about doing this. However, I have in the past, brewed several large batches off of 1 $7 smack pack of 1056... saved a bundle.
  7. This is the contraption that a friend built to grow hops for us 6 years ago. He puts twine from the top line down to the ground for the bines to grow up and eventually over and back to the ground. Has worked like a champ
  8. Give them a spot with as much sun as possible, and somewhere to grow.
  9. First year growths usually aren't the greatest. In the years after that, depending on how many you plant, you may end up with more than you would want lol This is 1 small section of a Cascade bine... and we had 6 cascade bines that year.
  10. Centennial or Cascade They grow like weeds
  11. Love Funky Buddha! I went to try several of their beers when I was in the area last May. Cool place, great beers.
  12. Only 5 hours? Man, I would love that! Most of my brew days from lighting the fire on the HLT to finished cleaning are ~9+ hours.
  13. Agreed, and Galaxy is so much more expensive and often hard to find. I primarily use Columbus almost exclusively for bittering. What I have learned from spending time at big boy breweries is that it almost doesn't matter what you use for bittering, as long as your flavor/aroma hops are there for what you want to end with. Case in point: using HopShots or other liquid hop extracts, you don't know what the hops are in those that were used and my gut tells me its a mixture anyway. Pretty much all you know is that a certain amount of it (like with HopShots, the full syringe) gets you roughly 10 IBUs per 5 gallons of 1.050 wort. After learning this, I have pretty much went to solid Columbus for bittering, unless I am doing an "All ______" hop beer. Saves the trouble of trying to figure it out, as well as it allows me to buy Columbus in bigger bulks to save even more $$.
  14. Not sure about Sammy bottles, but Oxiclean for sure! Simple and easy! The labels dang near jump off the bottles, often as 1 solid piece.
  15. He's hooked (welcome to the obsession)... and happy Birthday!