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  1. First year growths usually aren't the greatest. In the years after that, depending on how many you plant, you may end up with more than you would want lol This is 1 small section of a Cascade bine... and we had 6 cascade bines that year.
  2. Centennial or Cascade They grow like weeds
  3. Love Funky Buddha! I went to try several of their beers when I was in the area last May. Cool place, great beers.
  4. Only 5 hours? Man, I would love that! Most of my brew days from lighting the fire on the HLT to finished cleaning are ~9+ hours.
  5. Agreed, and Galaxy is so much more expensive and often hard to find. I primarily use Columbus almost exclusively for bittering. What I have learned from spending time at big boy breweries is that it almost doesn't matter what you use for bittering, as long as your flavor/aroma hops are there for what you want to end with. Case in point: using HopShots or other liquid hop extracts, you don't know what the hops are in those that were used and my gut tells me its a mixture anyway. Pretty much all you know is that a certain amount of it (like with HopShots, the full syringe) gets you roughly 10 IBUs per 5 gallons of 1.050 wort. After learning this, I have pretty much went to solid Columbus for bittering, unless I am doing an "All ______" hop beer. Saves the trouble of trying to figure it out, as well as it allows me to buy Columbus in bigger bulks to save even more $$.
  6. Not sure about Sammy bottles, but Oxiclean for sure! Simple and easy! The labels dang near jump off the bottles, often as 1 solid piece.
  7. He's hooked (welcome to the obsession)... and happy Birthday!
  8. Yes. Between this and a really good yeast starter, your yeasties will be VERY happy and work their little butts off for you to make you some great beer. The best part is, that BOTH of these things are so easy to do and don't really cost much $$, considering what you will get in return.
  9. Get a small bottle of Oxygen, a small tube that connects to the adapter you need for the bottle, on the other end of the line is a small metal rod that connects to a diffuser stone. Depending on what you are making, a few short blasts is all you need. Easy peezy! I shoot mine only once, and it's through the top of the conical before I pitch the yeast. I haven't developed an "in-line" system yet, but I have got to use one at a big brewery (HI-FI Brewing, Redmond, WA) and I think it would be major overkill for a home system.... then again, why would that stop me from figuring it out?
  10. That is my FAVORITE Red IPA! SOOOO good! I love the guys at 21A, especially the San Leandro location. Side Note: 4 of the first 5 people to buy beers at the San Leandro location when it opened were wearing Manfish Brewing shirts, no lie.
  11. legacy recipe

    Cant wait to hear how it turns out
  12. I *LOVE* Simcoe hops, but I am not familiar with that one, but if it's a true Red, thus more malt than not, I wouldn't add Simcoe, personally. I would only use them in something lighter body (Pale/IPA), where they can shine through. With that said, don't let convention (or anyone's opinion, especially mine) stop ya from trying something. You just might find what you make is your favorite, or if not, you might find something you can easily tweak that will become your fav
  13. This is a good set of charts to show you what can/should be substituted to get you as close to the original hop as you can.
  14. Sure. Like too much gypsum gives an almost metallic bitterness. It can certainly be overcome though, depending on what your recipe is. Knowing your water profile and being able to use it to control PH as well is a big step in doing AG brewing that can make a HUGE difference. My beer went well beyond another level when I started using distilled water as a baseline and adding the minerals I needed to make the water profile I wanted for each beer I was brewing. Now, however, doing upward of 1BBL at a time, I will be getting my water tested via "Ward Labs" and using that to build my water profiles. Since we moved, we are on a well and the water is awesome, so I can't wait to get to brewing with it.
  15. Those little guys seem like 'single serve' to me lol Bummer on it being a gift. I know how that can be getting things people think would be good for you, only to find out not so much.