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  1. Agreed. You can ask people who know me and I am famous for saying "Win or lose, I still have to work tomorrow so I can pay the bills" or "The best you can hope for is to be able to smile a little bit longer." Be it my Hawks, Packers, Mariners, Cubs, or Sooners. Heck, only 1 team can win it all... the rest, well, they lost too ad that usually includes my teams.
  2. Maybe so, but it sure made for some awesome pictures... not as good as "Deez Nuts", but I digress Feeling bad for "talking trash" as I usually do not do that (ask @Shrike, I believe it was, about how much trash talking I do about beers lol). The honest truth is I expected OSU to beat us that night. I had already counted it as one of the at least 3 losses I projected for the season. I personally thought Baker was crazy to come back another season after losing Westbrook, Mixon and Perine. Crazy, but with a Heisman I guess I'm just happy to be in the Playoffs. What will happen will happen. Alrighty, sorry for going off topic there y'all
  3. Did they create this after the Sooners whooped them earlier this year? #HadTo #PLANTtheFLAG #BOOMERSOONER
  4. Yup, in that case, I agree with you. This goes back to the old days here in the MRB boards, where I was the one that said basically what you just did and was called out for it. But, I also believe that while you (a general you) brew it, it is "yours", but it is not really, unless you created that recipe. Otherwise, you are just brewing someone else's beer (much like using someone else recipe to make pies). Same goes for a clone. How it started back then is I brewed a friends porter recipe and I called it his porter and I got ripped for that. I stand by my comment even today as I fully believe in giving credit where credit is due. If the recipe came from a direct friend, then yeah, I would say brew it and enter it as long as that friend is golden with you doing that. Where that came from, I agree with you on not doing that. Very understandable.
  5. Ok... I'll bite. Why so secretive and why not enter it? I personally have never done comps (I see no personal reason to - business wise, I get it), but if that's your thang, why not?
  6. Been years, but I would say that I could probably do a 18 pack of something lighter easily too... I am talking good beer though Y'all had me worried I was an extreme light weight on everything except that scale
  7. Are we talking like from Sun Up to Sun Down? I'm a big ole boy, but when I am drinking, around the 6-7 mark is when I know I needed to say when.
  8. I can say that doing what I mentioned above, I hit 3 points above my expected gravity reading based on my pre-boil gravity reading. So I know what a I will have to do on all high gravity beers from now on.
  9. Higher gravity beers are tough for AG to nail. #TrustMe! You can’t just scale up exact, all systems lose some when the OG goes up, especially with volume of grain. Today I am doing a 25 gallon batch of President’s Club, the 8.5% 2xIPA that put Manfish on the local beer map. However, that was a 5 gallon batch I did almost 2.5 years ago. Scaling up has been a PITA! The last time I tried brewing it I only hit 7%, so I called it “Not Quite President’s Club” and it still sold nicely. I’ve done a lot of research lately and pretty much everything I see says: Use a little more water in your mash (be sure to adjust for sparge so you don’t dilute), use a longer mash time, longer batch sparge time and run to the BK a lot slower than I usually do. So, today I will do a 90 minute mash, and follow the rest as well and see if that helps at all. I also adjusted my recipe to hit close to the Eff I’ve hit with other big beers I’ve done. We we shall see... but again, learning by doing!
  10. I will agree, but I want to add "As long as your solution is mixed properly". Too much sanitizer for the amount of water used, is not a good thing. It can leave off flavors.
  11. *ALWAYS* a great suggestion I probably use too much sanitizer honestly and I know I am one that replaces it too soon... but I would rather be safe than sorry, that's for sure! Triple San costs me about $.045/oz. It takes 1oz of it to make 6-8 gallons of sanitizer. I would much rather have to make a second batch on a brew day than to screw something up and get an infection, that's for certain! On brew days I typically have a bucket at the ready that I just toss things into. I also keep a spray bottle close by for quick and easy access when needed.
  12. If I am going to harvest (which I haven't done in a long time) I will drop trub the first time ~24 hours after its been in the conical. This is typically your dead cells, proteins, hop particles, grain bits and so on that you don't want. I then let the rest do its thing, then once I hit FG, I drop a very little more out, then I harvest the rest and go from there If I don't plan to harvest yeast, I will just wait until I hit FG and then dump all at once. Very rarely do I have beers that go longer than 7-10 days to get to FG. Most beers take about 7 days, then I drop out about a gallon (or try, sometimes I end up not closing the valve in time). I DH. When DH is done, since I always bag my DH, I pull the bags and then move the conical to the cold room to sit for 7-10 days. At that point I drop one last time, then keg.
  13. I would normally agree, but 1st hand experience IMO is way better than reading what others have done. I would suggest using what others have done and posted about as a guide, but beat your head against the wall if you need to so you can learn your own way. Most people have to start smaller, which is why MRB is great, not everyone can just read and learn from that because if they could, why not just start with a more complicated process? If you are learning, it’s never pointless. Learning by mistakes is a great way to learn. One might try something and learn something they might not have read about or better yet, make a beer they like better than what they read others have. I am am way more of a hands on learner. Reading and fully trusting someone else’s words doesn’t stick things in my head nearly as much as doing. By doing and making mistakes, it’s easier for me to understand and make correction... plus, it’s fun learning by doing. Just thoughts from my personal experiences... but then again, what do I know about brewing or anything for that matter.
  14. Don’t do math when you first wake up.
  15. At the temps he talking about, it would mean at most a .001 temp correction, so certainly nothing I would sweat about.
  16. What’s your temps been on all of those batches?
  17. Sitting here this morning working on up-scaling my Winter Warmer IPA. I haven't brewed this one in about 5 years or so. Kinda excited to do it again. A place in town has said they will buy anything from us that is an IPA, so its time to start brewing a bunch of IPAs I guess and might as well start with an old classic.
  18. Much like Kurt Cobain calling Aberdeen, Seattle.... now that I am North Ender, I call pretty much anything down that way, "Olympia" lol It was a small place in the Lakewood area. The Beer Essentials ended up overtaking them and they are still around I think. So many places all over have closed, a few up this way, like Larry's (Tukwila), Mt Si, Homebrew Heaven (Everett) and a couple others I can't think of right now. From where I live I either have to go into South Seattle or up to Snoqualmie (which is by for the closest at this point since I am off HWY 18 just before Tiger Mountain. P.S... I haven't lived down there since I moved to Marysville in June of 2011.
  19. When I lived in Olympia, WA, this is exactly what one LHBS did. The guy working there (who brewed for Dick's Brewing in Centralia) offered me some advise on how to "make things better". This was basically the same steps I was reading about here on the forums back then, but it was good to hear it from someone like that. He helped me learn and grow and well... now look As for the other LHBS in town, yeah, they hated MRB so much that it only took me a couple times going in and being ignored when I would try to learn about new things, that I just stopped going. Find the right place for you... sadly, most people only have 1 LHBS they can go to and are forced to deal with people like that. My theory has always been that owners of LHBS should be excited to see people who do MRB walk through the door as that is yet another customer they will be able to groom... even if it takes a while.
  20. I am not sure about he Bavarian yeast... but my next beer that I'm brewing is going to be basically a hoppy amber, using a couple # of Mosaic. It will be my first time using Mosaic and since I told people a couple years ago "You will know I sold out when I brew with Mosaic" (not a fan) I am considering calling it "I Sold Out!" lol Will probably go with "Chaos Ensues" though
  21. I just bought 1100# of grain (+100# of dextrose) and I am hoping it gets me through the next 6-7 weeks. I remember when going and getting 1-2 50# bags of 2-row seemed like a truck load. Now I have palettes delivered to me lol. A big part of that will be 2 double batches of my 12% Triple IPA, “R U Ready?!?”. Each batch is almost 100# of grain. It also has to sit 9 weeks so we need to brew it by 11/4 so it’s ready for the NFL Playoffs.
  22. That’s a good start.
  23. Very interesting book to say the yeast
  24. I went back and looked at some recipes and I noticed this trend he was talking about... however, every one of them used 1056, so that makes perfect sense