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  1. Now you do
  2. Thanks for asking, so glad I was able to answer this for you lol But yes, what they both said is true... however, I was referring to Whirlpool hops, since your question was about hop flavor. So, with that said, the basis is that you lower your wort temp some so that you don't get the bitterness from the hop, only the flavor/aroma. Most of our IPAs use a 30-40 minute long whirlpool. To get the desired effect, you need to be really heavy handed with your hops though. Sadly, this can up the price of your beer by a lot (especially if you are not buying in bulk, but if it is what you want, then its worth it, yeah?). In a couple weeks we will be doing a SMaSH using Maris Otter and El Dorado (should come in at 6%). It will only have a very small amount for bittering, with the rest of it back loaded HEAVY to get the flavor where we want it (aka big @ss hop flavor!). I am really looking forward to that one to see how it turns out. Btw, yes, even during whirlpool, you will still pull some bitterness, thus adding to the IBUs, but it wont be as much. I've seen where brewers have ONLY done late addition/whirpool hopping to hit their marks. I have yet to really try that (as the amount of hops you need REALLY goes up)... but I will... soon enough Btw, as Rick said, when you whirlpool it also helps cone up the trub in the middle of your kettle for you. which allows you to pull off a much cleaner/clearer wort... that is a very good thing. This can be done with a pump (as we do - you can see in this pic the 2 ports. We pull from the bottom one and it flows out, via the pump and back in via the top port, which sprays it along side of the kettle, thus spinning the wort into a whirlpool). You should see this on a 15 BBL system... OH MY! Notice the huge mound of hops/trub. None of that will end up in our fermenter, thus making a cleaner/clearer beer.
  3. Depends on how you add them. Either Late Boil, or just simply do a “Hop Stand” , “steep” or “whirlpool”.
  4. Under perfect conditions, until a conical is open and ready to be filled.
  5. Dude! That looks good to me. I may have to see if I can sneak a run of this in sometime for myself.
  6. Welcome to the addiction!
  7. So, because others think it’s wrong, doesn’t mean people shouldn’t enjoy the way they want to? Hmmm. I fully disagree. Yes, I get that “studies show”... but then again, I enjoy damn near all my beers from a “Pint Glass” and if you are true to your form, you will say that’s a, how’d you say it, “No-No”!
  8. If that is how he (or anyone) likes it... how can it be wrong?
  9. A buddy of mine used to do beer trades all the time. He always shipped FedEx. Said that he was told if anything ever broke, and started to leak, the package would get tossed in the trash, so to make sure its all sealed and well padded.... but yeah, its illegal. However, so is speeding.
  10. When are the entries due?
  11. I’m thinking I got the wife agreeing to London. She isn’t sure she would want to do the game, and honestly, if we watching it at a real English Pub instead of paying the $ to go, I’m game. Looking like riding the train to Paris, Amsterdam and Munich also (travel agents get awesome deals on Eurorail passes). My business partner and his SWMBO is thinking about going too. #ManfishInLondon
  12. Wait, what?! Speak for yourself buddy! Lol
  13. Thanks. I’ll have to get back on that, honestly. I just saw the Seahawks are playing the Raiders in London the day before my bday this year. I’m going to try talking the wife into going to that. We’ve been wanting to go to London, the Hawks are playing and it’s basically my birthday. Sounds like a reason to party... of course how busy Manfish is will dictate what I can and can’t do as well. We shall see.
  14. LOL. I hear you there... and mine never thought that by getting me a MrB kit I would turn it into a business some day... but I did... and it keeps on growing. Best advice I can give is to Read, Read, Read! No reason to try to reinvent the wheel (at least not right away), so read what others have tried. done and seen and go from there. But don't be afraid to beat your head against the wall if you need to to be able to learn as experience is the best teacher.
  15. Either way, carbonate or not, is good (if you don't, just always remember to clear the head space as mentioned above). Personally, I am with Creeps on this one, I like to gas mine, slowly, then once it's good to go, I set the keg aside until I am ready to drink. Though, I can say, that my 3X IPA (12%) I have going, which is ready to keg now, has been in the conical for 9 weeks. I just dropped the yeast when needed. Cold crashed when needed. Dropped more and let it age in there (still in the cooler) as I was in no rush to get the conical back... and didn't have enough Sixtels to keg it at the time anyway (that's what last weeks Portland run for kegs was all about lol). Whatever you chose, you will enjoy kegging. Costs more, initially, but makes life so much easier... plus is wicked fun to have your own tap(s) at home Too bad none of you are local, I have a bunch of Corney kegs I could pay it forward with as I don't use them any more.
  16. That's a bummer. I had been debating on going since I go to Portland so often anyway (2.5 hours down the road). However, my schedule just changed at work, so I no longer have Thursday/Friday off, so what would have lined up nicely, isn't so much any more. Not that I couldn't make it happen... we'll see. As for the other, I bet that would be fun. I'm always looking for an excuse to go somewhere, but that is the last weekend of Tax Season, so I am out for sure! #BusyBusy!
  17. If I remember to do it, I will toss in some Whirfloc tablets with every brew that I make. I prefer the tablets as they are easier to store as well as knowing exactly how much you have on hand. Plus, shooting baskets with them into the boil kettle is fun too However, I will only use Gelatin on my beers that will benefit from it. Obviously, hefes, porters, NEIPA and the likes you really wouldn't want to do that. But Pales, Ambers, most IPAs, they can really benefit from a dose of gelatin. I have noticed that a long enough cold crash and its not needed, but if you wanna speed things up some, gelatin works nicely. I only do AG, so its sounding like from others if its an HME/LME/DME you wouldn't.
  18. Sure, but if you really want good clarity, use Gelatin. I wasn’t sold the 1st time I did... by holy cow now Batman! Are you also ok if your breakfast omelette comes out looking like it’s been dropped on the floor, run over by a Mack truck and threw up by a pack of wolves... as long as it tastes good? I know people like that and the old line cook (and now brewery owner) in me just can’t compute that. How things look visually is a big aspect in enjoyment of it. I was at a brewery almost 2 years ago now and I asked for their best seller. They gave me their Porter. I can’t comment on the flavor of it, because honestly that part wasn’t memorable, but I can comment on the chunks (for lack of a better term) floating in it. Needless to say, if that was their best, I just don’t see how they are still open (though, in that time they did go thru a rebranding -coincidence?) but they are. Obviously all beers dont “need” to be clear, but those that can, add something to the over all enjoyment. Plus, you have less of a chance of anything to give off flavors, even if subtle.
  19. legacy recipe

    The beer sounds good. But you lost me at the cheeseburger...#NoThanks Seriously though, way to go on actually allowing it to cellar for 10 months. As Tom Petty says, "The Waiting Is The Hardest Part"
  20. Mine sure does... LOL
  21. Agreed. You can ask people who know me and I am famous for saying "Win or lose, I still have to work tomorrow so I can pay the bills" or "The best you can hope for is to be able to smile a little bit longer." Be it my Hawks, Packers, Mariners, Cubs, or Sooners. Heck, only 1 team can win it all... the rest, well, they lost too ad that usually includes my teams.
  22. Maybe so, but it sure made for some awesome pictures... not as good as "Deez Nuts", but I digress Feeling bad for "talking trash" as I usually do not do that (ask @Shrike, I believe it was, about how much trash talking I do about beers lol). The honest truth is I expected OSU to beat us that night. I had already counted it as one of the at least 3 losses I projected for the season. I personally thought Baker was crazy to come back another season after losing Westbrook, Mixon and Perine. Crazy, but with a Heisman I guess I'm just happy to be in the Playoffs. What will happen will happen. Alrighty, sorry for going off topic there y'all
  23. Did they create this after the Sooners whooped them earlier this year? #HadTo #PLANTtheFLAG #BOOMERSOONER
  24. Yup, in that case, I agree with you. This goes back to the old days here in the MRB boards, where I was the one that said basically what you just did and was called out for it. But, I also believe that while you (a general you) brew it, it is "yours", but it is not really, unless you created that recipe. Otherwise, you are just brewing someone else's beer (much like using someone else recipe to make pies). Same goes for a clone. How it started back then is I brewed a friends porter recipe and I called it his porter and I got ripped for that. I stand by my comment even today as I fully believe in giving credit where credit is due. If the recipe came from a direct friend, then yeah, I would say brew it and enter it as long as that friend is golden with you doing that. Where that came from, I agree with you on not doing that. Very understandable.