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  1. kedogn

    Conditioning/Cider flavor

    My only thoughts on that are: I get the control part. It’s why I went AG. I’ve said many times that when I brewed my first AG batch all I could think was “If this sucks, it’s *all* on me!” Luckily that first recipe went on to be the 1st award-winning beer from Manfish. Second, if your plan is to take this away from being a “Neat Little Hobby” and to the professional level, just remember what I still struggle with, and that is “You’re tastebuds really don’t mean sh*t!” There are a few, literally like 3, Manfish beers that I am personally not sold on. Yet, well, people drink them and those kegs sell and fast. It’s a double edged sword really.
  2. kedogn

    Conditioning/Cider flavor

    For me, I don’t brew to get drunk. My brother, way back in the day, tried telling me that I only brewed because it’s “a cheap drunk”. Then I explained to him all of the costs that went into all of the equipment that was filling my garage at the time. Ive said many times that if I could find, or brew, a 0.0% ABV that tastes damn like what it should if it had alcohol in it, I’d be happy (and possibly rich). On my cruise last month I mostly drank Heineken 0.0%. While a tad thinner, it tasted just like Heineken (for better or for worse lol). I drank a case and 1/2 at least the last couple days of that sailing lol
  3. kedogn

    Conditioning/Cider flavor

    As cheesy or corny as it sounds, I’ve always felt that where ever you are is where you should be and that is the right way to brew. I remember catching so much crap for doing Mr. Beer, yet I was right where I needed to be and that was, at that time, the right way to brew. I am not one of those who have so much talent they can do anything. I am one of those kinds where I have to bang my head against the big green wall over and over and over again before It sticks. Bottom line is every little step in Brewing has different things for different people and when you are there... it’s the ‘right’ way to brew, in my “been there done that” opinion.
  4. kedogn

    Conditioning/Cider flavor

    #Preach! 🍺
  5. kedogn

    Force carbonation

    What’s the rise in your lines? Are your lines clean? Are you just using a cobra tap? What size is the ID of your line?
  6. kedogn

    Force carbonation

    If we are in a “rush”, we do sixtels in our cooler at 30# for 24 hours then back them down to 12# until delivered. With that, based on time, temp, pressure... and my own experience... I don’t feel it’s over carbonated. My thought is, what are you pushing it out at and what is the length of your beverage line? Do you have those dialed in and balanced already? They can make a yuge difference.
  7. kedogn

    Fermentation temp control

    I’ve learned a ton by reading his stuff here, on FB and his web site. @Screwy Brewer‘s page about Water Chemistry changed my brews for the far better! I was also very lucky to get the chance to meet him and have a couple beers together several years ago when he was in Seattle. I know I have that pic somewhere... 🍺
  8. kedogn

    ABV boost

    11:15pm here now. I am still awake working on beer stuff (and reading the forums lol) Sadly, I gotta be up at 5:15am for work, my 1st day in the office in 13 days (thanks to a work trip and combining a couple extra days off with my normal ones and the Holiday). Then tomorrow at 6:30pm we’re being interviewed for a local beer podcast. Gonna be a loooooooong day tomorrow. #INeedSleep 🍺
  9. kedogn

    ABV boost

    Most of my spreadsheets are in my head still. I know when everything is brewed, when trub needs dropped, when it should be DH’d, moved to cooler and roughly when it needs kegged (this depends on how fast it crashes). We do have a small dry erase board in the brewery that we use for some things, but mainly what’s on carbonation, how many #s, when it went on and when it will be ready. Plus, we keep track of what kegs are where on it. We do have a “Brew Day” sheet that we use for every batch we brew. We modified a couple others that we liked and put on the information we personally wanted on it. I’ve shared that as an attachment. As for sharing recipes, I wouldn’t mind sharing some, but not my main beers and especially not the award winners... yet anyway. #Eventually. Brew Day Sheet.xlsx
  10. kedogn

    ABV boost

    A simple spreadsheet will make that easier.
  11. kedogn

    ABV boost

    That never goes away if you make the jump to it no longer being a “hobby”. Take a look at my (Best of the Festival) 🥇 Award Winning Imperial IPA. That baby had to sit 10 weeks. For an IPA that’s hella long. It was annoying to sit and wait, to wonder how it would be and if it would even be drinkable. I too am not a patient person by nature and sometimes it drives me crazy. Lol.
  12. kedogn

    ABV boost

    Multiple LBKs will help solve that issue.
  13. kedogn

    What should I do with this beer?

    Some of the funnest things about home brewing is being able to experiment. Do this this time, the other next and hell, maybe something else next time. I look forward to our jump to a bigger system to where our current becomes our “pilot” system and we can do those things again too.
  14. kedogn

    What should I do with this beer?

    Brett, as long as your set up for it.
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  16. kedogn

    Yeast in bottles

    Imagine how many of those you would need to own for the "typical" home brewer...
  17. kedogn

    Looking for a Christmas beer recipe

    My thoughts on comps are well documented, however, I do agree with you as I would state, "I wouldn't do it." If I knowing knew it was a recipe from someone else, no, I wouldn't try to pass it as my own. Back in the day I have brewed others recipes and I even called them "XXXXX's Porter" and so on. That sparked a huge debate here, so I wont go further than that. With that said... I agree with this as well. To be 100% original is darn near impossible, if not completely.
  18. kedogn

    An experimental comparison

    Yeah, I can't wait to read about how this turns out.
  19. kedogn

    Keg carbonation

    He is right and here is a little more info to go with that... Carbonation Methods <~ Interesting read.
  20. kedogn

    how to handle a true lager?

    We just got a counter pressure bottle filler. LOVE THAT THING! Makes it so easy to bottle up samples for places or for me to bring bottles to friends, instead of full growlers.
  21. kedogn

    Tell Yoda where to go

    Come to Seattle...
  22. kedogn

    No Hop Sack

    In my experience... everything! While I much more prefer the ease of using a sack for DH'in, and that fact that the beer clarifies so much faster when you Cold Crash, we have done several batches both ways and noticed that when we Dh by "going commando" the DH aromas are so much better vs the sack where they appear to be muted. This is, of course, comparing apples to apples or as in the case, the same recipe to the same recipe. With that said, let me also say that we use conicals vs the LBK. I feel this is an advantage for sure. If you choose to go the "commando" route, one thing I would advise to watch is your cold crash temperature. You really want to get it as cold as possible, without freezing. Our walk in cooler has usually been set to run between 35*-37*. Last Wednesday I went to keg a beer and noticed it hadn't clarified enough to do so yet. I was puzzled. We checked it again on Thursday, still a no go. That's when we noticed the temp in the cooler was running at about 45*. Friday afternoon I made some adjustments to the Coolbot (unhooked it, reset it and started again) and it seemed to bring it down a few degrees. By yesterday that beer was *this close* to being ready. Yesterday we did some routine cleaning in the brewery, as well as 4 hours worth of cleaning kegs(!) and we are hoping that the unit will be back to running between 35*-37* again. At those temps, a conical with 30-32 gallons in it takes roughly 4 days to clarify. Anything warmer and it just wont happen. Just my 2 cents... #ManfishUP!
  23. kedogn

    Non Mr Beer recipes

    If your yeast are fresh and active when you pitch, you should have no issues. We actually just pitch our yeast dry and it typically takes less than 12 hours to see them going crazy (probably a lot less, but rarely am I back in the brewery within 12 hours of pitching) ! Just make sure, like I said, you yeast are fresh and active and that your temps are spot on and you will be golden
  24. kedogn

    Non Mr Beer recipes

    For us at Manfish, it varies depending on what we are brewing and what the ABV is. Let's say our Amber Ale. I can brew it, the yeast can do their thing and in about 3-4 days I am moving it to the cooler to cold crash for 3 days, then I am kegging a crystal clear, beautiful amber ale. With a higher octane beer, like say our 3xIPA which comes in at 12%, that takes a while longer. Standard IPAs we can brew, ferment and DH and move to the cooler in about 10 days. P.S... we filter nothing. We cold crash. Depending on what it is, I might use gelatin... if I am trying to rush it along.