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  1. Stevo0083

    Muntons vs MRB?

    You brewing as a lager or ale?
  2. Stevo0083

    18-Day Fermentation?

    18-21 is what I go with.
  3. Stevo0083

    Don't Worry Be Hoppy

    Where is the shared recipe? Looks great
  4. Stevo0083

    6qt Insta-Pot

    Share some of these clone recipes
  5. Stevo0083

    Bottling wand

    Should just fit right in there. Mine does
  6. Stevo0083


    Experimented with labeling last night. Milk and corn starch is the way to go! dried over night, not going anywhere!
  7. Stevo0083

    Returning to Mr Beer

    I too have recently come back! I am still batch priming though but love what I am seeing/tasting so far!
  8. Stevo0083

    New Brewer Today

    Welcome! What brew did you start with?
  9. Stevo0083

    Delivery Night!

    Found these at my door step! Doing the brown ale next with US-04. Not sure if I will brew the Long Play straight up or not yet... Been out of the game for years love getting back in it!!
  10. Stevo0083

    Northwest Pale Ale

    us 05
  11. Stevo0083

    Northwest Pale Ale

    May give this a go Sunday.
  12. Stevo0083

    Looking for opinions.....

    Gonna give this a try
  13. First time doing a sweet cider. 1 gal batch fermented with champagne yeast. I will be 12 oz bottling and would like a little fiz and sweetness. I know if I add Potassium Sorbate it will kill the yeast not sure how to carb then. Or bottle prime with 1/2 to 3/4 t spoon of sugar then sweeten with artificial sweeteners... Not sure what to do here... Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated...
  14. Stevo0083

    Diablo IPA with US-05

    Yup is is handy.
  15. Stevo0083

    Diablo IPA with US-05

    I think I still have the real OG spigot. That thing was a pain in the... haha