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  1. First time doing a sweet cider. 1 gal batch fermented with champagne yeast. I will be 12 oz bottling and would like a little fiz and sweetness. I know if I add Potassium Sorbate it will kill the yeast not sure how to carb then. Or bottle prime with 1/2 to 3/4 t spoon of sugar then sweeten with artificial sweeteners... Not sure what to do here... Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated...
  2. Stevo0083

    Diablo IPA with US-05

    Yup is is handy.
  3. Stevo0083

    Diablo IPA with US-05

    I think I still have the real OG spigot. That thing was a pain in the... haha
  4. Stevo0083

    Diablo IPA with US-05

    I did not know the LBK's changed. I'll have to check them out and see what the difference is.
  5. Stevo0083

    Diablo IPA with US-05

    First beer brew in years. Today was brew day! Diablo IPA with US-05
  6. Stevo0083

    Miller Lite

    Welcome! Lots of sound advice here. Brew the CAL straight up like mentioned before and enjoy!
  7. Stevo0083

    Hard Cider

    1 Gal Musselman's cider 1 cup Sugar. 1 Pack of Champagne yeast... We will wait and see.
  8. Stevo0083

    Getting back into this!

    That's what I figured... Ill get a batch going next week.
  9. Stevo0083

    Getting back into this!

    I have been out of the brewing game for several years. Last week on a whim I started a batch of hard cider. That got my gears going again. I have 3 LBK's and some 5 gal brew buckets. I found some American light / booster with an expiration date of 04/2015. Should I give it a go? I will make a trip to my home brew store next weekend to stock back up.
  10. Stevo0083

    New guy intro and a couple of questions.

    I have done both.. It is HOT here in southern Alabama so I have had better luck in my temp controlled freezer... 68* and they stay happy!
  11. All American Gold, with a little twist 1 Can Classic American Light HME 1lb Pale DME 1 Packet US-05 1/2 oz. Packet Mt. Hood Pellet Hops 5 min boil with half the DME. Roughly going to be 5.5 - 5.8% ABV In the temp control freezer@ 68*
  12. Stevo0083

    Batch #5 bottled and my new DIY project

    Nice! I want to try an all grain soon!
  13. Stevo0083

    New Guy

    Welcome Boo!
  14. Stevo0083


    OK got the links working... in the freezer set at 68*...Now the 2-3 wee wait, I used the US-05
  15. Stevo0083


    Moved from wrong thread... Picked up this nice looking kit from my LHBS this morning. Have any of you guys had this one before? I am also debating making this a lager or an ale... I do have a converted freezer able to hold temps so a lager is not a problem. What do you think? I may be doing this Sunday or Monday morning... www.dropbox.com/s/m50c6sn022wywrq/20130831_215407.jpg www.dropbox.com/s/6xwnsrk4668jeqe/20130831_220445.jpg