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  1. I swear I searched. Is 73' too hot for bottle conditioning an ale? I can condition in a room of my apartment at around 68', where the bottles have been for the last day. I could condition under the sink, which I've been measuring at around 72' to 73.
  2. Do you wait for the sanitizer to dry first? I wiped the funnel down with cheap vodka and let it dry.
  3. Basic Brewing Radio has an episode from 1/9/18 that talks about Alcohol Free Beer.
  4. My Churchill is 3 weeks in the LBK, I'm planning on bottle on Friday. I did use S-04, but no other alterations. I'm looking forward to it.
  5. To be clear, I am talking about bottles that have been initially cleaned of any labels and glue. Also, I am not talking about sanitizing. After pouring a homebrew I rinse a couple of times and leave it filled with water. I then rinse them the next day and set them aside to store. When getting ready to bottle I do a quick rinse and then use Star San before bottling. Is that enough or do I need a PBW clean between batches? I don't let the beer trub dry out in the bottom of the bottle.
  6. I have the ones that you buy for the carboys on my LBK, they're about a foot long. I keep my LBK in a Cool Brewing bag with frozen bottles of water. So it's not the easiest method of temperature control. But it's better than leaving them on the counter in a NYC apartment with radiators going crazy and weather swings. Point is, the stick on thermometer says 60', it was as high as 66' earlier this week, and I had a nice kreusen. Too cold?
  7. I just brewed the Santa Rita Pale on Sunday, the kreusen is beautiful! The recipe called for 2 oz. of Crystal 15, so I have 2 ounces left in a zip lock bag. My upcoming brew, in about 2 weeks, is a Thunder Bay IPA, which I don't want to alter. After that it's a Shillelagh Stout and also a Baltic Porter. I guess I'm asking, how long would you keep a previously opened bag of crushed grains? It's in a zip lock bag in a closet.
  8. What is the size of the various MB cans of HME? I think the seasonal are 3.3 lb. I think the crafts are 2.86 lb. and the regulars are 1.87 lb. Just trying to get my numbers down for qbrew.
  9. They've been in the bottle for 2 weeks. The reason I'm worried about bottle bombs is because it finished after 4 weeks in the LBK at 1.014. So I've been storing the bottles in a plastic bin with a cover.
  10. I live in an apartment on the top floor and the temperature is about 66' right now. Is that too cold for bottle conditioning? I'm hesitant to move them into the living room or bedroom because of fear of bottle bombs. The plastic bottles are pretty firm, so my guess is they have carbonated.
  11. Maybe it's shy
  12. I didn't want to start a whole new Refractometer thread, so I thought I'd ask here. How off is the ABV using a refractometer as opposed to a hydrometer? The other night night it bothered me how much I'm drawing off the LBK to take a hydrometer reading. If we're talking 1/4 to 1/2% ABV, then that is nothing compared to losing a lot of beer.
  13. I pitched a little cool on my batch from Tuesday night. I pitched S-04 at 60' into Churchill's Nut Brown Ale. I had activity by Wednesday morning and a really nice kreusen last night and this morning, at least an inch thick. The temperature rose to 68' by Wednesday morning and I put the LBK in a Cool Brew container to keep it from getting too high. I did oxygenate for a good 30 seconds, as opposed to just stirring a lot. That doesn't mean it won't get stuck, but my point is that pitching a little cold may not be a problem.
  14. I used Belle Saison, it was 4 weeks in the fermenter. I bottled it last night and put the bottles in a covered plastic bin in the kitchen. This way, if there's a bottle bomb the mess will be limited.
  15. I used a hydrometer.