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  1. It's got fiber, keeps ya regular.
  2. One thing that I always liked from I brewed before, extract with specialty grains, is how good it smelled and I could just taste that smell when I had a few beers afterwards.
  3. I did the trick and it worked like a charm!
  4. I'd like to try a couple of Craft Refills. Has anyone tried the following: Northwest Pale Ale - Is that like a Sierra Nevada? Use US-05? Churchill's Nut Brown Ale - More Samuel Smith than New Castle? Use S-04 or Nottingham? Thanks and suggestions always appreciated.
  5. Pulled it out. When I was putting it back in last night it was a pain but I persisted.
  6. The one I have can be taken apart. It is a white one where you turn the spigot to ON or OFF. You can pull the lever out. It is this one:
  7. Thanks to both of you. I did a good wash and since this morning and left the parts to dry. I'll do a Star San dip before assembly and leak testing. Then Star San before wort filling.
  8. My LBK and spigot are clean. I used PBW after my last brew, a couple of years ago, and did a basic wash this morning with a sponge in anticipation of tonights brewing. I would like to assemble the LBK, fill it with water, and confirm no leaking before I actually add the wort. Should I sanitize the spigot parts before assembly before the test? I will sanitize the LBK with Star San after the test and before filling with wort.
  9. I brewed years ago, both extract and all grain. But I stopped brewing for a long while. Then a few years ago I picked up a Mr. Beer kit to give it a try. There were 2 MB batches that I really liked. One was the Dry Irish Stout and one was a doctored Diablo IPA, very doctored into a Black IPA. That was especially good! Anyway, I'm getting the urge to brew again and I have a two questions. I have 2 seasonal beer that I bought, an ESB and a Saison. The ESB best by date is 2016, the Saison is 2015. The dry yeasts, Nottingham and Belle Saison, have been in the fridge the whole time. Should I use a yeast nutrient when I brew these? For the ESB, I have some UK Kent Goldings that are still vacuum sealed and have been in the freezer. Should I add those at flame out? Thanks!
  10. I like the name Fuggles too. When the time comes that I get a dog I will name him/her Fuggles or Laika ( first dog in space ).
  11. I am going to brew a batch of the MB ESB this week. I have 1/2 oz. of Fuggles and East Kent Goldings pellets that have been vacuum sealed in my freezer. I was thinking of adding one of them to the ESB after the active fermentation calms down and leave it in there for a week or two. Good idea? I would think the EKG is more appropriate to the style but I wasn't sure.
  12. Thanks for the advice, I have PBW. I'm assuming if I smell sour after cleaning then I should dump the LBK. I have another one. I could also try a bleach soak after the PBW.
  13. The worst part is that when I brewed it, straight up MB from the can, I thought that the wort tasted excellent. I just poured some into a glass and tasted. It's sour. Hopefully in the next 6 months I'll clean the LBK and brew up a MB Saison that I have.