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  1. Dear Admins: Please change C-Ya's username to Fanboy...
  2. Dear Admins: Please change C-Ya's username to Fanboy...
  3. It's called flat wort...
  4. Yes, and no. Yes, for the cider. No, for the hard root beer. Different caps, and the root beer ruins the bottles.
  5. Looks like hoppy fell over on his keyboard and the keys are all mashed into his face. Again...
  6. Why would you have to sanitize a rolling pin that is rolling over the exterior of a plastic bag? As to sanitizing the inside of the bag, think about the process. You're cracking the grains in the bag, then putting them in water and soaking them. Then you're placing the result in a pot and boiling it. So, no, you don't have to sanitize the bag.
  7. FastFerment has been around a long time. You can read reviews online, and see the pros and cons of it. The 3 gallon model is new everywhere. Temp control is a key issue for any brewing, even if you want to brew warmer you still want to control the temps. Large temperature fluctuations are bad regardless.
  8. As Josh said, you want to move your external probe BELOW the liquid line.
  9. Guinness is carbonated by nitrogen, not CO2. While you could use a lower level of CO2, it wouldn't be the same smooth carbonation as a Guinness. A milk stout is made with lactose. A coffee stout requires adding coffee, using cold brewed, at bottling. You could mix up some lactose and water, boil it, cool it, and add it to each bottle, then add some cold brewed coffee to each bottle. How much of each? That's a good question... Have you had this as is? If not, that's what I would advise. As to carbonation, simply add less sugar.
  10. Searching prowess is not top of strength list for some...
  11. Wish my better half said similar...
  12. A couple of things. 1) Checking the air temp is a waste of time. 2) Checking the temp of an LBK full of water is a waste of time. Wort generates heat during fermentation, which is what you are trying to control. Water does not. 3) You want the wort temp to be mid 60s. That means during peak fermentation you will need more ice bottles than later in fermentation. How many, how big they are, how often they change is subject to your conditions. 4) After you bottle, you want 70 or higher. No need for a cooler unless you're worried about a bottle bomb or you cannot maintain 70 or higher. Even high 60s is fine, it will just take longer.
  13. @MRB Rick, I would like to report @MRB Tim for not completing fermentation...
  14. Why am I not surprised? #Don'tWantToKnowWhereOrWithWhom/What #HoppyAConflagurationOfDisease #AnimalOrHuman? #HoppfullyNotNecrophilia
  15. Wow! You went there? Mods, please consider banning kedogn due to "humor unbecoming a brewer".