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  1. RickBeer

    Krausen overflow advice needed

    Do NOT remove the lid. Dry hopping should be done at the end of week 2, fermentation is done way before then.
  2. Neither cold crashing nor propping caused the problem.
  3. RickBeer

    No evidence of fermentation?

    Problem is you pitched into wart, not wort.... 😉
  4. RickBeer

    Bottles Overflowing

    OP say he use the Mr. Beer sugar measurer...
  5. RickBeer

    First Batch OF Watermelon Wheat. Advise?

    The ONLY time you use them is at bottling. They are designed for batch priming, i.e. adding to the entire batch of beer, then bottling. Real fruit has SUGAR. That has to ferment out before bottling or the bottles will explode. Extracts have no sugar.
  6. RickBeer

    First Batch OF Watermelon Wheat. Advise?

    Well, how much to use is usually recommended in a recipe. Brewer's that don't recommend extracts probably haven't used them... A few years back, I made a Peanut Butter Stout using extract. It was great. I found that my homebrewing store sold LorAnn Oils. Many of the 5 gallon recipes had you add a dram (.125 oz) per 5 gallon batch. Note that this is specifically for this brand of extracts, others will be different. I did some thinking and wondered what the difference was between adding the bottle at bottling time and adding drops to a beer. I contacted LorAnn and they pointed out that they sell their products for baking usually and that they sell droppers specifically for measuring the flavor. I bought maybe 8 different flavors, and then brewed a fruit wheat beer but didn't add the fruit. We put 1-2- drops in the glass, then pour the beer. Viola! Raspberry Wheat, Strawberry Wheat, Blueberry Wheat, Peanut Butter Stout... Note - you cannot leave the dropper in the bottle long term, because the fumes will eat the rubber. And, over 2-3 years the flavor will dwindle (mine are probably due for replacement). Many questions asked have been discussed in the forum in years past. Type site:community.mrbeer.com SEARCH TERM in Google.
  7. RickBeer

    Metallic Grass like taste, need help

    http://howtobrew.com/book/section-1/priming-and-bottling/what-sugar-should-i-prime-with See last sentence on page: Simple sugars don't have this cosmetic problem and the small amount used for priming will not affect the flavor of the beer.
  8. RickBeer

    ATTN. MR BEER STAFF Australian Sparkling Ale

    Yup. https://web.archive.org/web/20160409204917/http://www.mrbeer.com:80/refills/seasonal-refills/australian-sparkling-ale
  9. RickBeer

    Metallic Grass like taste, need help

    I will bet that a true blind taste test would show you that you have no idea, since we there is no difference.
  10. RickBeer

    First Batch OF Watermelon Wheat. Advise?

    Make sure your watermelon isn't part of the recall - https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2018/06/09/cdc-precut-melon-recall-salmonella-five-midwestern-states/687631002/ My advice - follow the recipe.
  11. RickBeer

    First Batch OF Watermelon Wheat. Advise?

    Recipe calls for 2 cups. Watermelon is a subtle flavor, so make sure the melon you add the juice from is very sweet. https://www.mrbeer.com/watermelon-wheat
  12. RickBeer

    Metallic Grass like taste, need help

    I give up... A one week tasting? Really? Your beer needs to carbonate and CONDITION. One week in the bottle has not accomplished that. You're simply wasting beer. And there will be zero difference in carbonation levels between the proper amount of corn sugar vs. the proper amount of table sugar. Zero.
  13. That post is screwed up...
  14. As you can see, there are different strategies for different points in the fermentation cycle, as well as different strategies for different climates. By and large, wide temperature fluctuations should be avoid. Peak fermentation creates the most heat. Weeks 2 and 3 have much less. Practice with an LBK full of water when you have the chance. Maybe multiple bottles of REFRIGERATED water will work better in week 2 than a frozen bottle, which sends it too low and then it fluctuates more. If you use Zorak's method, make sure that the spigot is carefully sanitized before bottling (you should do that anyway).
  15. RickBeer

    Temperature Question??

    Cooler temps.