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  1. Thanks.
  2. Date is printed right on the can, Best Used or similar.
  3. Maybe, maybe not.
  4. I think you are a little confused with the Mr. Beer terminology. Part of the reason could be that you are using a dated kit possibly, or you are looking things up elsewhere than the Mr. Beer site. Standard Refill - used to be a 1.87lb can. Then it was a can and a bag of booster. Now it is a can and 2 smaller bags of booster that are the same size as one old bag of booster. Deluxe Refill - a 1.87lb can plus an 8.8 oz pouch of LME (liquid malt extract). Craft Refill - one of 5 possible cans of malt, 2.86lbs. No booster, no LME, because there is more malt extract in the can. Seasonal Refill - even bigger cans, for much better beer.
  5. Any update on this @MRB Tim or @MRB Josh B?
  6. 1) Do NOT remove the lid to look in. 2) You're not going to squeeze the LBK with a water bottle and cause a problem. 3) STOP LOOKING. 4) Wheat beer is supposed to be cloudy, not clear.
  7. I'd ask @MRB Josh B to look into this. Very annoying. Powered up my laptop this AM, and got the message.
  8. Started this weekend for me.
  9. New problem. Wake up, go to use forum, get this message: Sorry, there is a problem You do not have permission to view this stream Error code: 2C280/3 Same device that used it yesterday....
  10. Sugar, is sugar, is sugar. A carb drop is the same as table sugar, and a sugar cube is the same as table sugar. First thing to check is that the sugar cubes are the volume of sugar you think they are, second thing to check is that you really put them in the bottle. 70 or higher allow 4 weeks. 65 allow 6 weeks. 60 - 65 allow 8 or more weeks.
  11. Lactose would be added for a milk stout, not a Vanilla Porter. Supposed to be roasty, not sweet.
  12. Look at the first entry, or the bottle on the left
  13. I don'the know what a tsb is, but you should be using teaspoons, tsp, not tablespoons, tbl or tbsp. While adding a quarter teaspoon will not create a bottle bomb, it is not needed. In fact, if you look at the Mr. Beer priming chart, both sizes have 1 teaspoon recommended. Edit - love my phone's spell correction...
  14. There is no way that all caps have gone bad. I have one or two here and there over a year. 750ml bottle should be 2 tsp of sugar, which is what you say you are using. If 65, go 6 weeks. 75 is fine. You can pull bottles out of the fridge and condition more any time. I used to do that before I had a pipeline. I would put in bottles at 4 weeks, then 2 weeks later pull what was left and put in other bottles, and note in on the label. Just for fun, put 2 tsp of table sugar in one of the bottles and mark it and see if you note any difference - you should not.
  15. You've posted before about lack of fizz, temperatures, and questions on conditioning time. If you read through the forum, you will find that the only carb issues people mention seem to be with using Mr. Beer carbonation drops, never with sugar. However, it's rare regardless. All bottles get softer in the frig as the temp drops and the gas moves less, creating less pressure. Possible issues: - Inadequate time in bottle: after bottling, store beer for 4 weeks. - Temp too low: if it's not 70 or higher, it will take longer. For example, if 65, then figure 6 weeks. - Didn't put it in frig for 3 days: Make sure after the 4 weeks (or more), you put it in the frig for 3 days at least for the CO2 to be absorbed. - Inadequate sugar: If using Mr. Beer carb drops, put in the suggested amount. If using table sugar, put in anywhere from 75% - 100% of the Mr. Beer suggested amount. - Old caps on PET bottles: caps are good for 5 - 7 or 8 uses, then you may get some flat bottles. - Forgot to put sugar in: self-explanatory. - Poorly tightened caps on PET bottles: tighten sanitized cap, then after bottling take a towel to dry each off and at the same time ensure it's tight. Not crazy tight, just tight.