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  1. That is a mistake. No, the yeast likely won't be good after 4 years (see the manufacturing date code on them). If they were refrigerated, maybe. In a hot environment, no way. And, if the mouse nibbled on them... The cans underwent the maillard reaction and darkened considerably. And, in that process, some of the malt won't convert with yeast, so you'll end up with a dark, too sweet beer. But, suit yourself.
  2. Well, maybe, but I'm just a cheap son-of-a-b&#ch. I lost one, and got the "go buy a new wand". No way, went to HD or Lowe's and found them, then the other and found them too, and published the info here. Of course, since that time I haven't lost any more. I should offer them for sale for $2 with free shipping and profit greatly...
  3. To say you would not be the first person to do that would be a big lie. I haven't, but others have posted that.
  4. Don't waste your money on a new wand, find my post with the part number from Lowe's / Home Depot for a entire box of those little black washers...
  5. Read the date on the cans. They are 2012 or earlier. THROW THEM AWAY. Tell your buddy that if he got it this past Christmas, he has been REGIFTED...
  6. What's up, Chuck? Welcome! Reading is good!
  7. Sure. But prior to that, taking a quart or a 1/5 quarts of dark wort and adding that to a gallon of water, plus close to another gallon of top off water, causes severe lightening of the color.
  8. Because you poured it into a gallon of water?
  9. You got 3.57%. If you emptied the can completely, and emptied the LME pack completely, then there are several reasons why you didn't hit 4.0 - 4.1%. I always swish water around in the can to get every last bit (the hot wort water is fine). I don't use LME packs, but you need to squeeze out every drop. 1) You read OG wrong. 2) You read FG wrong. 3) You did improper temperature adjustments (normal adjustments are usually insignificant because you're so close to the calibration temperature. 4) You are reading the hydrometer wrong (see below). 5) Fermentation was not complete. Unlikely because you would have had bottle bombs or bulging bottles. 6) The yeast did not attenuate as much as expected, and then did not do more in the bottle (unlikely, because the sugar would have kicked it into gear).
  10. 3.1% for the refill can plus 8.8 oz of LME = 4.0 or 4.1%.
  11. 3.1% for a base refill.
  12. You don't want to raise the LBKs temps...
  13. Don't use a dirty, smelly sneaker, otherwise you should be fine.
  14. If it's mid 60s, then plan on 50% more time. If it's much lower, warm it up.