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  1. RickBeer

    Very Disappointed in Mr. Beer

    Very graceful fall on the sword, @MRB Tim. 😁 You did forgot to say "mea culpa" though... I'd echo that Mr. Beer Customer Service is superb. I'd vouch that you'd find few companies not only trying to help, but then apologizing that their efforts didn't meet your expectations.
  2. RickBeer

    Caps Not Sealing

    I try to bring my thinking and actions down to a lower level, so that they can be understood by all mankind, whether Spartans or Golden Gophers...
  3. RickBeer

    Timeline chart explanation

    Never seen that chart before. However, the answer is the same. Carbonating and conditioning takes place in the bottle. Both happen at the same time, but carbonation finishes before conditioning. You want to go 4 weeks for most brews, some take longer. Best to put ONE bottle in the fridge at 4 weeks, wait 3 days for the CO2 to absorb back into the beer, and then try it. If you like it, refrigerate just the amount that you will drink 3 days later, leaving the rest to further condition. Ideally, you ferment with wort temps at 65 (nearly all Mr. Beer refills), and then bottles are stored at 70 or a bit higher.
  4. RickBeer

    Caps Not Sealing

    There should be no need to squeeze any bottle, since following proper procedures should result in no carbonation issues. I use mostly glass bottles, and each one fails the squeeze test.
  5. RickBeer

    Caps Not Sealing

    No, it's not ok. You should sanitize bottles and caps right before bottling.
  6. RickBeer

    Bottling wand

    You should practice with an LBK full of water to determine the proper use. Practicing with beer results in lost beer, which is a crime under article 6. More than one infraction will result in your removal from this forum.
  7. RickBeer

    Caps Not Sealing

    This has been posted before. Reasons for this include: 1) Cap was never put on tight. When cap is wet with sanitizer, as it should be, you need to dry it and then tighten a bit more. 2) Cap was used too many times - some find that 6 or 8 times is enough. Some use them even more times. 3) Cap was put on improperly - If you put a cap on new, and the ring breaks off and stays on the bottle (as it should), and then you put another new cap on with ring attached, you won't seat it properly. You'll need to break off the first ring from the bottle before using a new cap. 4) You need to go work out with Hans and Franz. Put on a new cap and perhaps it may carbonate.
  8. RickBeer

    Risk vs Reward

    I put it there because most people overpay for TurboTax (and also buy more than the Deluxe download/CD version that they need). I figured I'd leave it there for a month or two, then take it out. If Mr. Beer had an issue I would remove it. As to how much I make? If you buy TurboTax I get $1.60. You pay the exact same as you would if I didn't get $1.60. I have zero visibility to who buys (it's Amazon, buying from them), where the sale comes from (this link, other links I have elsewhere on the internet), etc.
  9. RickBeer

    Risk vs Reward

  10. RickBeer

    Risk vs Reward

    10 minutes? Are you kidding? LOL. Good process!
  11. RickBeer

    Risk vs Reward

    You should do some reading on adding hops during brewing and what each addition adds. Dry hopping adds AROMA. Of course, we taste with our senses - eyes, nose, mouth. So what you smell does affect taste, but the most impact of dry hopping is aroma. You smell the hops in the beer. Done properly, there is no risk in dry hopping. You sanitize the hop bag (boiling water), you put it on a sanitized plate, you fill it with hops, you tie it shut (either knotting the bag or tying with sanitized string), and you gently drop it in (lid open for seconds) with sanitized tongs or clean hands.
  12. RickBeer

    First batch

    You're a new brewer. Follow 3-4. 3 weeks fermenting, ideally 65 degree wort temp. 4 weeks in bottles carbonating and conditioning at 70 or higher. Then put only what you're ready to drink in 3 days in the fridge for 3 days, leaving the rest at 70 or above.
  13. Boy, that's just so wrong. Anyone with a brain knows that O_io isn't a good area... GO BLUE!
  14. RickBeer

    Smores Recipe

    I suggest you read the recipe to understand where they are getting the chocolate and marshmallow flavors from. Chocolate with fat cannot be used, and you the marshmallow flavoring is from vodka.
  15. RickBeer

    American larger kit came with 2 cans HME

    It's not the money, that's not why I do it. It's the throne, as well as the honorary title that Mr. Beer gave me, Grand Poobah. There is nothing like walking down the street and having some young person run up to you and say "are you really the Grand Poobah?". I usually respond "yes young man, yes I am." Then I go home and sit on the throne (no, not that throne, the other one). I'd recommend in future posts that the OP keep related questions together.