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  1. OMG! Don't give it away!
  2. And by disassemble, not just remove, but separate the spigot into separate pieces (the Mr. Beer spigot that swings right to left comes apart into two pieces. Clean throughly, then before brewing sanitize the pieces, then assemble, then install. I would have asked about sanitizing the hose, but you stated you don't always transfer to secondary and still have the issue. For those with bottling wands, disassemble tip, remove washer and wash all pieces, then reassemble.
  3. And don't forget raising the cost of each batch by around $4... Each yeast is different, but there is no reason to swap out the Mr. Beer yeast, especially for US-05 which is very neutral.
  4. I would remove the transfer to secondary as there is zero reason to do so, and you're possibly aerating the wort.
  5. Nope. In the boil.
  6. You might want to do your own research, vs. relying on one person's opinion. That statement - all grain doesn't require as much time as all extract - is poppycock IMHO. While many professional brewers don't go 21 days, they also do many things that you may not do such as filtering the beer.
  7. A 20+ year brewer swears by a pinch of cinnamon in all his batches to prevent oxidation. #OldBrewerTale? Charlie Papazian also does it.
  8. For brewing a Mr. Beer batch? Zero. I've been brewing for 6 years and never have done that. If you pitch healthy yeast in the proper amount, you never have to provide it with extra food.
  9. I don't take frequent samples. Nor do I take 2 samples, 48 hours apart, to see if it's done. I wait at least 18 days, sometimes 19, and take a reading. If it matches my expected FG, I cold crash. If it's too high, I evaluate letting it go another 48 hours.
  10. I don't know where you are figuring the timing, but 9 days is not enough time for the yeast to clean up.
  11. Make sure gasket round side is facing in, flat side out. Do not overtighten. Snug, then quarter turn. If it still leaks, either have to file/sand or get Customer Service to replace.
  12. A bit high. But probably done.
  13. The issue is not that they need a different bell size, it's that some non-US beers have a different size cap, which requires both that cap size and a different size bell. European caps are 29mm, while US are 26mm.