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  1. RickBeer

    Root Beer Smell

    That's why you're not supposed to make the root beer in the LBK, or bottle in the PET bottles. There is no way to get rid of the smell, and yes, it will impact the flavor of your beer.
  2. RickBeer

    Muntons vs MRB?

    Better take steps to protect that leftover HME. As discussed often on the site, cover it with a layer of vodka, and then plastic wrap, and refrigerate.
  3. RickBeer

    First taste

    You said "after crash" above. That's 37 degrees, and that will throw off your reading. Unless you're warming it up after crashing, which you should NOT be doing. Make sure you sanitize that spigot before bottling...
  4. RickBeer

    Extra time

    The correct ratio for a gallon is 1.2 teaspoons. Because it's impossible to measure 1.2 teaspoons, instead of putting in 25% more, I put 1 teaspoon in 0.8 gallons, because I can measure that.
  5. RickBeer

    18-Day Fermentation?

    When I read your post, I thought you said you wanted to be done at 15 days. In re-reading it, you said you were letting it sit from day 15 to 18, then wanted to bottle. That's fine, in fact, that's what I do.
  6. RickBeer

    Toasted Coconut Porter

    1) A rolling pin is the correct method. 2) Yes, the coconut bag must be sanitized before adding the coconut. Put it in a pot of boiling water for 5 minutes. Let it cool, remove with sanitized tongs and put on sanitized plate. Put in toasted coconut, tie with sanitized string, gently place into fermenter. 3) No. 4) 4 weeks, put ONE bottle in the frig for 3 days, then taste it. If it's good, put more in. If it needs more time, give them more time.
  7. RickBeer

    18-Day Fermentation?

    Because the yeast need to cleanup, which they don't do when they are dormant. This results in no change in OG, but it does impact taste. Of course Brix is read with a refractometer, which has its own issues once alcohol has been produced.
  8. RickBeer

    Fermentation results!

    Your local brewing pals have no idea what they are talking about regarding booster. Booster is added before fermentation. No matter how much you add, or if you added table sugar, as long as you ferment completely it has zero impact on your bottles. That's the whole process of fermentation, the sugar is eaten... If you're putting in 1/2 to 3/4 tsp per 12 oz bottle, that should be fine. If you're using more than that, you could be overcarbonating. Reasons for a shower: 1) Fermentation is not done. Didn't go 21 days, or didn't check to ensure final gravity was where it should have been. Possible cause, fermenting too cold. 2) Infection.
  9. RickBeer

    DME to All grain conversion

    There is no guessing. You use a conversion table/website to convert from an extract recipe to an all grain recipe. Your "best guess" was obviously based upon you doing some research... If you don't know what the term "base malt" means, you probably aren't ready to do all grain brewing, because if you created a recipe that did not include base malts, you wouldn't have adequate conversion to make your beer. A base malt is a malt that has the ability, through it's diastatic power, to convert starch to sugars. Base malts include 2-row, 6-row, pale ale malt, Maris Otter, Pislner malt, Munich, wheat malt, rye malt.
  10. RickBeer

    First taste

    See temperature affects your readings, unless your refractometer has an automatic temperature adjustment feature, your calculations are off, especially if you're doing the FG reading after cold crashing.
  11. RickBeer

    First taste

    I'm curious, what did you brew that has 7.1% ABV? Adding .225 pounds of sugar (which is too much IMO), will raise ABV 0.3 to 0.5. So a 6.9% batch could become 7.3%. More likely, one would want 2.5 volumes of CO2, and add a hair over 1/2 of that. ABV would go up to 7.1 from 6.9%. Let's look at some other things. OG 1.060 FG 1.015 ABV = 5.9% Let's say between when you read it and when you bottled it, it dropped to 1.014. ABV is now 6.0. Or, you read it at 70 degrees for 1.060 and forgot to adjust to your hydrometer's calibration of 60 degrees, so that reading of 1.060 is really 1.061. Of course that 1.060 might actually be 1.0596, and that 1.015 might actually be 1.0154... Not to mention that your measuring of sugar going into the bottle isn't accurate within some tolerance. Oh, and how do you adjust that Raspberry Wheat, when you added 2 cans of raspberries after fermentation begins and then read the final gravity after it ends?
  12. RickBeer

    Adding flavors

    You're looking at this all wrong. Figure out what she likes. Make her a whole batch. "Honey, I made this JUST FOR YOU". Then make a crapload of other beers that she hates. "But honey, you have YOUR BEER, which is MUCH BETTER than these beers." Of the dozen or so beers I make, my wife likes 4 or 5 of them. More for me!
  13. RickBeer

    Adding flavors

    Bud Light is not beer... Seriously, you can't brew a commercial beer with Mr. Beer refills, and you can't brew a lager like Bud Light, which has a lot of adjuncts in it. Not to mention that Bud Light is regular Bud with water added (true). The best way to add lime to a beer is to put some lime juice in the glass, or squeeze a lime in it. Maybe as you progress in this hobby your wife will see that craft beer and Bud Light aren't remotely the same.
  14. RickBeer

    First taste

    No, because there is no measurable change. If you do the math, you'll see that the minute amount of sugar added to the bottle barely impacts ABV. Maybe it goes from 5.3 to 5.36. So what? I'd say it's not 5.3 anyway because of user-error in reading the hydrometer.
  15. RickBeer

    First taste

    Yes, until all sugars are eaten, but that's done in a few weeks. So you won't find that a beer you stored for 4 weeks has lower carbonation than a beer you stored for 12 weeks.
  16. RickBeer

    Pet bottles problem

    If you get new caps (I go 6 or more times), make sure you remove the old plastic ring from the bottle (snip it off) before putting on new caps, which have a new ring, which then breaks off and stays on the bottle. Stacking two rings will ensure flat bottles.
  17. RickBeer

    Pet bottles problem

    Don't confuse carbonation with the amount of head. A beer can be very carbonated, and produce little to no head. If you want more head on a Mr. Beer recipe, steep some carpils/carafoam or add wheat LME/DME.
  18. RickBeer

    Paint Strainer Bag

    Yes, that mesh strainer is the mesh strainer I was referring to, vs. the other type of mesh strainer... 😁 Remember to sanitize it first.
  19. RickBeer

    Pet bottles problem

    When placed in the frig, the bottles SHOULD get softer as the molecules slow down. But they should not get very soft. It's important to keep beer in the frig for 3 days or longer before opening. When in the frig, the CO2 is being absorbed back into the beer. If you don't wait 3 days or more, then you will lose some of that CO2 when you open the bottle.
  20. RickBeer

    Paint Strainer Bag

    I use that bag for my BIAB, but use normal mesh strainer to filter out hop sludge.
  21. RickBeer

    First taste

    Carbonating in bottles is the same process as fermenting. Yeast eats sugar (carb drops in your case), produce trub (dead yeast). Every bottle carbed beer has trub. After refrigerating at least 3 days, gentle pour the first half of the bottle down the side of the glass, then the second half should be poured directly into the center. STOP pouring when the trub starts flowing, you'll see the stream of beer get cloudy. You'll leave a small amount in the bottle. Rinse bottle a few times, then fill with water and let still on the counter while you enjoy your beer.
  22. RickBeer

    New brew kettle

    Barkeeper's Friend is a cleaning product. StarSan is a sanitizing product.
  23. RickBeer

    Concentrated Wort

    I posted my way before, how I did 5 gallon batches. 5 gallon pot ($16.99) at Adventures in Homebrewing. 5 gallon extract batches, which produce roughly 2.5 - 3 gallons of wort 1 gallon of cold water in each LBK Cool wort to mid 90s. Using a sanitized 1 quart measuring cup and a 2 cup measuring cup, scoop wort and pour through sanitized strainer into 1 quart cup. Pour 1 quart cup into LBK 1. Repeat quart by quart, into each LBK, then top off with water.
  24. RickBeer

    Can you cold crash for too long?

    Easy solution - get a new wife. 🤣
  25. RickBeer

    Can you cold crash for too long?

    Yes, it is. Your beer is sitting on dead yeast. While cold crashing puts the live yeast to sleep, the beer is still sitting on the dead yeast. You want to minimize the amount of time it's doing that. Can't give you an exact answer, but in general you don't want fermentation, including cold crashing, to go more than 4 - 5 weeks.