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  1. Zorak - sorry about the pneumonia. Like you, I would choose the US-05 for a nice clean finish to the beer, and it would be perfect for a light brew with citra hops.
  2. My choice would be any hop with a hit of citrus to it, not too high in bitterness. 5 minute boil as suggested by wvu1989 is very short. I would go longer, perhaps 15-20 depending upon the alpha of the hops and how much you want out of it.
  3. A covered pot will stay sterile for quite a while after boiling, a couple of hours easily. That is plenty of time for the wort to cool.
  4. Simple solution - renovate your kitchen to suit brewing beer. Tear out that old sink for a wort cooler, trash the stove for an industrial one, dump the fridge for a walk-in to keep several 5 gallon pails. Oh- run it by your wife first.
  5. With enough ice cold water in the keg already, my guess is that the wort can be fairly hot. However, I would not recommend this. I cool the wort to about 75 deg F, then pour it into the keg which has about a gallon of cool water. Temps usually equalize to mid 60's.
  6. Don't listen to these guys - the hop aroma has gone to their heads -thus the term "Hop Head"
  7. Just my opinion, but don't get carried away with adding too much to the established recipe. Simple makes a good beer.
  8. Some beers just take off, others may start slowly. Lots of factors such as yeast count, age of the yeast, strain, yeast starter, temperature, original gravity, water chemistry and probably many that I cannot think of.
  9. Rickbeer usually advocates adding more malt, not just booster.
  10. The Nut brown is very good, and it looks as if you nailed it. I let mine sit a couple of months in the bottle, and the head was very creamy and the flavors melded together into an excellent beer.
  11. Booster is a cheap way to add alcohol. The deluxe refill with extra LME is the way to go, and as Rickbeer pointed out, expect around 4% alcohol. You could add even more malt, but hen you would probably want a hop addition as well, to keep it balanced.
  12. Check the website, they advertise 5% with two booster packs, but 3.57% for the standard refill is about right HOWEVER, 16 days at mid 60's is probably not enough time for complete fermentation. The temperature is perfect, but three weeks is better than 16 days. Even if your hydrometer readings determine fermentation is complete, the extra week cleans things up and ensures the yeast are done. Also, if you want more alcohol try adding more malt, not booster. More malt has many benefits, including more taste and body.
  13. Good for you - on all accounts, the successful beer, surgery and quitting smoking. I like my beers more malty, and condition usually longer than a month, and this contributes to better head retention. Perhaps others can confirm the following: It's been my observation (anecdotal evidence only) that slightly cooler fermentation gives a beer more subtle flavors, better body and head too.
  14. Gophers6 - seems that you have been wearing that same red cap for a while now !
  15. I break the ring off the new cap- really not a big deal any way you choose to remove the ring. Lately, I've been using 12 oz glass bottles, so back to the original post question -For 12 oz bottles I use 1/2 tea spoon of sugar. 3/4 teaspoon is a bit too "fizzy" for my personal taste.