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  1. Jdub - The MB yeast are just fine, unless you have a recipe brew that requires a special yeast. Tim or Josh can probably fill you in on more specific details, but I find that the MB yeast attenuate the sugars fairly well and flock well too. I don't cold crash and my beers are clear: After a couple of months in the bottle, everything settles. When I pour my beers I leave a little in the bottle at the end and pour slowly.
  2. One reason that I always leave the spigot in place and don't remove it is the fear of a leaking gasket. I just clean and sanitize the LBK before and after brewing. Probably some will disagree, but no infections (yet).
  3. Just remember the time spent cold crashing does NOT count as time fermenting
  4. Lots of old threads on this. Perhaps RickBeer can provide the links (Thanks in advance to Rick)
  5. No harm in letting it go 21 days. You're probably correct, it is done, but sometimes the yeast surprise you.
  6. I experimented using spring water and tap water for the same recipe. No difference. As for distilled water - probably no significant difference either. The water used in making the extract will most likely have the correct mineral content, pH and so on to support good yeast growth. Unless your tap water tastes bad (sulfur, chlorine, petrochemicals) it is fine to use.
  7. DME

    To the smaller regular refills I like to add one package of LME. It kicks it up just enough, and add that extra flavor and body.
  8. If you liked it - go for it. Just minimize exposure once you open the keg, and use a sterile spoon to transfer the chocolate and coconut pieces.
  9. Sounds Yummy!! Some of my brews have been very good after 6 months and even a year.
  10. Perhaps someone from MB could tell us. Enjoy!
  11. That is great attenuation. Which yeast?
  12. Let it go. I've let brews ferment 4 weeks. No harm.
  13. Not right. Porters can have a chocolate or coffee undertone, but I don't see coconut as a flavoring. Perhaps it's me, and it is your beer to do as you please. I think the MB recipe is good without the coconut. To get to your question, yes, add it to a clean muslin sac a week or so in. Minimize the time the LBK is open, Hold the lid in one hand, do not place it on a surface, and slip in the sac.
  14. Regular PET brown bottles are fine. I rinse them after the beer is done, shake with a few drops of dish washing liquid, rinse and repeat. As Rickbeer said, sanitize before filing. BTW - let them dry and store without the caps on (unless you like mold).