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    good job Mr Beer! thanks for making this place feel like 'home' again.
  1. wooden shoes fall into the category of 'adjuncts'. treat them like steeping grains. never make wooden shoes more than about 15-20% of your grain bill. the problem with most ag recipes that use wooden shoes as an adjunct is that they fail often to tell the brewer to weigh them down in the wort in order to improve extraction efficiency. be very careful not to use wooden shoes that were made of weather-sealed wood or you might leech arsenic into your wort. ideally you want to use unfinished shoes made from either pine or oak. . . and always use only fresh wooden shoes if you can help it.
  2. DME

    lightly dried malt extract? lousy dry malt extract? legion (of) demented meatball eaters?
  3. extract brewing doesnt care about water chemistry so much. distilled water should be fine for extracts.
  4. if you boil fruit or fruit peels dont you run the risk of pectin getting into your wort? if youre really into clear beers you could get pectin haze. i'm with josh. skip the boil . just sanitize and steep in vodka. add the lot to the lbk.
  5. more suggestions- after flame out if you started with a bigger pot than you needed, you could add your cold water to the pot to cool the wort BEFORE transfer to the lbk. this way if you get some splash back on your hands youre not going to damage yourself. you then just top off the water volume in the lbk with more cold water to make up the volume. also-pay attention- this is important: boiling DME will go from 0 to 60 when you least expect it. give yourself plenty of headspace in the pot. if not , you could have a boil over onto the stove. boiled dme is a ****** to clean up. you can keep a sanitized spray bottle of mineral water near you. if the foam from the boil gets a little too aggressive you can spritz the top of the wort to slightly cool it and settle it down. i would still use a bigger pot than needed to allow headspace. another warning on dme: the dust will fly EVERYWHERE. the moment it gets humid or wet you get a sticky mess. pour slowly. the steam rising from your pot will cause some clumping on your dme bag. when done pouring then you can pick it off to add to the pot. my first dme experience , the dust went flying everywhere coz i poured too fast. not fun. one last suggestion... i always found using mr beer's lme pouches more convenient than dme. match the lme to the style you are making. you wouldnt likely want to add robust to a light colored beer. you can easily add 2 lme pouches to do a hop boil. each adds about 1 point i think to alcohol content... been awhile.
  6. youre talking about doing a hop boil to augment a mr beer kit? what i did was : take a half gallon of water in a pot. bring it to about 170-180f. remove pot from burner. take your dme... a pound maybe? pour it in. stir until well mixed in. you should not be seeing gobs bobbing around. put pot back on burner and slowly bring to a low boil. toss your hop pellets in .. no hop sack. now ask yourself why are you doing this? adding bitter? adding aroma or flavor? for bittering increase you could boil for about 20 mins. to 40 mins. a low boil wont cause that drastic of evaporation. for flavor or aroma addition you can boil for 8-15 mins. remove pot from burner, turn stove off. let the dme cool down just a little so it isnt at boiling anymore, then stir in your hme. mix well. put your ice cold water in the lbk. put a sanitized strainer over the mouth of the lbk and ladle your wort into the lbk. or... if you have a steady hand and can safely do a slow careful pour to transfer .... that would be quicker. my hands shake like mad so i use a ladle. i would highly advise against pouring. hot wort makes really bad burns on skin if spilled. the strainer will sift out most of the hop goop. anything that gets into the lbk will eventually settle out into the trub. now top off the water level with more cold water to where mr beer says your volume should be. tada. unless using gobs of dme in a boil with a large volume of water , i never worried about reaching hot break. i did low / slow boils. i didnt boil for an hour. why would i? if i am doing THAT much work i may as well just make a 5 gallon recipe from scratch and skip mr beer kits. dont over complicate things. dont worry about evaporation. you will be topping off your water volume. dont worry about hot break getting into the lbk in a small batch like 2 gallons. you wont have that much usually and yeast will eat it to a degree. just suggestions... the experts can correct where necessary... i'm too tired mentally to worry about 100% accuracy... how many kits have you got done? you sound like you are jumping into the deep end way too fast. take your time to develop base skills before going big or more complicated... but if you feel ready... (shrug).
  7. or marry someone who isnt so high maintenance. ;P my wife has no issue with my brewing. i could occupy an enire drawer in the fridge with beer stuff. i can take up a closet with buckets. her only complaint is i tend to be a control freak and wont let her help when i brew, other than doing the washing up and helping set up. i can pretty much do whatever i want as long as the paycheck keeps coming in, and i dont end up in the hospital.
  8. i put the paper towel around it to insulate from the extreme cold in my fridge. we have a silly fridge that thinks it is a freezer and keeps things at 35f. the insulation is overkill but like i said before, i treat yeast that makes beer for me as nice as i can.
  9. i kept mine in the fridge in a tupperware. i loosely wrapped the packs in paper towel, stuck in container... and they kept for nearly a year without any noticeable loss in viability. freezer might damage yeast cells. remember too that as long as you store them in a cool environment that the expiration date on them is really more like a 'best by' date. i had 2 packs of us04 that had expired 6 months prior to my using. they were kept in the fridge. i made the mistake of thinking they were old and thus had less viable cells... so i pitched both into one batch of beer. omg... they nearly blew the lid off the fermenter multiple times. from a worker at fermentis who posted elsewhere... Thank you for contacting Fermentis. Our yeast can be frozen, under the conditions that the sachet has not been open. Freezing the yeast will not prolong the storage and is actually slightly worse than refrigeration temperatures. The best case is to keep the yeast (sealed) in a temperature range between 36-42F. Keeping the yeast in a freezer will not kill the yeast, however can cause damage to the cells as the yeast still have ~2% moisture. Please let me know if there is anything else that I can help you with. Thank you, Kevin Lane, Technical Sales Manager.”
  10. pick oranges without blemishes or signs of bugs. lightly scrub with unscented dish soap and water, and a clean scrubby. LIGHTLY scrub. rinse. peel your zest onto a clean plate. as mentioned dont get the white pith unless you like extremely bitter flavor. put zest into sanitized hop sack . to help sack stay submerged, put a sanitized shot glass in the sack too. tie the end closed. gently lower into your fermenting beer. ideally add zest after the vigorous fermentation is done (after a couple days), otherwise the fermentation will carry away aromatics.
  11. pbr isnt bad either for a corn adjunct beer (cheapo)... but also has no hop presence, and a slightly more corny twang than rolling rock.
  12. there's a holdup in the bronx, brooklyn's broken out in fights! theres a traffic jam in harlem thats backed up to jackson heights!.....
  13. rolling rock in a can is my go to cheap beer for in between brewing and having no pipeline. it is clean, refreshing cold, has only a slight corn adjunct taste... my only complaint is it lacks any kind of hop flavor. for $10 for 18 cans I cant complain though.
  14. ok now your going to ron sweed... scratch glass, turn blue, climb walls...do anything you want but dont get caught.
  15. anyone from motown or canada remember Oopsie the Clown? or Mr. Dressup? (setting the wayback machine for simpler , happier times..... ) (walks off singing 'i'm a bear called Jeremy... i can walk and i can sing....') <- another obscure CBC ontario kids tv reference from wayback...