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    good job Mr Beer! thanks for making this place feel like 'home' again.
  1. Ewan.. remember your first dozen beers will be learning experiences. this is the part where you make mistakes, see how doing things influences the final product and learn what to do to make the beer better. don't expect great beer on your first few kits. almost every mistake you can make has been done by someone else here. if your final product tastes like green apples because it was too hot, drink it anyway. you can add stuff to your glass to cover it up like a shot of booze or maybe some powdered orange drink. the ONLY beer I would dump would be one that had an ecoli infection.. .which is very rare if you are even remotely careful about hygiene and sanitation. a lacto infection can be covered up with juice or something to mask the tart.. or consume it as a tart or sour beer. an acetobacter infected beer can be turned into vinegar and used in cooking. ...and remember, not everything you see is an infection.
  2. Ah but does it slice? can it dice? does it make mounds and mounds of julienne fries? if I act now will there be more? much much more?
  3. well, if I drilled holes in the copper pipe of the chiller I could turn it into a nifty lawn sprinkler.
  4. always sound advice to spend time on a hobby learning before investing lots of money in it. I went almost 3 years before going all grain, and buying a propane burner. until then most of my investments were buckets, lids, a wort chiller... nothing uber technical or expensive. everything I got with the exception of the immersion chiller had other uses if I walked away from the hobby.
  5. yep, you never boil hopped malt extract. doing so drives off all the hoppy goodness mr beer put into it. a really cheap way to keep the wort cool while fermenting is to use a cooler and 1 liter bottles of ice... and a thermometer. a 48 qt cooler with 1 liter of ice should keep the lbk at about 65-68f for maybe 12 hours. then you swap out the ice bottle with a new one. if you keep opening the cooler you will lose your chill quicker. get a cheap aquarium thermometer or one that is wireless ... put the lead or the transmitter in the cooler and seal it with the ice bottle . watch how time impacts temperature. if your ambient temperature is 72f, fermentation raises the temp inside 5-10f or more so your wort will be too hot. fermenting hot usually produces apple cider or green apple flavors in ale yeast. if you fermented in a food grade bucket I would tell you to do a 'swamp cooler'. put a bucket in a plastic laundry hamper full of water up to the level of the wort. have a fan blow on the water... or drop an ice bottle into the hamper. cover lightly with a towel to trap cool air. cheap. effective? to a degree. don't do this with a lbk. you can be as frugal as you want with brewing.
  6. some yeast link up hands and form rafts that float on the surface. there is a marked difference between a pellicle and yeast rafts. floating yeast do not mean your beer is infected. when krausen drops it can sometimes leave behind bits of dregs and foam. that's not infection either. why would anyone squeeze a lbk?
  7. brewing isnt for everyone. it IS a lot of work. it takes dedication and not everyone is willing to do that when they can go to the store and buy beer, even if it is swill. i can go on for hours talking to people about making beer but dont have anyone who shares my interest... so i pretty much just become a bore. i regret not learning the craft in my youth when i actually had friends that i could brew for. ive become incredibly introverted and agoraphobic in my old years. thats ok. i have my beer.
  8. old ? not necessarily. old that has been repeatedly over-torqued? possibly. the entire top of the cap blew half off from the screw bit and shot beer everywhere. the other blow outs were stress fractures I guess where the bottom forms star shaped ridges . I use carbonated water bottles for the beer so they are made to handle co2 pressure. perhaps I overcarbed. when the bottom blew the bottles shot up into the air , spraying stout on ceiling...floor... walls... what a mess.
  9. ive started replacing them after about 3-5 yrs of service. I had 1 blow out that occurred in the cap. I usually tighten the hell out of them when I bottle so maybe that stresses the caps. to date 2 bottom blow outs, 1 top. I started carbing in a cooler with the lid down. cleaning up after a stout bottle rocket is a pain. this way I can still drink the beer... if I remember to sanitize the cooler inside first. yes... I have a drinking problem. I refuse to waste good alcohol. I also refuse to waste bad alcohol or mediocre alcohol.
  10. scotch ales or dubbels benefit from it. totally unnecessary but adds to the flavor quality.
  11. ive done a pseudo decoction where you draw off some of the mash and bring it to a boil to carmelize it a bit. ive done one where I took a lb of dme in I think 2 liters of water and boiled it down to less than half its volume before adding it to a 90 min boil. this will be a single decoction mash. will bring mash up to about 125f , draw off about 6 cups of gruel .. heat to 150f... rest it for 12-20 mins.. then raise to boiling for about 20 minutes. stirring like mad the whole time of course. then add back to mash tun til mash hits 152f. cover and lower remaining decoction to 150ish before stirring into mash tun. lot of extra work... but then again I love overcomplicating things. looking to hit all those extra notes you get in a trappist ale from decocting.
  12. if i could get a weekend without thunderstorms... and get out to go shopping... I have a chimay dubbel clone recipe with a decoction mash, and a Belgian quad recipe that I am itching to try.
  13. my first mead.. made with cheap honey, lots of fruit, bread yeast... open pot.. no temp control in florida. came out like rocket fuel. hot, full of fusels, full of co2 and even though low on the abv, made me seriously high due to tons of co2 and later seriously hung over with massive head aches. 6% tasting like 12% is something I can relate to.
  14. hot and harsh = fusel alcohols made by stressed yeast. over pitch.. underpitch... no aeration, too hot... perhaps you overpitched and the 'mineral' taste is actually yeasty taste?
  15. I drink mine room temp but as mentioned above the extra week bleeds out some co2. I still sometimes get gushers if I'm not careful while opening because I refuse to chill my beer. this means I get some yeast up in solution but I'm fine with it. worst case I get some extra gas... and ingest vitamin b saturated yeast. I don't like the way chilling changes the beer flavor profile for me.