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    good job Mr Beer! thanks for making this place feel like 'home' again.
  1. racking a mister beer kit into a secondary just adds another chance to ruin your beer. aeration...bugs.... bacteria.... too much head space... oxygenation.. it isn't worth it. cold crash.
  2. in 4+ years of brewing I have only racked one beer to secondary... a Russian imperial stout. I only did this because I was doing a prolonged rest.. one month on the yeast, I think nearly 2 months in secondary. on bottling I added a few grains of yeast to each bottle. imo secondary fermentation for anything without high abv or fruit additions is a waste of time. I would never reject a beer simply because it had a little haze or yeast in it.
  3. research brewing with Brett C. never done it but Mashani , who used to be a member here , loves making sours. most of what he ended up with came out sours because of a rogue infestation of Brett C. in his air ducts. be advised that you will have to likely use a lbk exclusively for this type of brewing because the yeast gets into things and will turn everything you make into a sour. also be advised that brett c is a SLOW fermenter. care must be taken to ensure it is done or you can get bottle bombs. I think. i'll send you a pm with the site he can be found at usually . I don't think he would mind if you asked where you could look for education on this.. he's a good guy and will likely not mind at all. https://www.beercraftr.com/beer-yeast-list/lambic-sour-ale/ lists yeasts that make sours.
  4. I whip up 2.5 gallons in a 5 gallon bucket. to reduce mold growth on lid I saran wrap the top of bucket before I put lid on. you might still get some blackish stuff near the lip of the bucket from condensation but it is easily nuked with star san on a paper towel. the saran wrap or cling wrap will help keep mold growth from the lid ... and under the gasket. like others I also keep a spray bottle of star san and water for spot sanitizing things like spoons on the fly. I spot check the ph with testing papers.. while not entirely accurate anything below 3-4 and I still use it. of it is nearing 4 I might add a dribble of starsan. I can keep a batch for months without losing effectiveness. I like the star san bottles because they have the convenience of a built in measure. uncap one side, squeeze solution up to the line... done.
  5. you mentioned dme so I thought you would be doing a boil. I add the Valencia orange , saaz and grains of paradise in the last 8 mins of the boil.
  6. I'm trying to support my lhbs. at one time they mainly catered to wine makers.. but the dude that runs the place is expanding his available stock for beer. nice guy too.
  7. saaz for about 8 minutes would be nice too. you could also toss in some Valencia orange peel and grains of paradise then too.
  8. green olives?? apples maybe but olives? lol. I concur. take them out and put them in a warmish spot like 70f and leave them set for a couple more weeks. watch your fermentation temperatures next time. olives???
  9. woohoo! good job!
  10. just wondering now if more time equals better extraction with cold steeping?
  11. i read somewhere that when cold steeping you generally need twice the grains... and use 2 qts cold water per pound of grain. q1: if I'm cold steeping for 24 hrs is more grain really necessary? q2: what if I'm steeping 3 pounds for a 5 gallon batch and use only a gallon? would that concentrate the flavors extracted? q3: would there be any benefit to a 48 hr cold steep? the extracted steep water would be added to the boil at 10 mins from flame out.
  12. when I found my skillset advanced enough to go to 5 gal, started using NB. good kits. usually quality ingredients.. but now in bed with Inbev. ive also used the kits from "the company that must not be named" but sounds like screw beamon. now that I am all growed up I like making recipes from scratch with supplies purchased from my lhbs. I still say though that you cant beat mr beer for a great place to start your brewing journey. I owe my persistence, much of my knowledge base and obsession to mr beer and the good people who frequented this forum.
  13. the yeast (us04) took off after about 6 hrs and have been cheerily burping out co2 like a motor boat since then so I guess it should be okay. so it will be a little dry. so it will be a little lower on abv. i'll just consider it an English session ale. on the plus side, the glass fermenter is doing better than plastic at keeping the temps at 58f. one and a half ice bottles every 12 hrs is working nicely for me.
  14. now I just have to find a cheap whirlpool paddle. I tried a spoon.. lol. didn't work well.