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  1. zorak1066

    What does extra yeast do?

    as long as you practice even the tiniest bit of good sanitation practice, it's really hard to mess up beer. yeast are very forgiving. once they get going they make it hard for other critters to grow. open yeast, properly stored should work just fine. i've even divided a yeast pack in half on a piece of tinfoil and put the unused but back in the pack without resulting in any infections or badness. ive also used my fingers to add a few grains of yeast to bottles of high abv beer that had a long secondary fermentation without problem. for something so tiny they really are impressive creatures.
  2. zorak1066

    Bottle didn’t carbonate

    never had problems with pet bottles. make sure the cap is screwed down. check the top of the cap for separation.. if youre a gorilla fist like me and overtorque you can cause the top to crack off the sides. put the bottles in over 70f ambient temp. replace your caps after about 4-5 uses... if you really want to be ocd.
  3. zorak1066

    longest you have let bottles sit?

    let beer sit??? do you make a cake and leave it untouched like some kind of work of art? lol. the longest i let your average abv beer 'age' is 3 weeks. if it is a high abv like a ris i go about 2 months. homebrew and aging: the longer you let it sit malts tend to come forward and hops tend to mellow. you'll eventually reach a 'sweet spot' where the flavors of hop and malt balance perfectly. since taste is entirely subjective, you have to experiment for yourself. wheat beers and saisons are typically best young. heavy beers like stouts and ipa's benefit from some time. barleywines and other high octane beers really benefit from a lot of time. the reason for this is high octane beers tend to have produced fusel alcohols while fermenting. aging them allows the fusels to mellow out and the flavors to blend.
  4. zorak1066

    Mad Scientist Brews

    my favorite franken brew experience... after boiling cabbage i had about 3 gallons of cabbage water.. lovely blue. i steeped some apple jacks cereal and grapenuts with some carapils. I used this with malt additions to make what was supposed to be a cream ale i think. dont have the recipe. i think it was more like 'lets see what happens if i do this...'. and it was long ago. my dusty brain cant recall so good. it started off very weird. it's hard to describe the flavor.. but in fairness as it aged the pilsner flavor was more forward than the weird. i would not recommend using cabbage water in beer.
  5. zorak1066

    What does extra yeast do?

    like me and rick said... feeding yeast is not necessary. they get plenty of food in the wort. even in high grav wort, if you pitch enough yeast you dont need to add a thing. i choose to do it as i mentioned above on special circumstances. the mr beer brewer should never have to worry about yeast nutrient or anything else complicated. the whole purpose behind mr beer is to make brewing simple.
  6. zorak1066

    Too much foam when I pour

    me too... dots are great. 1 per 12 oz. 2 per 1/2 liter. maybe 3 per liter depending on style guidelines for carbonation. i used to go higher but started experiencing over carbonation. saisons can be fizzy btw. thats how i made mine.
  7. zorak1066

    What does extra yeast do?

    seal the safale pack. squeeze out any air. tape it shut. put it in a ziplock bag in the fridge. use it for your next small batch.. just dont wait half a year. re mrb yeast, we all know what i do with that. muahahahaha! PREPARE TO DIE!!!! (turns up stove to boil...listens to yeast cells screaming....)
  8. zorak1066

    What does extra yeast do?

    under pitching is only a problem if the yeast are not very viable.. (old yeast = more dead cells), or if ester development is not a desired outcome. If you follow good sanitation practices, even a longer lag time will not typically be a problem. the yeast will multiply and then eventually start doing their thing. yep. yeast are cannibals. they are very fond of eating their dead.. and raisins... for some odd reason they love raisins. to make a yeast treat i boil old yeast, turn off the heat and cover. when the temp drops to about 165f i toss in a handful of raisins (and/or an eigth of a centrum silver vitamin) and let it cool to room temp covered. i do this on very high grav ale, high grav mead or wine, or when using very old yeast. i sometimes toss in a handful of grape nuts cereal too in a hop sock.. just dont ever boil it. when cool i toss the broth into the wort. ( you have to be careful about using a bit of vitamin tab because most have iodine in them, which can mess with cell development i think.) 100% not necessary. there is plenty of food in wort. again, i do it mainly for really high grav or with old yeast. also with hobo wine. there is not a lot of nutrient value in sugar. with hobo wine you are using juice concentrates so no tanins, no peels, etc. nutrient bare. i do step feedings because i noticed that the yeast dont like just sugar and burp out sulfur smells because they get stressed. my nutrient concoctions perk them right up and they get happy again. the problem with feeding yeast goodies other than just wort is that they will tuck into the goodies first typically, which can create lag time. you also have to be careful that anything you add that is not part of the beer recipe can contribute off flavors. or you can just buy yeast nutrient. i like experimenting and am notoriously cheap.
  9. zorak1066

    What does extra yeast do?

    use a yeast calculator. if it says you need 11g of dry yeast and if mr beer yeast is only 5g in a pack.. add two. i only used mr beer yeast for one kit then went to fermentis. no idea how many grams in a standard under the lid yeast pack. i would save the mr beer yeast to boil as a sacrificial offering to the fermentis yeast. works as yeast nutrient.
  10. zorak1066

    What does extra yeast do?

    brewers friend also has a good pitch calculator.
  11. zorak1066

    What does extra yeast do?

    you always should pitch the right number of cells for the job. there are plenty of yeast pitching calculators online. check them out. if you were making a large quantity like 5 gallons of average strength beer, typically one sachet of yeast is enough. when you start making high gravity (strong) beers, it will require more yeast. think of a large banquet table full of food. what happens if you only invite 3 ppl to feast and tell them to eat everything? eventually they crap out , explode, or just die. lol. yeast are like that. kind of. when you first pitch yeast, they take stock of the availability of food and their numbers. if numbers are sufficient they start eating and peeing out alcohol. if not, they start reproducing. when they reproduce they give off esters that can either benefit your beer or make ick flavors. also, if they have to stop to reproduce you cause lag time. it will take longer for fermentation to get rolling. this can be bad as it gives other critters lurking in the wort the opportunity to grow and multiply. one yeast pack in a lbk is more than enough cells. so short version: pitch healthy (reasonably fresh yeast) into the right temperature wort, and pitch the right amount for the job.
  12. zorak1066

    newbie here

    welcome.. remember fermentation takes time. it could take 2 days before you see any activity. or it could take a couple hours. every batch will be unique in some way.
  13. i made a RIS that was so damn dark it looked like a black hole. had a bottle blow up and rocket up to the ceiling. i still cant get the stains out from the wall.
  14. zorak1066

    Newbie needs brew plan confirmation

    only a matter of time until everything you look at you will ask 'can i put this in beer?' or 'can i make beer in this?' soon you will be coming up with recipes like smoked chipotle porters or banana rye bread hefeweisen... hmm... that sounds interesting to me. a hefe made with a rye/wheat grain bill, fermented hot to make banana esters. welcome to your new obsession.
  15. zorak1066

    Highest Attenuation?

    the really funny thing in my opinion about saison yeast is that they seem to be such polite yeast.i never have crazy mad aggressive fermentations with them. they barely make a lot of krausen. it seems they just politely munch and munch and keep munching until your fg is below 1.01 ... and sometimes they keep munching. An old member here advised on my first saison, on the last week crank up the heat to encourage it to have a final pig out before bottling. dont rush to bottle because they will keep munching and BOOM.
  16. so i dont have the means to do a 5 gallon all grain recipe. could i split the grain into two 2.5 gallon batch weights and do 2 smaller mashes.. then add the resulting worts? i know there would be no way of evenly distributing the grain varieties between the batches, so i assume i would have different PH levels in each batch probably. other than that would it work? example: recipe 1 has 12 lbs of grain made of 8 lbs base, and 4 lbs specialty grains. could i stir the grains up to mix them real good then split them into 2 x 6 lb bags of grain... then mash each separately... add the volumes of wort? in theory if i am careful about the PH levels in both i should be extracting sugars are a similar efficiency, and mixing them should produce the same flavor in the end.
  17. zorak1066

    Highest Attenuation?

    about 90% with a saison (danstar bella saison) - fermented at about 76f
  18. the problem is that taste is entirely subjective. i might taste 'cider' or green apples. you might taste vinegar. i can taste banana esters.. my wife cant. peroxide based sanitizers might..MIGHT.. in some cases contribute an odd taste. if you have ever rinsed your mouth with peroxide water see if that matches. i use starsan and have never had any issues with foam left in bottles... or off flavors from it. when i used iodophor i sometimes got iodine notes in the background. any time i used the coopers yeast from under the lid i could detect an odd yeasty twang in the beer. after my 3rd batch i think i started buying fermentis or other. IF you detect vinegar notes and didnt have a pellicle on your wort, hurry up and drink your batch before it starts turning really acidic. if it is just a green apple or cidery taste, watch your fermentation temps.
  19. zorak1066

    Bottling question

    floaters = yeast rafts = perfectly normal.
  20. xjar.. never toss a beer until you have given it a chance. always ask around if you are concerned. i have myself consumed a lacto bacter infected batch without issue. first time i saw yeast rafts though it freaked me out too.
  21. zorak1066

    Starting to think about HME and LME

    as for the unwritten law Bdawg i think it is written somewhere but it's in sumerian text and i dont read cuneiform. one of the lines in the Song of Ninkasi surely goes: Ninkasi, blessed are we for we have beer and blessed be those to it we treat but cursed be the fool who on receiving it uses your beer to soak his meat!
  22. zorak1066

    Starting to think about HME and LME

    theres nothing wrong too with liking commercially available swill. i myself drink rolling rock or pbr when i cant afford to make beer.. but to use home brew for a marinade??! what a jerk. even crap beer that was home made and offered as a sample would get consumed. if i hated it , i would tactfully tell you 'hey man, i appreciate the beer but hmm.. ya know it's just not my thing. ' and then i would tell you if asked why i didnt care for it. i wont lie... or use it to wash the floor or soak my feet or as a marinade. 😕 so much work goes into making beer and to your typical true brewer making beer is a labor of love.
  23. zorak1066

    Starting to think about HME and LME

    there is nothing wrong with doing things just for you.. or friends who respect your bottle return policy. now if the neighbor were trading you something like vegs from the garden or some meat from a hunt i wouldnt have a problem. i'd trade some homebrew they liked for some boar or deer meat easy.
  24. zorak1066

    splitting a 5 gallon all grain recipe?

    cool.. thanks. good to know.
  25. zorak1066

    Yeast addition

    never dump wort just because you think it is broken or sick. even if it has an infection.. as long as it isnt ecoli you can probably still drink it. acetobacter you can turn into malt vinegar if you want. god.. ppl who toss beer have no business drinking or making it. if it sat for 4 days in a sealed lbk... and it doesnt stink like poo.... and it isnt overgrown with weird gunk... but it has no krausen on top and no trub on bottom of lbk, buy fresh yeast and pitch it. if you pitch healthy yeast and nothing was growing in the wort, they will take off and there ya go. expired, badly treated yeast means you have had cell die off. it doesnt necessarily mean all the cells are dead. what might have happened is that you had such small cell counts that the yeasts have been busy procreating / budding to raise their numbers for the last 4 days. if you pitch fresh yeast the dead yeast will serve as food. your final product might have some goofy ester development.. or maybe a little yeast funk.. but you might be surprised. i have pitched 1 yr past expired yeast that went through 2 power outages lasting several days. when it came time to use them i coddled them. i rehydrated in water about body temp 90-98f. no more. (see pack for instructions if any). stirred... pitched. i added my trusty mix of super secret yeast nutrients and boom. within a day it was going nuts. yeast are very forgiving critters, and are really tough to kill completely. (short of boiling for 15 minutes)...