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  1. planewrench

    Something other than booster

    That should have been Rambling. Stupid auto correct!
  2. planewrench

    Something other than booster

    Would a DME be a suitable substitute for the booster called out for Rose's Ranging Ale?
  3. planewrench

    Something other than booster

    I'm trying to brew Rose's Rambling Red using an ingredient other than booster. I don't like using booster.
  4. planewrench

    Something other than booster

    Rose's Rambling Red. I really like red ales!
  5. planewrench

    Something other than booster

    Is there something besides booster that can be used called out for in Mr B recipes?
  6. planewrench

    Favorite MB Refill/Recipe?

    Auto correct does some weird things on my phone sometimes. I was trying to type Glare.
  7. planewrench

    Favorite MB Refill/Recipe?

    Staggerback Stout Shillegah Stout That Voodoo That You Do Rockets Red Goat's Vanilla Porter
  8. planewrench

    Which LME should I buy?

    I've made the Howlin' Red Ale 3times now. It's a very good version of a red ale. I used S-O4 with the last batch and it is awesome!
  9. planewrench

    Advice from the Old Master

    I use my well water that comes from over five hundred feet below the surface. It's what you might call "source" water. PH about 6.2 and low mineral content. Sweet water! It makes some really awesome brews so I've been told by others!
  10. planewrench

    Irish Stout

    My experience with stouts, porters and some ales the longer you bottle condition the better. I have some Stagger back and a chocolate-coffee stout that are about 2 months in the bottle that just keep getting better. I almost want to eat the glass when it's empty!
  11. planewrench

    Basic Chocolate Coffee Stout

    I made a chocolate coffee stout using the Sunday Morning Coming Down recipe and added Dutch process cocoa like theOle Mole Stout. Also added the brown sugar called out for Ole Mole Stout. I bottled it four weeks ago and tasted it at that time. Very rich tasting with coffee, chocolate. I'm going to let it condition for at least eight weeks. I'll let you know how it turns out.
  12. planewrench

    This is why I cold crash

    I have been cold crashing all my brews now for several years. Probably about a dozen or so. A couple I didn't get around to bottling for almost a week. It didn't seem to have any adverse effects. In fact I think it was better the longer I cold crashed.
  13. planewrench

    MB hops in recipes

    Thanks for the info. A couple of recipes I really like I would like more "hoppiness" in the final product. This will help a lot. Thanks again.
  14. planewrench

    MB hops in recipes

    In MB recipes that have hop additions the directions usually state to add hops at flameout. What would be the result of boiling the hops for five minutes or so before flameout and then adding HME?
  15. planewrench

    Bewitched Amber Ale

    I'm with you epete28. If it's tasty without any off flavors drink it! I do like some carbonation though.