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  1. pborder

    Bottling wand

    I am getting ready to bottle my first batch and I got a bottling wand . I have never used one before so my biggest question is how to you attach it to the spigot? Do you just poke it in or is there a trick?
  2. pborder

    First batch

    I got my first Mr Beer kit I think in 2013. I made several recipes but then life changed and I didn't have any spare cash for supplies so I quit. Honestly I forgot about it until I got an Amazon gift card this past Christmas and ran across the Mr Beer kit again so I got a new kit. I do have some stuff left over from the old kit ( a LBK and I think some big bottles) so I may clean them up and use them. I don't really remember what I made but I know that I made an Irish Stout ( it's one of my favorite beers) and I already know that what I am brewing now has more flavor than the older one. I'm excited to get back into it and to see what I can make.
  3. pborder

    First batch

    Waiting until next week will also give me the time to make some cold brew. Now that I have tasted it is is better than I expected so I think at least part of the bottles I'll add some coffee to it to make a coffee stout. I thought a cold brew ( brought to room temp obviously before adding) would be better because I could sanitize the French press way easier that the coffee maker.
  4. pborder

    First batch

    It did look a little muddy and it will probably be the beginning of next week before I will feel up to bottling ( I've been sick all week and I have to work this weekend). I just wanted to be sure it would be ok to let it sit if it was done.
  5. pborder

    First batch

    So my first batch in my return to Mr Beer has been in the LBK for 2 weeks. I brewed the St Patrick's Irish Stout. I just tasted it and it tastes very much like flat Guiness. I read people saying to leave the brew in the LBK for 3 weeks so should I leave mine in another week or is it ready to bottle?
  6. pborder

    Bottling wand

    Thanks, pretty obvious answer to what seems in hindsight to be a pretty silly question.
  7. pborder

    Bottling wand

    Although I won't be bottling for another week or two I went ahead and purchased a bottling wand. What is the easiest way to sanitize it?
  8. pborder

    Returning to Mr Beer

    Just checked to be sure that they were doing their thang. They can now party in peace for a couple of weeks.
  9. pborder

    Light beer

    The kit came with an American Light. I generally don't drink light beers ( not even Sam Adams Light) so I wasn't too excited to see this. It's been my experience that most light beers lack flavor. Is this one different or is there something I should do to make it better?
  10. pborder


    Thanks, when the Stout is bottled I plan to start the Oktoberfest. I want to order a bottling wand and more bottles so I might just go ahead and get some booster as well. If possible eventually I want to get where I have a batch ready to drink, a batch aging in bottles and a batch fermenting in the LBK.
  11. pborder

    Returning to Mr Beer

    Irish Stout at around 24 hrs. Looking like a yeast party! Not the best picture but the best I could do.
  12. pborder


    What is the booster and does it make a significant difference in the finished product? My kit came with the Oktoberfest Lager and I noticed that the refill kit for this includes two packages of booster. Is it worth ordering the booster before brewing it or does it come out OK without it? It will be a while before I brew it since I just started some Irish Stout yesterday, but I want to know if I should order some booster.
  13. pborder

    Returning to Mr Beer

    I had a Mr Beer system years ago before Cooper bought them and for whatever reason just stopped brewing. I just got a new kit for Christmas with an Irish Stout refill. I just started the stout and am interested to see how it turns out. I am curious if it has changed with Cooper. Right off I can see that the brewing process itself is a little easier than it was such as having just two lines marked 1 and 2 instead of measurements and the carbonation drops are definitely an improvement over having to measure out sugar. I'll be interested to see if the beer is any different than I remember.
  14. pborder

    Forgotten brew

    I put some Aztec Cervesa with pale LME and hops in the LBK right before Thanksgiving and sort of forgot about it. Is it still ok and safe to bottle and drink or should I just toss it?
  15. pborder

    second batch

    Sounds like I should bottle when I get a chance. Cool.