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  1. Thanks I would appreciate that, I will just cut this with half a glass of store bought cider with this stuff I hate to waste anything
  2. yeah kind of
  3. Just checked on my cider after 3 weeks in the LBK and I swear it could take the chrome off a trailer hitch. Very disappointing and hope that conditioning with carb drops might help. I wish that they would have been more clear with this kit being less sweet...but live and learn I guess
  4. Thanks
  5. I'm wondering if the formula is the same for ABV for Cider as it is for Beer thanks and happy brewing!!
  6. Thats the one I was thinking about
  7. I had the hand held black beauty from Mr Beer, It doesn't work that well anymore. I've been looking at the bench capers and was wondering what you folks like??
  8. I'm sure I will I would like to get the 6gal fermenter but I don't need everything else that comes with the kit. Hope they sell just the fermenter soon
  9. This will be my first attempt at an "Advanced Recipe" if all goes well I may want to expand my brewing.
  10. From the album Untitled Album

  11. From the album Untitled Album