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  1. Homebrewer202

    Cider Refill Instructions

    Thanks I would appreciate that, I will just cut this with half a glass of store bought cider with this stuff I hate to waste anything
  2. Homebrewer202

    Cider Refill Instructions

    yeah kind of
  3. Homebrewer202

    Cider Refill Instructions

    Just checked on my cider after 3 weeks in the LBK and I swear it could take the chrome off a trailer hitch. Very disappointing and hope that conditioning with carb drops might help. I wish that they would have been more clear with this kit being less sweet...but live and learn I guess
  4. Homebrewer202

    ABV for cider

  5. Homebrewer202

    ABV for cider

    I'm wondering if the formula is the same for ABV for Cider as it is for Beer thanks and happy brewing!!
  6. Homebrewer202

    Best Bottle Capper

    Thats the one I was thinking about
  7. Homebrewer202

    Best Bottle Capper

    I had the hand held black beauty from Mr Beer, It doesn't work that well anymore. I've been looking at the bench capers and was wondering what you folks like??
  8. Homebrewer202

    Going to Brew Poor Richards Ale

    I'm sure I will I would like to get the 6gal fermenter but I don't need everything else that comes with the kit. Hope they sell just the fermenter soon
  9. This will be my first attempt at an "Advanced Recipe" if all goes well I may want to expand my brewing.
  10. Homebrewer202

    Untitled Album

  11. Homebrewer202

    2.5 gallon corny keg

    Do you use the same amount of CO2 pressure as the 5 gal kegs??
  12. Homebrewer202

    2.5 gallon corny keg

    I'm wondering if anyone has tried the new 2.5 gallon corny keg with Mr. Beer it would be the perfect size for me who has limited space. Any thoughts? Here is a link http://morebeer.com/products/cornelius-keg-25-gallon.html
  13. Homebrewer202

    Boiling hops

    I was going to use a LME prior to the HME
  14. Homebrewer202

    Boiling hops

    Just so I understand hop boiling. I boil 75% of the entire wort (about 1.5 gallons) the desired amount of time depending on what I'm looking for (not sure yet) then at flame out add the HME then discard the hop sack let it cool then pour in the LBK, do I need to add more water to reach the 2 gal mark before pitching the yeast? This may be a stupid question but I don't want to waste beer its against my religion!!
  15. Homebrewer202


    http://www.beerlabelizer.com/ is an awesome site offering free labels or for a small fee you can add pics.