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  1. Well, Hmm, maybe I will put some orange peel in one................. and Amarillo hop?
  2. Next week will brew another Cooper's DarkAle --> 3 LBKs So looking what to make. In checking the Coopers/au site I saw again the Nut Brown Ale recipe. Which they claim to be similar to the much lamented discontinued Nut Brown Ale, except that I think it was craft beer kit thus 5.5% rather than the 4.5 they cite, but the comment that is addition of crystal malt that is the key it the real answer I think, they suggest steeping 200-500g for 6 gal. That is 7- 17 oz (for ease say 8-18 oz.) That would be approx. 3-6 oz grain per LBK. From the recipes below and Briess Ingredient summary, I got in #2 - ~ 2.4 oz C60 from the Special Dark, and some lighter C (unspecified from Sparkling Amber. I got in #3 - ~ 5 oz from the Special Dark, so these are at the higher end of the recommendation based on expected yield from grain. I could taste the bitter from the malt in the #3 so that may be a bit too much. Then I came here as a palette for my recipe speculation. So any ideas are welcome. I am tending towards the one of the #1 and then 2 of the #2 but with different hops in each. Tough choices. I made these: All these were good. Cooper's Dark Ale #1 --> 2.35 + 1.2 --> 3.52%ABV 1/3 coopers can + 1 pack booster (basic Cooper's recipe) Cooper's Dark Ale #2 --> 2.35 + 1 + (1 + 1) --> 5.35% ABV + 8 oz Special Dark LME + 8 oz spark amber + 8 oz pils light DME + HBC438 hop 0.5 oz @ flameout --> 5.3% Cooper's Dark Ale #3 --> 0.5 lb light DME +1 lb Special Dark + 0.5 oz EKG hp @ flameout. -> 5.2? %
  3. Yes, I have under pitched and under oxygenated too with wheat beers to get higher esters. In this one I was looking for the lemony flavor described with the 3711, but did not get not much. I also did not get the temp that high ( I think it only went to high 60s in my basement) Also not much head on that beer, dissipates very fast. It is an easy drink, refreshing but stronger than it tastes (Calculates to 6%). Maybe next time add maltodextrin or a bit more grain. This was a conversion of an all grain recipe to Mr B.. Mr B Canadian Blonde 13 IBU, 3.5 ABV, 1.56 lb DME eq. 0.25 lb Pilsner DME 0.5 lb Wheat DME 4 oz Vienna Malt Grain steep. 0.2 lb clear Candi sugar Hops add 7 IBUs - 0.5 oz each Strisselpalt and Saaz mixed. 0.5 oz boil 10 min, 0.5 oz at flameout. Yeast Wyeast 3711
  4. I mostly use dry yeast. I used a smackpack (Wyeast 3711) for a saison recently. It was good but I did not get as much yeast taste as I had hoped. Will open another bottle tonight & see if better (bottled 5/28). Next time I will use half of it and save the rest in the fridge or use half a pack of dry yeast, but the available strains are not the same..
  5. I will say that I found I could drink this before carbonation as I was bottling and I did not need to leave it long to be drinkable. Again that choice depends on taste, but this is not very hoppy and not strongly malty so there are not a lot of things to mellow down. Anyway , give a shout when you bottle it on what you think.
  6. I have added lactose at end of boil, while LBK Is fermenting at various times. No issues either way.
  7. All my beers except those in the fridge are in my 65 deg basement
  8. It sounds wonderful and I think you solved the division problem nicely. I think the only way you can suffer is if it is SOOO good you just can't stop and you run out of cold bottles. The tortuousness comes in finding frantic ways in desperation to cool the next one. This will be a nice easy drinking beer. Let it warm up a tad, from the 38 deg fridge. 50-55 is good for it. so leave the bottle out for maybe 15-20 min before opening.
  9. Hi I got this in my mail, while I would love to go, I can't but figured I would post in case anyone else wanted to. Cheers
  10. Anybody try dwarf ones? But that is UK This may be a site to watch
  11. Yeah - should be easy, I read they get REALLY big. But planters should keep them of limited (manageable) size by restricting the roots. For REALLY BIG, plant them in the ground on top of a big heap of compost. and give then 20 ft poles.
  12. Now you have to stop them taking over your yard......
  13. American (Dads) Cream Ale (Amer Lager + Pale + honey) was nice. Light and dry but not hoppy This I noted was wonderfully hop fruity but not terribly bitter. This I would make again. Experimental IPA American Lager HME, 8oz Pale DME, 4 oz Amber DME, Grain 30 min 4 oz 2 row, 4oz Carapils, 2 oz Victory, 2 oz Vienna 17 IBU base from HME, adds Hops Simcoe 10 min boil, Citra 5 min boil, HBC 438 at Flameout and HBC 438 dry hop 7 days. All adds 0.5 oz. US-05 yeast. I tried making Boston Lager from it - it was nowhere close. I have a different recipe now.
  14. What kind of refill is it? If it is a Classic light and you like beers with a bit hopper taste than Miller Light, get 0.5 oz hops and a hop bag when you get the yeast and you can put that in too to give you a hoppier flavor. I would suggest Citra for grape fruity or Cascade for general pale ale flavor (Citrus + other flavors). If you do this, sterilize the bag in boiling water, put the hop pellets in, tie it up, and just drop the bag into the LBK and leave it there until you bottle the brew. You can also put just the yeast and it should be totally drinkable.
  15. Probably - it will be better than none anyway and will give you a sense of it. BUT I had a glass of Negra Modelo with lunch and it had NO head at all, fizz, yes, head no. It was the same head that you would get from coca cola. On the other hand it went well with the lunch special at Anita's. So don't feel bad, even professional beer has that issue.