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  1. The Baltic Porter seasonal also was very good at 2 weeks (yes, the heretical 2) but better later. CAL with Pale LME/DME (or booster) and 0.5 oz Cascade or Citra is good. 4 weeks OK but better at 8 and I like Citra better. Wheat beers I like with the booster better than the LME/DME. I don't like the wheat beers malty. Add orange zest and coriander, or other citrus combinations, but only a little, you can overwhelm the subtle tastes from the yeasts (another reason not to over malt it). If I was going to malt it I would add the "Golden " - that is 50/50- wheat and barley malts I believe. They can be OK in a few weeks but I like them best at 2-3 months. As said above. The easy thing is to add a lot of hops. I would add 0.5 oz at flameout and another 0.5 dry hop 7 days before bottling. I guess if you REALLY like hops make it 1 ox each addition but it will (IMHO)be real hoppy then. I would start light and work up. 1 oz total is reasonable and drinkable. 0,5 oz total is a good accent without being "in your face". If you are doig this then, adding more LME/DME is good also to make a better balance. Anyway that is my 2c.
  2. Me either, and I have been complemented on my beer clarity. Mind you it has sat in bottle for a while. I can see if you want a quick turnaround, or you plan to move your bottles around a lot or transport them. then it could be a benefit. But I need the other benefits of it maturing on bottles so this is a bonus.
  3. beer wars

    Or you could take from the Belgian side " Sombre comme la nuit Mexicaine quadruple ale" or just "Nuit Mexicaine Quadruple Ale" Sorry, you Flemish speakers, I can't do that.
  4. Not so, the plain Bav WB with the steeped wheat/oats + booster are same color as Hoegaarden. You can see the impact of 4 oz 2 row below. It is not much darker, but darker than I want. Maybe 2 oz Pilsen will be better. Belgian Wit batch 4 label.docx
  5. Empty bottles are an opportunity
  6. Bottled a batch today - adding to keep threads current
  7. I bottled the latest version and it was still too citrusy. Next time even less. Those peels are really strong.
  8. OK last time I used 4 oz of American 2 row and it was much too dark. Maybe 2 oz Pilsen will be better. I will see. I am sure in the past I have seen recipes using just oatmeal steeped. Maybe you have revised them so there is no lone grain without 2/6 row. Anyway can I get a bacteria infection without knowing it?
  9. Movie themed beer nights?
  10. Don't get too heated, folks..........
  11. Yeah, That would be an easy fix. My tap water gets pretty warm in the summer too.
  12. Yeah, So - what is "too warm" 1. As per Rick Beer's post, If it is REALLY HOT the yeast can get killed and not ferment. As he says this is very unlikely. 2. The pitching range as per Fermentis documentation is higher than the preferred fermentation range, so in general, providing you are going to have it cool down real soon after pitching you are probably OK pitching warmer. The yeast does not take off immediately but should start faster if warmer. I often do this. Mine gets into the 60's in a few hours when my basement is cold. That said though, the initial growth phase of the yeast is where many of the flavors are made, so if you do not want that you need to make sure the temp is low before they you get them. You can also wait until the LBK is cooler before pitching if it reads too warm There is a possibility of infection by other organisms in this lovely fermentation food, but I don't think it is high if it is capped. I have done this too for lagers. 3. What kind of beer are you making? Some beer styles require warmer fermentation as the yeast makes all sorts of flavors at higher temperatures, more than at lower temperatures. These can be desirable or undesirable, depending on the style and the yeast. Many styles start with it cool then let the yeast warm it up as it goes ending up at quite a high temp. Home brewers can put a blanket over the LKB to help this effect if they want (but you need to monitor the temp). You want it cool fast but you don't have fridge space? - sit it in ice water. Or sit it in a cooler with ice packs. Lots of ways. No matter what though you need a thermometer.
  13. Maybe this can be an excuse to promote the stick on thermometers. preferably the ones that have degrees on them. And include in the instructions recommendation to use them. OR supply them with each LBK?
  14. You could make it a mystery beverage competition, and pass out the descriptions but not label the beers...............
  15. And when I said the 500 ml bottles were dark .................this has Wit beer in it. So don't blame the beer.