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  1. Nickfixit

    Carbonation versus Conditioning

    If you don't want to steep grains, adding the Golden (wheat) LME/DME or even booster or maltodextrin powder will help head retention too. When you sanitize the LBK before putting the wort in, don't forget to open and shut the spigot a few times quickly before letting it sit its 10 min. The spigot sanitizing flow can be used on the plate for your utensils to sanitize that too. Also to sanitize it ALL over inside, I invert the LBK and shake it a bit as well as shaking it right side up before adding the spoons etc. to sanitize there as well. After the 10 min I put the utensils on the plate and invert/shake it again to be sure then give it another 5 or as long as I can based on the other parts of the process. I used to get infections but have not since I started doing that. I also use some sanitizer from the bottles in the LBK after cleaning, before putting it away when bottling.
  2. Nickfixit

    Carbonation versus Conditioning

    I don't think it will be problem. The yeast should wake up again and continue. You can always momentarily invert the bottle to get it up to suspension again if you are concerned. Don't shake though...……….dagnabbit - what do you think this is - champagne? lol. Wait until you win in Nascar.
  3. Nickfixit

    Carbonation versus Conditioning

    This is my opinion, Rick Beer may differ and provide better suggestions LOL. Just to emphasize - conditioning is out of the refrigerator. Carbonation is good at 65-70. The temperature for conditioning depends on the beer style ales - 60-75 is OK. I have mine in mid 60-s. Lagers colder. so maybe you could condition lagers in the fridge but it has to be a temp at which the yeast can be somewhat active. Then, putting it in the fridge for >= 3 days to allow carbonation to absorb. More carbonation is absorbed in the liquid at cooler temperatures - so that will affect head retention and initial carbonation gush.
  4. Nickfixit

    TV Moonshiner and temptation...

    We fermented and distilled at high school as part of chemistry courses. Of course we surreptitiously saved the distillation product and took it home. It tasted OK mixed with orange juice. Of course this was only a small volume, probably less than 0.5 oz. Understood there could be alt byproducts in there, but at that time we did not know but we carefully distilled, monitoring temp for alcohol boiling point.
  5. Nickfixit

    older yeast

    The only thing is that if the initial cell count was low you might get additional flavors from yeast growth phase compared with having a higher cell count. But it probably is to late to impact that. I agree, and would do the SG check as noted above with pitch as needed. From dry yeast, my experience with US-05 is that is gives a pretty good start within 24 hours or even less so if the liquid one is the same this is a pretty long time for it to get going, but I have not used that exact one. If this was purepitch, then this gives some indications on viability with time. If not, it refers you to Mr Malty for viability calculations with age. So you could backtrack and see if there could have theoretically been an issue then compare with recipe builder pitch rate calc. *********************optimistic*********************************** https://www.beeradvocate.com/community/threads/white-labs-purepitch-yeast-some-numbers.573302/ This says Purepitch has a package date and a "best before" date on the pack and that at the "best before" date : The “Best Before” date comes from hundreds of internal trials, ultimately showing that after five months in PurePitch® packaging the average viability of first generation yeast remains at more than 79%. **********************pessimistic******************************* But Mr Malty is less optimistic - presumably not allowing for the improvements in packaging. Feeding the date into this gives viability of 0. Hmm. https://www.morebeer.com/content/yeast_viability_calculator Also this might be of interest https://eurekabrewing.wordpress.com/2012/11/18/yeast-basics-check-yeast-viability/ (you lose 50% in 60 days in fridge) https://www.whitelabs.com/faq/general/how-much-yeast-my-white-labs-homebrew-purepitch
  6. Nickfixit

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    Now that is dedication - good for you 😎 Hope everything else resolves soon.
  7. Nickfixit

    How Old is Too Old??

    The one that was opened, was reclosed after I put 1/2 a shot of vodka in it on to of the malt to kill any beasties, and it is mold free. I have had good success doing that - using a container over several brews. And I do have extra Mr. B yeasts that are probably more recent than the Dark Ale Cooper's yeast so maybe I will do that. I am not sure it is the same yeast blend though - Australians have different tastes 🤣
  8. Nickfixit

    How Old is Too Old??

    The last old hops I used turned out OK so I am a bit cavalier with that. But I hate to throw stuff out. (I was born in times of scarcity.) Still you are right, absolutely fresh ingredients would be better - and if I was doing all grain - no other choice.
  9. Nickfixit

    How Old is Too Old??

    No I am not referring to myself, although knocking off a few years would not hurt 😁 however, this is probably one factor in the ruminations below. I think though that seeing the way I figured this rather than me just announcing the result might let you see if I was being illogical or trigger better ideas - I am always willing to learn. Looking through my basement (typically temp at mid 60's and these stored on the cement floor) for pre - 2018 brewing supplies to use up, I find I have a 2x Baltic Porter Seasonal (best by date Oct 2017) I know this is still good as I made one a couple months ago. 1x Cooper's Dark Ale 6 gal (best by date Mar 2017) Last one of these I made was 2017 - but I think it will still be OK Unopened Special Dark LME (mfr. date 12/21/2016) Weighs 3lb 8 oz for approx. 3lb 5 oz LME. Partly used Porter LME (mfr. date 5/28/2015) Weighs 2 lb 10 oz Partly used Vienna LME (mfr. date 2/20/2015) I never liked what the Vienna LME did to my brews so I think I will junk that. I am inclined to use the old LMEs or some of them with the Dark Ale since the Dark Ale HME itself only makes ~ 2% ABV, and needs other fermentables to make a good beer. I think the porter can make decent wort straight up, but I have only seen the special dark used up to about 50% of malt bill. I have used special dark in amounts up to 8 oz per 2 gal to enhance HMEs before but have not used more than that. So this is how it figures: LME container weighs ~ 3 oz. so I have ~ 2 lb. 7 oz. Porter LME, & split 3 ways = 13 oz. LBK --> adds approx. 1.4% ABV. That leaves me another 1.1 ABV to find. I can add 1 booster per LBK or I can add 10 oz of Sp Dark per LBK or I can add other fermentables. or I can add ALL the Sp Dark - adding 1.9% per LBK making it go to ~ 2 + 1.4 + 1.9 = 5.3 % So what are the votes here? toss it all in? Assuming "yes"...……... I will need more than the Cooper's yeast for this - especially since it has a date code 06115 (week 61 year 15) For info on Cooper's yeast markings https://community.diybeer.com/topic/8573-diy-beer-brew-cans-yeast-and-aroma-hop-details/ Seems like that yeast is a candidate for adding as nutrient - or I add more. Recipe builder suggests that this beer needs 56B cells per 2 gal so 1/2 a pack (110B cells/pack) of S-04 would just do, but that 5g of Cooper's ale yeast is not sufficient. So I could use this as a yeast experiment, since all except the #3 yeast are already sunk costs, it is cheap entertainment and I might actually get something I can drink out of it: I can use #1 - 2x Mr Beer yeast (on hand - or 1x Mr B and the Coopers yeast from the Dark Ale) #2 - 1x S-04 yeast (on hand) #3 - Some other interesting yeast from this list https://www.beercraftr.com/beer-yeast-list/stout-and-porter-yeast-list/ Comments and ideas welcome. Will it be TOO dark? What interesting yeasts in that list (#3) have you tried with dark beers?
  10. Nickfixit

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    Plan change - first use up American Ale that is oldest. (other than 2 Baltic Porters and a Coopers 6Gal Dark Ale. all dated 2017 (!) but they are dark anyway. The Baltic Porter probably next after.) Fruity American Ale 2 - American Ale HME with booster and 8 oz wheat DME, 1 oz mix HBC438 (SABRO) and Brambling Cross. 1/3 15 min boil, 1/3 flameout, 1/3 7 day DH. Mr B yeast, 5g is OK for OG 1.050 Aroma notes - a real rural fruit salad. Sabro: coconut, grapefruit, lemon grass, and wood. Bramling Cross: lemon, black currant, and hay aromas
  11. Nickfixit


    Basic Oktoberfest will be more malty than hoppy - but if using basic with booster not LME, you get less malty. Look at some of the recipe suggestions on Mr B page for those that use that HME and have more malt/hops in if you have more of the Oktoberfest to use up , otherwise make something else - there is a lot to choose from. The Bindlestick wheat I am drinking now is quite craft-beer like in nature. For more ABV bite, add malt/booster pack depending what your taste is.
  12. Nickfixit

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    I will go as far as a week or 5 out only. I have 2 HMS from 2018 date still. Porter maybe with anise (Maybe with Blackbeerd grains too) American Ale - fruity with booster I have to use up (I get 2 per HME) and misc left over hops. Last one was good. then Irish Red Ale (based on CAL, as I find Oktoberfest is too heavy maybe Oktoberfest needs more hop to balance?)
  13. Nickfixit

    Black Beer'd porter

    Now it works PHEW! Yeah, I am not totally liking their new web site either, but change is always tough once you are used to something. I have to rate them by number of clicks/scrolls to find what I want. If more than 3 it is a problem. But also (I guess because I am aged, I do not like scrolling, after all, a page is a page. Pages were a technical evolution thrusting us from the scroll era to the tablet ere. many 100's of years ago. I also have a beef with multi column pages which are OK on paper but a real pain to read on electronic devices, in that you cannot see a whole page at once. Still who else cares - if you cannot say it in 280 characters is it worth saying?
  14. Nickfixit

    Black Beer'd porter

    I have not tried that recipe specifically but usually I make the Porter HME with 1 Robust and 1 Smooth LME. I like that combo. Sometimes I add maltodextrin, sometimes I steep oats and one time I had some choc malt so I steeped that too. All come out nice. Bah now when I try to access the Mr B recipes I get...……... There has been an error processing your request Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons.
  15. Nickfixit


    Yeah I was not pleased with mine so far. I preferred the Chromos beer recipe.