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  1. I have made it these ways: HME + 8 oz Golden Light DME HME + 1x Robust + can blackberries - did not like this. HME + Pale LME and 2 TBS vanilla extract, was OK once vanilla smoothed out - not a big fan. HME + 2 Robust + 2 cups oatmeal steeped in bag - Douible Deluxe Oatmeal Porter - very nice HME + Robust + Smooth + 4 TBS Maltodextrin - good brew. HME, 1x Robust, 1xSmooth LMEs, 1/4 cup lactose, 1/2 oz EKG 5 min boil, 20 min steep 160 deg 1 oz choc and 1 oz pale choc grains. - Millk Choc Porter - very nice Also look at the Baltic Porter - it is now a good buy if on sale @ $21. It comes out well. Same cost as Porter with only one Robust. but with strength of HME + 3 Robust. Plus you get a fancy yeast. Also it will be a little more bitter than if you make the 1 regular + 2 or 3 malts. So you save on hops too. If you want it sweeter, add 2-4 oz lactose - cheap enough.
  2. Tried some today, definitely a different taste, somewhat funky. I can't classify it. Still drinkable.
  3. I made the Churchills using Mr B yeast that came with it. I noted it tasted fine at bottling, later my feeling is that I preferred browns a little sweeter. But that can easily be fixed with a little lactose if desired. If you like dark rich ales, brewing the Porter HME with a Robust LME and a Smooth LME is a good one. I made the Santa Rita, it was good but not the same as Sierra Nevada. The Northwest by itself for me needs more hop aroma. Easily fixed with dry hop. I liked the Long Play IPA. made straight up. I have not made the Bewitched for a while but for me it was too malty although my daughter liked it..
  4. I think it tasted "blah" because it is designed as a "light" beer. But you can always fix that.
  5. CAL HME with booster and Cascade dry hops can be a 6 though at least I think. I think the Diablo also benefits from Dry hops, e.g. 1 oz Citra for a week.
  6. That's what I do too. Although I have used one step cleaner too.
  7. I have not been able to pull my spigots apart. But I use the 5 times open and close while the LBK has got the sanitizer in it, running a little bit through and it seems to do OK. And it sits the full 10 minutes. (4 LBKs 187 brews - maybe I am just lucky ) I do clean out any yeast I can see with paper towel and hot water after bottling.
  8. I tend to think of Mr Beer beers not as "like beer X" but as beer drinks on their own merit. One can try very hard to "clone" commercial beers but it is pretty tough, especially the lighter flavor ones. Most American Lagers are brewed using corn and one can find "Molson clone recipes online to get an idea of how to concoct one. If I wanted to clone, I would look at the fermentable make-up, the ABV, the IBU and the color and carbonation and fermentation style. All of which can be tweaked starting from Mr Beer extracts to some extent. If you can ferment using lager yeast that would be better, but you could get closer to an American/Canadian beer than plain Canadian Blonde probably using something like the Mr Beer Naughty Cream Ale recipe but use the Canadian Blonde HME instead of the Classic Light. Probably lighter color using the CAL but that is what I would do. Also... To keep it light and less malty, I would use booster instead of the Pale Softpack. 2 packs of it to get closer to 5% ABV. Otherwise follow that recipe. If you don't want to partial mash, you could add some of this I guess. It has the corn in already. I also read some folks have used Corn Flake breakfast cereal, I would guess 1 or 2 cups in a sterilized hop bag added right into the LBK with the wort. I read you might also avoid the mash by adding some Corn Grits. Since they are denser than cornflakes, I would guess 1/2 to 1 cup. They are precooked but I would not put them in the pot to boil as they will surely congeal. So in a bag into the LBK. Any folks used cereals like this? I have used oatmeal in partial mash and luck charms cereal right into LBK. Should the Corn Grits be used as partial mash maybe with some pilsner barley? Disclosure, I have not brewed this recipe, I am only going by looking at ingredients.
  9. It just gets better, and it is good even young.
  10. Still, the Cooper's AU recipes will use hop tea or hop steepings in just plain water to good effect. ( I tried it). Maybe it is not the same as boiling but you get good flavor.
  11. Ho. If you get no bitterness for 15 min approx. Someone needs to fix the brewing calculators.
  12. When I get the "normal" ones, I slosh it around a little the day before bottling and they all sink. That way the last bottle is less yeasty. It also looks nicer. :=D
  13. I think it will be fine. If you are concerned about off flavors, throw in an oz of Cascade pellets in a bag for a week before bottling it. You will get lots more aroma and fresh feeling, and the time will give opportunity for yeast to help cleanup any off byproducts. Then carbonation priming depends how fizzy you like it. I would do 1 sugar dot (192 to the lb - there are more than one size :-O ) per 12 oz bottle, 1 or 2 per 750 mL and 2 per 1L. You can even do less, 0.5, 1 and 1.5. 0.5 is not too difficult, I cut mine with a chef knife. Position knife edge in center of long side of dot on cutting board, then whack it. It will cleave easily.
  14. Looks decent, but it, too, will get better with time - if you can bear to leave it that long. I find the CAL is more to my taste with 0.5 oz of Citra or Cascade in it.
  15. I am inclined to agree, I have been getting some "almost like pine" flavors that I did not expect from the ingredients used. Not exactly cidery, not exactly twangy and not exactly hoppy either. Not really sure what it is..