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  1. I don't think a Churchill's needs nuts. There are enough nuts brewing it. If I was going to put anything in it I would put lactose. It will round off that sharp taste. Since it does not ferment, you can put that in any time I think.
  2. How did they turn out?
  3. That is same as I do with partial mash, bag in a colander and use hot water on it. This is just higher % grain and maybe a bigger colander - lol. Last one I did there was a pound of grain (mixed kinds) in it. There are also BIAB 1 gal kits refills you can buy. You could put 1 or 2 of those in also , but likely not economically desirable. Although these don't look bad - 3 gal kits. You can put them in My Beer's taller 3G Fast Ferment fermenter or the other 2G tall one maybe squeeze it in. They also have 1G kits Prices are not bad. This is a fun video Cooling a full boil I think Is maybe one of the more difficult aspects without a cooler although he has a way.. .
  4. Hopefully you explained how to make it using Mr. B components or gear?
  5. At last you have the recordings :-D
  6. Talking of which I have some Citra hop flowers (not pellets) in the freezer I just remembered. I have to figure what to put them in.
  7. I liked the Diablo but I though it needed more aroma. That is my main issue with the Mr Beer HMEs. But that may be difficult to include. 1 oz Cascade dry hopping fixed that. You could smell it 6 feet away - lol. Maybe 0,5 oz is enough until you see how it is.
  8. For those disappointed by the short sale - look at this at Target Beer St P's Stout $13.99 Oktoberfest Lager $11.79 Free shipping over $35. I missed the Mr. B sale but I got 2 St Ps and an Oktoberfest here with free ship. for $42. Avg. $14 per can. Mind you these probably come with no booster or LME. So that lessens the deal. But I am happy with this.
  9. Seriously though even if you have no way to officially post the videos currently, are you at least recording them and saving them for when you do?
  10. Dang, missed it again. Hmm, I thought interruption of streams was only a problem that us old folks tend to get.
  11. I tried to watch but I think I did not allow for time zones as it was not live when I looked. I see there 57 followers on the feed. Are back videos posted?
  12. Why should we not drink it from the bottle? Maybe my friends who did not know better were just lucky.......
  13. I got plenty enough hops to be quite distinctive in Cooper's Draft, augmenting with a 10 min boil of a mix of Zythos, Amarillo and Nelson Sauvin (0.25 oz each) and a 1 week dry hop of same mix amount. ( I was using up old hops but it turned out good.) So that adds up to a total of 1.5 oz. in an LBK batch. I just made a Cooper's PIlsener with added Saaz hops and as experiment added following hop treatments dividing the 6 gal batch into 3 LBKs Yeast was Coopers packet (a mix of ale and lager yeasts that came with the kit)+ 1 pkt of 34/70 all mixed up and divided 3 ways. 1. added 0.5 oz at flameout. (fermented in low 60's) 2. added 0.5 oz 15 min boil (then removed) and added 0.5 oz at flameout (left in LBK). (fermented in low 60's) 3 added 0.5 oz 15 min boil (then removed) and added 0.5 oz at flameout (left in LBK) then added 0.5 oz dry hop 1 week. (fermented in 50's) I have found that lagers I have had recently have not had the stiff hopping of some European lagers that I like so I wanted to see what this did.
  14. I have had the odd bottle bubbling when it was leaking at the cap. If it is just one, make sure the cap it tight and if PET, squeeze it to check the hardness compared to others.
  15. Wow - no spigot clogging or anything?