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  1. Nickfixit

    Yeast Wars ?

    From the link above a very interesting Fermentis doc on yeast selection and their properties - fermentation times etc. http://www.seabrewasia.com/uploads/1/3/0/3/13033977/1._fermentis_yeast_selection.pdf Interesting that they suggest WB-06 for a Saison - I have to try that.
  2. Nickfixit

    Yeast Wars ?

    If you are a brewer that likes experimenting with yeasts, this forum thread is a long saga but I found it fascinating. In the search to find the yeasts in a beloved beer, the thread goes through microbiological analysis and brew testing, and exploration of how yeast is used in industry. Grab yourself a pint. It is a long read. This thread question on mixing yeasts is discussed also in this thread and surfaces in their analysis. https://www.homebrewtalk.com/forum/threads/isolated-yeast-tree-house-how-to-identify-and-characterize.623221/
  3. Nickfixit

    First partial mash attempt & newbie mistakes

    Me too with the Dots. For some beers seasonals usually that overcarb for me - not that there are many of those left) I will even do 1/2 dot per 12 oz 1 dot per 500/750 and 2 for 1L., Seems like you are on a good track. I use the warmer area on the stove to do the PM. I use a kettle to get 175 deg water and after I pour it on the malt bag it ends up at 150-160. deg. Occasionally it needs a boost from a regular burner to come up to temp but usually OK.
  4. Nickfixit

    Bulging Can

    I has asked a while ago about escaping gas noise when opening cans. They told me they canned under nitrogen pressure to keep it sterile. So a "pffft" is not a problem generally.
  5. Nickfixit

    First Experiment

    Entertaining but best not to open in case of infection getting in. I use flashlight from outside.
  6. Nickfixit

    Bottles Overflowing

    I use sugar dots/Mr B carb pills. These are premeasured. I still get gusher sometimes with dark beers especially even after 3 weeks in LBK, even using dots. So I have had to add less. If I see bubbles in the bottle while carbing agree - there is a leak, so I change the cap to a new one and add another sugar dot.
  7. Nickfixit

    ATTN. MR BEER STAFF Australian Sparkling Ale

    I brewed the Cooper's as 6 gal, split into 3 LBKS. using booster instead of dextrose, and adding different Pride of Ringwood Hop treatments after looking at the Coopers AU recipes. It is a very fruity drink. The 2 different hop treatments were not much different in outcome. Original recipe called for HME + 1.5kg LME + 500g DME + 300g Dextrose in 22.5L. Coopers adapts their volumes also in the recipes for different outcomes. In 6 gal is it different from the Seasonal though. So I translated to using DME only and Booster. Cooper's Sparkling Ale #1 Cooper original recipe - 1/3 can HME + add 566g (20oz) light malt and 100g (4 oz) dextrose ( or 150g (5.3 oz) booster) Cooper's Sparkling Ale #2 - original + 0.5 oz hop aroma 5 min boil Pride of Ringwood leave hops in. Cooper's Sparkling Ale #3 -original + 0.5 oz hop 30 min steep tea Pride of Ringwood https://www.aussiebrewmakers.com.au/libraries/resources/Pale Ale Recipes/Coopers Sparkling Ale.pdf find these handy also, when looking at Cooper's brews: https://us.diybeer.com/brewing-info/recipes https://community.diybeer.com/ With 3 LBKs, it works out reasonably, although I try to get the Cooper's HMEs on sale making it quite cheap. However the recipe (23L) online is different from the refill kit that only contains 1.5kG of DME as additional fermentable. So you can use what you want I guess. It still works out to < $50 for 3 LBKs if you only buy the Brew can from Coopers.
  8. Nickfixit

    Apricot Amber Ale

    I used dried apricots, scaled in boiling water and whizzed in a blender to puree.. 1/2 lb got a good flavor in an LBK. I added after 1 week of fermentation. You can figure the equivalent sugar by the sugar content in label so you can adjust other fermentables to suit. I did get lots of bits in the beer though despite bagging it. But they tasted good.
  9. Nickfixit

    Metallic Grass like taste, need help

    All true. Great advice, but letting folks experiment to learn is good. Maybe they will discover something new, or if it turns out bad, reinforce their confidence in the advice - but some people like to make their own mistakes.
  10. Nickfixit

    Yeast in bottles

    Unless you are making the wheat beer which traditionally gets the yeast dregs swirled and poured into the glass.
  11. Nickfixit

    bread yeast experiment?

    For burning money - I can help, Just send it to me and trust that I burn it - Still we have several opinions. 1 - you can't get a traditional beer taste with bread yeast so it is a waste of time and money to try. 2. - if you do try don't use Fleischman's 3. - Some other brand yeast *Mills(maybe HodgsonsMill) gave an acceptable (to 1 person anyway) result 4. - Can try it and save $ using a simple extract brew. 5. - Some brewers are always curious to try new things. My conclusion - Most beer drinkers will not like beer brewed with Fleischman's yeast We do not know what beer brewed with HidgsoneMilltaste like We do not know that whatever the outcome TimelordJason may find this is his most favorite beer in the whole world. So I would say give it a try with HodgsonsMill and see. I doubt it will be undrinkable it just may taste strange. So probably does Kombucha. But then.....you can always pretend it is a new kind of beverage. Or like this http://brewingtv.com/episodes/2010/11/17/brewing-tv-episode-24-sahti-throwdown.html
  12. Nickfixit

    bread yeast experiment?

    Why not? ...... it is you that has to drink it........ It will definitely be beer but google to see best temperature for it. I looked and found this comment: Warning: Do Not use Fleishmanns or any other major brand of bread yeast. Ive conducted many experiments in years past when brewing supply runs were day trips across los angeles. Even "organic yeast" grown in mollasses. I may have gotten perfect fermentation profiles out of ' em, but they would always leave an annoying (usually annoyin) taste means a single chemical. I actally found a brand at Albertsons for "whole grain bread" from something -Mills . Really english ale character. Floctuated really strong .sticky yeast. Maybe this one - you can buy it online. https://www.hodgsonmill.com/products/active-dry-yeast
  13. Nickfixit

    Lower than expected Final Gravity twice now

    Um - am I confused? The hydrometer reading with distilled water should be 1.000 but instead reads 1.005. The error is +.005 so you would need to subtract 0.005 to get correct reading - no? So the when FG reads 1.015 on your hydrometer it is really 1.010?
  14. Nickfixit

    Kolsch recipe using Czech Pilsner?

    Um.... is the trub green because it has hops in it? Pellets are really finely ground up. If the beer turns out green you have to find some Irish friends. Yeah , I would not worry. I expect it is just the hop bits. I usually bag my hops so do not have green trub.
  15. Nickfixit

    Really odd question

    LOL, I was taken seriously here, I figured you all would catch on to the idea of "just drinking another until they taste good" lol. Maybe I could have said it better......