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  1. So - they needed a little more than 3 weeks.............. otherwise I get gusher bottles as before. The Saison was up to 76 deg. at one point, and the others needed to be at high 60s rather than low 60s to finish. So here are details FYI. It looks like nothing is cookie cutter really. Well, the Dortmunder Export is done (sorry I had misidentified it as Baltic Porter I think) BRIX steady at 8.3 for a few days. But it took 24 days (+ 2 to check it was done). S-05 The Double Deluxe Porter is surely done too at 24 days (at least it is FG 1.010 5.5 ABV for Porter HME and 2 LME packs (Smooth and Robust). (BRIX down from 7.2 on 19th to 6.6 today). I will give it 2 days to see. Mr B Ale yeast The Saison is really drying out at current FG of (BRIX 11.6 start, 6.6 now, --> ) 1.002 and ABV of ~ 6.0 but it may not be done yet, Although based on fermentables I think it is pretty close and that is after 2 weeks using 3711 yeast. (really aggressive...). I will leave it a few more days to be sure. Saison Mr B Canadian Blonde 13 IBU, 3.5 ABV, 1.56 lb DME eq. 0.25 lb Pilsner DME, 0.5 lb Wheat DME, 4 oz Vienna Malt Grain mash, 0.2 lb clear Candi sugar Hops need 7 IBUs - 0.5 oz each Strisselpalt and Saaz mixed. 0.5 oz boil 10 min, 0.5 oz at flameout. Yeast Wyeast 3711
  2. Well - I will now test them, and if they are not done - warm them up a bit.
  3. Probably California Common yeast would like that.
  4. I am doing same as miniYoda. I can't deal with hydrometers even though I have 2. I figure if you also know the target ABV you can back into the FG BRIX using the online calcs to see when you are done. ((not 100% accurate but). Recently I found the Baltic Porter was not done fermenting after 23 weeks. I had issues with that before making over carbonated bottle and S-05 is supposed to be OK at low 60s. Now, 3 days later after warming to ~70 deg and shaking it a bit, it is closer to target endpoint but I will give it a bit more since is still low. 2 Other brews are also making progress but not there yet. Not all of them like the 60s. Maybe I need to play Beatles records at them or something. Does yeast care what genre of music you play at it? Of course with summer coming on the AC is making the basement cold. SO I will have to brew lagers now.
  5. So at 61-64 do you need 4 weeks? or 5?
  6. I have also had this problem with Baltic porter before, and other darker stronger brews. I have a Baltic Porter fermenting now - it was with S_05 yeast - fermenting around 63-65 deg. and supposedly that yeast is happy there and 3 weeks should be enough. I measured the BRIX at start and after 21 days. 15.6 (OG 1.064) to start and 8.8 (FG 1.017) after 21 days. Using the online calc. this works out to ABV of 5.9 so it has not done yet. Needs to go to BRIX 8.3 (FG 1.013) for ABV of 6.5. The behavior wrt krausen etc. seemed ok, still small bubbles on top. I moved it into warmer room and shook it up a bit to circulate yeast. Now there is a good area of active bubbles on the surface - not 100% covered but the middle 2/3 is covered. I will let it go another week and check again.
  7. @MrWhy When I split a 6 gal recipe into 3 LBKs I fortunately do it not as AG so I have less liquid to deal with. I will make partial mash and hop boils separately for each LBK if they are different brews, so 1 gal pot is good, and I can ladle out from that while holding it over the LBKs to limit drips. Same with the HME. So for an actual 5 gal container, I could suggest trying to get one with a spigot? I am assuming you do not based on cup comments. e.g. Then you could fill a quart or 1/2 gal jug as interim container for wort transfer in a controlled way. Maybe you can find cheaper on sale or used.
  8. If you are going to do this again, probably a wort chiller is the best way. This sounds like a great idea. BUT before I would do it, I would test the process by boiling up just the same amount of water in your brew can and putting the ice bottles in it. The boiling wort will be a little hotter because of the dissolved sugar raising the boiling point but it will give you confidence the bottles won't burst or melt. If you stick a thermometer in it you will also get a rough idea if you have enough bottles in there or how long it takes to cool - for planning purposes.
  9. I have had to do similar where the seam meets to prevent drips. I just used a craft knife. Mentioned here in other threads (search "seam") and
  10. If making a lager it will be better to overpitch - it will end up cleaner. Put it all in. On the using half idea - I have done this successfully for ale temp brews and I have saved the half packets for reuse - sometimes for months. While refrigeration would be best, I have had no failures in second half use after sealing up the packet immediately with scotch tape and storing at 65 deg+/- in the basement with the other yeast I have. To do this though I do not get the yeast out to divide it, I shake the packet to distribute the yeast over the packet length then fold it in 2 length-wise, cut off one end and empty out the half of the yeast. Then tape it back up. Mostly though unless I am intending to feature ester production from growth phase I will use the whole packet - as I said - especially with lagers or lagers fermented as ales.
  11. I Please make sure you note the SIZE of the bag too in the instructions Maybe even note that the bag size has recently changed. Or indicate 1x 12 oz. bag or 2x 6 oz. bags.
  12. As I don't do AG but just mess with minor additions to HME, I use these for the hop parts sometimes so I can get rough order of magnitude on what I am doing. Unfortunately there are no good calculators or ways to measure flavor and aroma. Bitterness is not the same.
  13. The beer calculator should do this
  14. Well done - it is good to have a success first time.
  15. I lost my clips so I just use office binder clips. I didn't like the wand as I got one with no spring and it dripped and it is another thing to clean - so I cut 1.5 inches off the tube and stuck it in the spigot spout. Now I can bottle without spilling, over the sink. I like the LBK spigot much better as it has a spout. This is the LBK wand I think and the tube is tight but it will fit. But that is just me. When the LBK spigot washers start to look manky or I lose one, I use 5/8 inch garden hose washers.