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  1. Nickfixit

    Bottle Capper

    I mate the caps up with the bottles when I sanitize them, put sanitizer in the bottle hold the cap on it and then invert the bottle letting a little sanitizer get out and over the top of the bottle and around the bottle/cap seal area. Then I stand the pair up to sit for the 10 min. Then when I fill them I have the caps right there. I have a bench capper but I don't wash it - it does not contact any beer related surfaces.
  2. Nickfixit

    Stick on Thermometer

    $10 aquarium or "ray gun" thermometer is battery operated with digital readout. But it may not be more accurate, it just implies that it is 😎 I did have the $1.95 (now on sale for $1.45!!) stick on one but the readability faded on me.
  3. Nickfixit

    Problems with Mr Beer Website

    Yes I see now - some menus do not show pics etc.
  4. Nickfixit

    Stick on Thermometer

    If you have a Meat Refrigerator Pool Oven you can use this - it goes way high up there.
  5. Nickfixit

    Problems with Mr Beer Website

    Seems fine now. Well done 😎.
  6. Nickfixit

    Stick on Thermometer

    I have used ones like this at work, but $11.99? That is a REAL bargain. Maybe I will get one 😄 No wait - $10.99 and FREE ship[ping!
  7. Nickfixit

    Stick on Thermometer

    Better to get a $10 aquarium digital thermometer and tape it on, then you get actual degrees.
  8. Nickfixit

    Problems with Mr Beer Website

    Why would the French attack Mr Beer? Oh wait, You are attacking their wine market now...……………… Not serious, but there has to be some reason DDOS is just to mess with you, not like it is scouting your customer database. Although you may get that too. Time to get the FBI or whoever. Probably someone took over a French computer to do that.
  9. Nickfixit

    Boiling Yeast?

    When you use tired old yeast, would it be better to make a starter? Talking of yeasts, there was an interesting comment on effect of rapid temperature change on yeast from one manufacturer data sheet I read (Lallemand). On reconstituting yeast, they wanted you to do it at 85-95 deg. then cool gradually to wort temp 5 min per 10 deg, using small amounts of cool wort.. Their assertion was not that the cells got killed, but that rapid temp changes cause UNWANTED MUTATIONS, potentially causing off flavors. I usually just sprinkle it onto the wort though it seems to work but I am not sure of the impact on the yeast rehydration process - and how much better my beer would be if I followed their process. ***************************************************** Some Yeast Facts ***************************************************** Lallemand data sheets are interesting to me, for example they illustrate difference between the yeasts and why they behave differently. Why choice of yeast affects beer sweetness and attenuation. e.g. London which they say will not eat maltotriose sugar, leading to the sweeter beers, "London does not utilize the sugar maltotriose (a molecule composed of 3 glucose units). Maltotriose comprises an average of 10-15% of total sugar in all-malt worts. The result will be fuller body and residual sweetness in the beer. Be advised to adjust gravities and mash temperatures according to desired result. " https://www.lallemandbrewing.com/en/canada/product-details/london-esb-english-style-ale-yeast/ (If you pick the yeast in Brewers Friend calculator it does this compensation for yeast sugar usage for you.) or Belle Saison which they say is a variety diastaticus. "Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. diastaticus strains are capable of utilizing some types of dextrins. Extra care should be taken to ensure proper cleaning procedures are in place to avoid any cross-contamination with other brews. " https://www.lallemandbrewing.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/TDS_LALBREW_PREM_BELLESAISON_ENGLISH_DIGITAL.pdf I put some by accident in a brew of Sticky Wicket stout and it was very dry tasting. Choice of yeast affects Dry Hopping Also they describe the different effects for dry hopping incising different yeasts. Some yeasts produce chemicals that accentuate hop flavor. https://www.lallemandbrewing.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/LAL-bestpractices-Biotransformation-digital-1.pdf This is a fascinating paper detailing effect of various hops and transformation of the desired flavors, and includes the use of coriander as a source of chemicals for yeast transformation into similar flavors. Don't be put off by the chemistry speak, skim to find the conclusions (unless you are chemistry geek lol). https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/pdf/10.1002/j.2050-0416.2010.tb00428.x Quote Rehydration guidelines are quite simple and present a much lower risk of contamination than a starter, which is unnecessary when using the recommended pitch rate of dried active yeast. Sprinkle the yeast on the surface of 10 times its weight in clean, sterilized water at 30-35°C (86-95F). Do not use wort, or distilled or reverse osmosis water, as loss in viability may result. Stir gently, leave undisturbed for 15 minutes, then stir to suspend yeast completely. Leave it to rest for 5 more minutes at 30-35°C. Without delay, adjust the temperature to that of the wort by mixing aliquots of wort with the rehydrated yeast. Wort should be added in 5 minute intervals and taking care not to lower the temperature by more than 10°C at a time. Temperature shock of >10°C will cause formation of petite mutants leading to extended or incomplete fermentation and possible formation of undesirable flavors. Do not allow attemperation to be carried out by natural heat loss. This will take too long and could result in loss of viability or vitality. Inoculate without delay into cooled wort in the fermenter. Belle Saison yeast has been conditioned to survive rehydration. The yeast contains an adequate reserve of carbohydrates and unsaturated fatty acids to achieve active growth. It is unnecessary to aerate wort upon first use.
  10. Nickfixit

    Fermentation & Bottling

    It may be carbonated adequately at 2 weeks, but the 4 weeks gives the yeast more time to clean up any off flavors. And be patient, give it 3 days in the fridge before opening it for best results - this impacts proper absorption of the carbonation. If you are really impatient, put several in and you can hopefully see the difference over the few days. If you see no difference I guess it won't matter for you.
  11. Nickfixit

    Full Mash Kit Instructions Faulty

    For the Mr Beer with partial mash, I use water about 165 or 170 deg (my kettle does that ) and it come out in the pot in the 145-155 range generally. Then I sit it on the warming ring on the stove. IT will stay between 140-160 - not really accurate for careful all grain work, but I think for my PM it seems to work.
  12. Nickfixit

    Full Mash Kit Instructions Faulty

    Running the volume and grain in brewer's friend - it rates this at 4% ABV It is beer - but very sessionable - but lower ABV than most. Mind you, some Mr B brews with HME and 1 soft pack LME come in at 4.5% or less, and I do personally brew some of them that strength. So ABV is a matter of taste. I don't need really strong beers that much - usually I make 4.5-5.5% beers with very occasional higher. But I will agree 4% is pretty much on the low end. Someone gave me a Red Ale kit that was 1 gal. similarly and I made it in the Mr Beer LBK. If you got an LBK from Mr Beer kit, you could use that and it would not matter if you were over a gallon.
  13. Nickfixit

    Carbonation versus Conditioning

    If you don't want to steep grains, adding the Golden (wheat) LME/DME or even booster or maltodextrin powder will help head retention too. When you sanitize the LBK before putting the wort in, don't forget to open and shut the spigot a few times quickly before letting it sit its 10 min. The spigot sanitizing flow can be used on the plate for your utensils to sanitize that too. Also to sanitize it ALL over inside, I invert the LBK and shake it a bit as well as shaking it right side up before adding the spoons etc. to sanitize there as well. After the 10 min I put the utensils on the plate and invert/shake it again to be sure then give it another 5 or as long as I can based on the other parts of the process. I used to get infections but have not since I started doing that. I also use some sanitizer from the bottles in the LBK after cleaning, before putting it away when bottling.
  14. Nickfixit

    Carbonation versus Conditioning

    I don't think it will be problem. The yeast should wake up again and continue. You can always momentarily invert the bottle to get it up to suspension again if you are concerned. Don't shake though...……….dagnabbit - what do you think this is - champagne? lol. Wait until you win in Nascar.
  15. Nickfixit

    Carbonation versus Conditioning

    This is my opinion, Rick Beer may differ and provide better suggestions LOL. Just to emphasize - conditioning is out of the refrigerator. Carbonation is good at 65-70. The temperature for conditioning depends on the beer style ales - 60-75 is OK. I have mine in mid 60-s. Lagers colder. so maybe you could condition lagers in the fridge but it has to be a temp at which the yeast can be somewhat active. Then, putting it in the fridge for >= 3 days to allow carbonation to absorb. More carbonation is absorbed in the liquid at cooler temperatures - so that will affect head retention and initial carbonation gush.