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  1. Nickfixit


    Yeah I was not pleased with mine so far. I preferred the Chromos beer recipe.
  2. Brewing calculator - now that's a link having!  Thanks  😎

  3. Nickfixit

    Extra time

    I bought some Starsan but have not opened it yet as I am procrastinating on getting a suitable container for storing diluted stuff and also a good way to measure it out for small quantities. THe bottle measurer seems to cater to industrial use. They need a SMALL bottle for home users with dispenser for 1 gal increments of solution.
  4. Nickfixit

    DME to All grain conversion

    I am not a whole grain brewer but I would think it would affect hop utilization. From the charts of that, the more concentrated the wort the less you get out of them. http://howtobrew.com/book/section-1/hops/hop-bittering-calculations If you wanted to do it your way you could recalculate but you would need more hops. Ending up exactly right offers the optimum economic solution. But as long as you use the actual gravity of your boil to calculate hopping you should be OK. Note that the author of this linked article uses a 3 gal pot and boil gravity of 1.080, and adds water at the end to get his 5 gal fermentation wort at maybe somewhere around 1.050. 😮 He also fudges it a bit to account (or not) for boil off.
  5. Nickfixit

    18-Day Fermentation?

    I just give it 21. My pipeline is long enough that I will not go thirsty. So it makes life easy. Besides, Mon/Tues my wife works in a.m. so those are brewing days. 21 days cycles me to same day in the week.
  6. Nickfixit

    Time to get the Weißbier ready

    Re Pilsener. I prefer the Cooper's Pils I made with additions to the Mr B Pils. They do not seem to be the same as the recipes are different I found the Saaz hop additions I did made it more "European" in taste which I like. Maybe the Mr B HME could also be enhanced for improved aroma and taste. Coopers can makes 2.5% ABV in 6 gal so needs additions. They use Malt Extract and Brew Enhancer. Mr B makes ~ 3.5% ABV in 2 gal. Similarly add Malt Extract and/or Booster to get in 4-5 % ABV range Cooper's I split between 3 LBKs. My preferred recipe (out of 3 variations I tried) is this per LBK: 1/3 Cooper's Pilsener HME + 8 oz pils malt + 6 oz booster + 8 oz pils malt + 2 oz Cara 20 Partial Mash, 0.5 oz Saaz boil 15 min and remove , 0.5 oz Saaz flameout aroma hop leave in. 0.5 Saaz Dry Hop 7 days Ferment below 68 deg with 1/3 supplied yeast + 1/3 37/40(a pack of each yeast split across 3 LBKs) You have to figure what is best way to get this in your fermenters. I do it per LBK except for the HME. I only used a medium pan so did not make TOTAL concentrated wort for 6 gal in one container - you can if you want to. I made the amount for each LBK separately with different ingredients to see what I liked best. I made the HME solution in one container and split it 3 ways, then did the PM and other stuff for each LBK separately. If you have a big container you could maybe do it all in there at once then divide it. I have got similar results by infusing Saaz for 30 min in boiled water for 30 min (hop tea) as adding the hop at flameout. So this might be easier. Ferment below 60 deg.F (I use cooler and freezer packs)
  7. Nickfixit

    Time to get the Weißbier ready

    Don't worry, Mr Beer is up to it.....😁
  8. Nickfixit

    Fermentation results!

    What Rick said. 😁 Original description of adding priming sugar and relating that to discussion of Booster seems confusing. If unsure on measuring sugar and using booster : Add booster dissolved in mix with HME before putting it LBK and fermenting it. Don't bottle for 3 weeks Sugar for priming in bottle is easy if using PET, use sugar dots, (198 to the lb) put 3 in a 1L, 2 in a 0.75 L, and put 1 in a 12 oz glass bottle. If you want really high carb, put 4 in a 1L, 3 in a 0.75 L and 1.5 in a 12 oz. (I cut them with a chef knife).
  9. Nickfixit

    Wheat beer info

    I thought this a good article on German Wheat Beer. http://braumagazin.de/article/brewing-bavarian-weissbier-all-you-ever-wanted-to-know/
  10. Nickfixit

    Adding flavors

    Same here - I say smell this fruit or whatever. She says - "yes, smells like beer" and passes it back.
  11. Nickfixit

    First taste

    According to Internet, 1 tsp sugar = 0.15 oz. So 24 tsp = 3.6 oz. = 0.225 lb According to the Brewer's Friend calculator, 0.225 lb of cane sugar in 2 gal brew gives 0.68 % ABV Edit Ha... Shrike beat me to it.
  12. Nickfixit

    Don't Worry Be Hoppy

    I guess that means your legs are not so shapely?
  13. Nickfixit

    Pet bottles problem

    I have left mine on the bottle but always remove before using a replacement cap. I have reused caps many times. They lose elasticity in the seal after a bit but I will change them if I seem to be getting leak in the carbonation phase (if the bottle is low compared to rest of batch after a week or so). I replace the cap and throw an additional sugar dot in. But generally I think more than 6 times. I can tell by the build up of the labels on the cap. Probably should sterilize the cap too but I am lazy and lucky - no distinctly different bottles in the batch. Note if you drink soda or know anyone that does, the screw caps also fit the Mr Beer PET bottles. Save them, so you can reuse those too (and no annoying rings - 😁).
  14. Nickfixit

    Pet bottles problem

    This looks like fun blog for students of brewing. This entry from the log of a student at Niagara College (in Ontario, Canada) Brewmaster & Brewery Operations Management 2 year brewing course is on carbonation and shows some calculation on getting what carbonation you want. https://studentofbeer.wordpress.com/tag/carbonation/ Other pages in this are interesting too. I also found and annotated the chart below showing temperature effect is ~ 1.7:2.7g at atmospheric pressure. But the pressure is higher since the CO2 is retained so more will be dissolved. From room temp, the CO2 pressure will also go down as RB says, which will lessen solubility to some extent but since this is related to absolute temperature (deg K), it is not a huge factor (276:294 in this temp range.) For those really into the math of CO2 solubility....https://www.researchgate.net/publication/277688911_Carbon_Dioxide_Solubility_in_Beer/download https://tapintohach.com/2013/01/28/co2-solubility-in-beer-does-quantifying-it-precisely-matter/
  15. Nickfixit

    Pet bottles problem

    For me the 750 in glass would be too big. I generally only drink one glass (1x 12 oz bottle) at a sitting so it would likely go flat on me without a good stopper. That is another reason I like the PET with screw tops. I will agree I get the most reliable seal from glass bottles w/crimp on caps, but mostly the PET are OK for me. Also use a bench capper - I think more reliable than hand ones. I am sitting at 223 😮 LBKs bottled and 2 fermenting.