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  1. JoshR You are right. Defining terms is everything. I use the 198 to the lb ones. The bigger ones are hard to get in bottles + the smaller ones give better granularity In past pots on the topic, I think I have always said to use the 198 to the lb dots. (except above of course :-))
  2. All I can come up with is some exotic paint for measuring stress, or maybe diffraction grating film on the bottle top. . Probably better are self adhesive discs. or coating applied in bulk as the caps are made.
  3. I relieved pressure in the bottles - they were the PET screw cap. I checked the one 12 oz and the lid does not seem to be pushed up (past high pressure caps has been noticeably bulging up in the middle of the cap.) Actually that would be a good cap design, allowed to distort to show the carbonation pressure. It might be possible to indicate it fairly well, maybe by a coating on the cap that changes color or shade as it stretches or bends.
  4. That is what I thought too. So I trashed the 2 that had the pellicule and bought new ones when they had the $10 sale. Have not had it again yet.
  5. Yes But....Except that, following the chart it calls for 2 carbo drops that would be 4 cubes per 750ml bottle. DEFbrewer is recommending 2 cubes only. I find 4 cubes way too much. 3 cubes is often too much and more recently I am going with 1 or 2. So maybe it depends on the result one is looking for.
  6. I has not happened again so maybe I got rid of it. Or I am just sterilizing better. But this is how it ended up
  7. Well after some months I opened another bottle today. - a veritable carbonation volcano! The taste is more rounded in and there is some fruitiness to it also. But I had read that Brett keeps on over time fermenting otherwise unfermentable (by yeast) sugars and the carbonation can really increase. Seems that is what has happened. I have to check the other bottles to see how hard they are and if I have any glass ones - more dangerous.
  8. Welcome and I hope it comes out well. Reads like you are on a good track.
  9. The beer books say - if you are using extract and your water tastes good to you - use it. However if you are making a different style than the HME was intended for and the water of the target style location is much harder for instance, than the HME would suggest, I would think you might get some flavor differences from adding minerals. Or you can also add distilled to reduce the mineral taste. I did put some gypsum in my Irish red, but only because Dublin water is very hard and this was made from CAL which I assumed had a low to middling mineral level, and my home water is middling. I did not add any with the one I made from Can Blonde. I have no idea what Canadian water is like. This gives a summary of Ca, Na and MG for various places around North America and also in a range of bottled waters (might be handy :-))
  10. I seal them with scotch tape and keep them in a plastic container in a drawer in a cool room in my basement. I have not noticed any problems. although I have not compared old hops with new directly.
  11. That is why I am happy with the LBKs I can move them around. And while I have never done a 5 gal between 2, I have made several Cooper's 6 gal recipes between 3 LBKs and tweaked each differently.
  12. Well, yes they are not sold as current products but there are still 2 on the "sale" tab. But I think that is it except for the few in brewer's basements (3 Baltic Porter, an Imp Red Ale and a Helles Bock - aging a bit but in the near queue - Red Ale this week.) Of course that would mean that they are not relevant for QBrew for most users.
  13. One thing is that many wheat beers have flavoring besides malt and hops. Orange peel is very popular together with coriander. I tried a bunch of brews 2017 spring trying to make Hoegaarden clone I was close but not quite. Mostly I had too much peel I think. Still I did make one that my Belgian relatives really liked. I used "Forbidden Fruit" Belgian yeast for that. Shock Top uses sweet orange peel - this is just the colored zest you grate off fresh oranges - maybe 1 large orange or 2 small to an LBK is plenty together with 1 TBS fresh smooshed coriander seeds. Hoegaarden uses Bitter orange peel - this is dried peel but includes the white pith, which is bitter. Some Asian groceries have fresh bitter oranges in season. ( I bought some and dried my own peel as it was winter and the heating system was going strong) It tastes pretty much the same as store dried peel, except for about $2 I have enough for a lifetime). You can use the fresh bitter orange peel but not a lot - be very careful - it is STRONG.
  14. My wand fits but it is not a Mr B wand - it is the right size though (3/8 dia I think. They had 2 sizes, this was the smaller one) - but very tight. If you are concerned about wand dropping out, use some tape over the wand/spigot to prevent it.
  15. You can move the beer from one container to another to prime it, but I figure the more you mess with it, the more likely you are to get infections. My process is simple. put the sanitizer in the washed bottle, leave 10 min, empty out sanitizer, put in cube(s), fill with beer from spigot (old style LBK), cap it and wait. I did get a spring loaded wand for bottling now I have new black LBKs with no nozzle (grrrr) I will see how that works in about 3 weeks. If I don't like it I will just cut a piece off the tube to use as a nozzle.
  16. I am with Shrike on this Domino dots are it. Be careful though there are 2 sizes - make sure you get 198 dots to the 1 lb. pkt.. The bigger cubes don't fit so easy into the 12 oz bottles. Typically I use 1-2 cubes per 750, 2-3 cubes per 1L and 0.5 -1 per 12 oz. These days I have been using on the lower side as the beer has been over carbonated if anything. But it depends some on the style. At 198/lb the dots are 2.5 g each A tsp of sugar = 4.2 g So 3 dots are about 2 tsp. 2 dots are about 1 1/4 tsp But the big advantage is no mess or spills and they fit the bottles fine.
  17. You could offer them some to review if they give you written report even if you don't go. Especially if one of them is a cert beer judge.
  18. Mine too gives me reviews. Has them in his phone so he does not forget. Also helps with suggestions on partial mash etc.
  19. At my local store, I drop them off a bottle now and again, so they know what I make is OK.
  20. If you can put the towel to your mouth and blow air through it, it will not impact the CO2 gassing off. It will get the LBK warmer which maybe your intention.
  21. I would add a sugar dot and a new lid. (I have actually done this...) Soda bottle lids fit - sterilize it first though.
  22. Maybe you will be happier (and more uninformed) if you do not use the hydrometer - lol.
  23. Read Rick Beer's stuff first referenced in his posts.
  24. You can still see the top foam which is where the action is.
  25. Besides the flashlight, try sniffing around the edge of the lid while there is still foam on the beer surface. It should smell good if you like beery hop smells.