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  1. This guy does it often. Uses mr Beer kegs too. http://counterbrew.blogspot.com/2015/10/so-i-quit-washing-yeast.html
  2. Just added gelatin to clear my first lager brew. Mr Beer keg sitting at 36deg. Is 24 hours enough? Would like to bottle tomorrow. Will the yeast separate from the trub? Not sure how thick it will be, but want to try re-use it. Used 1/2 pack Knox gelatin in 1/2 cup water, about 1/8oz.
  3. syncman

    First Lager

    Reset to 50 thanks.
  4. syncman

    First Lager

    Just a dorm fridge, set at 45. Holds 2 mrBeer kegs.
  5. syncman

    First Lager

    Pitched yeast Saflager w34-70 at 55deg. Now arond 45deg. After 2 days beer was cloudy, and bubbles floating on the surface. Still going 2 days later. Not the sudden explosive action of an ale. Is this normal?
  6. Brewed my first lager today, simple 2row, 6 row, and flaked corn recipe I found online. Using my 5gal, BIAB, 120V kettle, and new temp controller. Built a recirculate pump and spray arm to keep temps more constant. Found temps all over the scale in the mash when I brewed ales.
  7. Have made about 20 Mr Beer brews. Always 3 weeks ferment, 3 weeks carb. 1 Mr Beer drop in a 16oz Grolsch bottle. This time absolutely no carbonation in first 2 bottles. What can I do to save the rest?
  8. Where can I order All the ingredients for a beer? After reducing 5,10 gal. recipes to a 2 gallon size, I get weird sizes. Is there a company that would put it together for me and ship? Or reduce one of their kits to a 2 gal. size?
  9. syncman

    LME vs. DME

    That chart is great thanks. Rick, I am trying not to brew 5 gallons at a time. 2 gal, 16 bottles of the same beer is plenty. Variety is the spice of life. 5 gallons would take too long to consume, before moving on to the next flavor. Right now I have the Helles Bock, American Ale, a French Country Ale and a Cider brewing. All in Mr Beer kegs I picked up on Craigslist.
  10. Avery labels or these"Online labels" The Avery have free software that is easy to use. These you have to import into a word processor. http://www.onlinelabels.com/Templates/OL5275-template-openoffice-ott.htm
  11. syncman

    LME vs. DME

    Cutting a 5gal recipe down to 2gal gives some awkward sizes. Rounding up to the next 1/2# shouldn't cause too much flavor change should it? Not making gold medal stuff here, just tasty beer for myself.
  12. syncman

    LME vs. DME

    I have been following this guy, Counterbrew. http://counterbrew.blogspot.com/ Want to try some of his recipes, but was wondering if 1.75# of Dry malt was equal to 1.75# of Liquid malt, for substitution purposes? LME seems to come in large cans, and storage would be a problem once opened.
  13. Almost ready for my first Lager. My "dorm fridge" Starts at 59 deg when it just kicks on. My question is how to carb lager in bottles? Not interested in kegs. I only do 2 gallons at a time, BIAB in an electric 120V pot. Read that its quite difficult and lengthy. Any tips?
  14. syncman

    Bottle wash day

    Yesterday I washed 110 bottles in about 21/2 hours, not much effort. Started outside and it started to rain, so I moved to the kitchen. Not too messy. Wife not too p@##$%d off. Only issue is pump sucks the sink dry every few minutes. Not enough water for the system.
  15. Made a few all grain BIAB batches now, 2 gallons at a time. Some recipes the yeast is pricey adds a lot to the cost, so I looked at videos of washing yeast. Now, if I end up with a few mason jars with about 1/4-1/2" of yeast on the bottom, can I pitch 1 jar to a new 2 gallon batch of wort, or would I need more? None of the videos I see are too clear on this point.