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  1. epete28

    Going With Less Sugar

    I use 16 oz bottles 90% of the time, and I always go with one teaspoon of sugar. I really dont have an issue with that amount of carbonation, but so many of you seem like it less carbed, so I decided to give it a shot. I've bottled a batch with 3/4 of a teaspoon. We'll see how I like it in about a month, lol.
  2. epete28

    Forgotten Batch

    I usually do, but I'm learning a new position at work and that's where most of the focus is. I just whipped up a quick standard refill to pad the pipeline.
  3. epete28

    Forgotten Batch

    It's not that bad, just a few days.
  4. epete28

    Forgotten Batch

    I all but forgot I had a batch in one of my LBKs. I checked my notes and realize that thing should have been cold crashing already! I wasn't always patient enough for such a thing to happen, it's kinda cool! Lol
  5. epete28

    First Experiment

    I'd be willing to bet these specs will settle to the bottom after you refrigerate for a few days.
  6. epete28


    Have you had IPAs in the past that you liked? That style certainly isn't for everyone. I love it myself, but many don't.
  7. epete28

    Aztec Mexican Cerveza

    I recently made this refill as is. Now, I ran from it for a long time because for whatever reason I didn't think I'd like it. I've gotta say that I'm pleasantly surprised with this one. It's really good to me, and I haven't even had it with salt & lime yet!
  8. epete28

    ATTN. MR BEER STAFF Australian Sparkling Ale

    The Australian Sparkling Ale is just about my least favorite brew that I've made. That being said, I drank every single one of them though. Just goes to show how different our palates can be.
  9. epete28

    Starting to think about HME and LME

    I'm 43 and just about every job I've had has involved night work. I enjoyed straight days for about 9 years as a local truck driver. I'm a railroader now.
  10. epete28

    Starting to think about HME and LME

    See, I do the salt thing with my coffee. I don't use cream, and the salt masks the bitterness. I've done it beers before too, but not with my own. Definitely trying it, maybe in the morning when I get off. Don't judge me, lol.
  11. epete28

    My first batch of brew

    Hey, it wasn't just the 70s, I remember those from the 80s too!
  12. epete28

    My first batch of brew

    That's quite an accomplishment! NOBODY enjoys CAL the 1st time, lol.
  13. epete28

    MrBeer 11216 5g CHURCHILL

    Okay, that's kinda what I thought. Thanks
  14. epete28

    MrBeer 11216 5g CHURCHILL

    I have 3 packs that say 16916. How do I interpret that? I also have a couple silver packs that have nothing on them at all.
  15. epete28

    Thunder Bay IPA Reloaded

    Hmm, I don't know, I got almost identical results 2nd time around. FG 1.020 the first time, and 1.019 now. No gonna sweat it though, just gonna carb it up and drink em like the last batch, lol.