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  1. I wish I had a cellar to be able to give you an answer on. #DeepSouthProbs
  2. I've used distilled water before. I only did it that once, but my beer turned out fine. I'm not saying my yeast wasn't stressed, but it worked.
  3. I remember back in '04 when I first started this craziness,y I took a CAL refill, added one pound of light DME, and one packet of Cascade, which I boiled for 10 minutes. I left the hop sack in, and fermented with US-05. That was a really good beer. Heck, I may make it again since I just reminded myself of it.
  4. It's inevitable I guess that after doing a few PM batches, we'll start having grain leftover. I've got some pilsen and 2-row that I'm considering mashing for the Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner I have. Will that work well?
  5. I put my last bottle of American Porter that I bottled 10/11/17 in the fridge. It is a trub bottle that I almost forgot about. I'm sure it'll be delicious, as was the rest of the batch.
  6. I'd love to make larger batches as well, but I'm in Southeast Texas, we have 2 seasons: cool and hell simulation. And storage is an issue. I have 3 LBKs and I already have beers stuck freakin everywhere.
  7. Oh, I'm sure they could, lol. I've gotten over 70% many times with Mr B yeast.
  8. Plain old Mr. Beer yeast. However, "Long Play" was actually stamped on the packet though, I don't know if it makes it special or not.
  9. So yeah, I forgot I brewed this with one pack of booster. My OG was 1.058, and I'm getting 1.013 now, so I'm pushing 6% ABV. I think it's probably done.
  10. 1.013
  11. Hadnt had a chance to catch a sample yet.
  12. I've got a Long Play IPA batch going, and on day 19, I've still got some tiny bubbles rising if I look with a flashlight. I normally would be crashing it by now if not for this. I'm wondering if this is normal, and it's just that this batch is light enough I'm color for me to see it? Should I wait until all that activity stops?
  13. Thanks! I mean, don't get me wrong, what I made was a solid IPA, but it was 1.2% below the estimated ABV. I think my techniques are better now though, I've gotta give it another shot.
  14. I ordered this recipe again. I thought my 1st attempt came out well, but I fell way short of the estimated abv. I still don't know what the hell happened because my OG was good. I still think it got stuck.