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  1. epete28

    Highest Attenuation?

    What's the highest attenuation you've gotten? Mine was 81% on my Let It Bee Honey Blonde Ale.
  2. epete28

    ABV boost

    It came out pretty good, but if I had to to let it condition awhile because it ended up being 6.6% ABV and it tasted a bit boozy at 1st.
  3. epete28

    ABV boost

    One pound of light DME, not one CAL of DME.
  4. epete28

    ABV boost

    -One CAL HME -One lb of DME -Two booster pouches -One oz of Willamette Hops (10 min boil) -US-05 yeast O.G 1.069 I called this "Harvey Special" because it was fermenting when the hurricane hit down here.
  5. epete28

    Favorite MB Refill/Recipe?

    I've had that one, I did enjoy it. I've got Shameless Stout fermenting now.
  6. epete28

    Favorite MB Refill/Recipe?

    I think it's funny how nobody can name just one!
  7. What are y'alls favorite Mr B batches? It's hard for me to decide. I really like the American Ale, both standard and deluxe. Sir Kenneth Blonde Ale is solid in my book too. Whispering Wheat Hefe was my 1st partial mash, I loved it as well.
  8. epete28

    Going With Less Sugar

    I've probably made 30 batches, or close to it, and I'm scared to graduate to glass. Lol, maybe someday.
  9. epete28

    Going With Less Sugar

    I dont dislike it, but with one full teaspoon there's no room for era it seems. I've had many bottles get "stretched" during conditioning, and one just plain exploded. Now that one I believe fermentation was stuck, but still.
  10. epete28

    Old Sanitizer

    I have reused it immediately before, but that's it. I mean literally bottling a batch and making another with no break.
  11. epete28

    Old Sanitizer

    When I bottle a batch I usually pour the sanitizer from all the bottles into one of my LBKs and I just leave it until I need the fermenter again. I usually make up fresh sanitizer before I brew again, but just curious, could I just go with that used sanitizer if the LBK hasn't been opened at all?
  12. epete28

    14 Days Into Fermentation

    You cant draw any conclusions about the final flavor from a sample you tasted during fermentation. It will change so much in the next 5 weeks. It's your 1st batch so I know you're anxious, but try to leave it alone. Remember, every sample you pull will take away from your yield.
  13. I have this recipe waiting to be brewed. It may be my next batch. I'm excited about it so I hate to hear you've ended up with a bad result.
  14. epete28

    Going With Less Sugar

    I use 16 oz bottles 90% of the time, and I always go with one teaspoon of sugar. I really dont have an issue with that amount of carbonation, but so many of you seem like it less carbed, so I decided to give it a shot. I've bottled a batch with 3/4 of a teaspoon. We'll see how I like it in about a month, lol.
  15. epete28

    Forgotten Batch

    I usually do, but I'm learning a new position at work and that's where most of the focus is. I just whipped up a quick standard refill to pad the pipeline.