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  1. fortybelowzero

    American Ale Review

    Bhob is right... the Santa Catalina Pale Ale is really good. I alter the recipe by steeping 4 oz Carapils, use Mt. Hood hops instead of Cascade and add 1 cup of honey. I also ferment this one for 28 days/4 weeks, cold-crash for 3 days, then carb/condition for at least eight weeks. A very good brew indeed!
  2. fortybelowzero

    First brews...

    JA - I too have found the MB/C yeast seems to ferment quite well outside the suggested minimum of 68 degrees. Typically I have no problem keeping the LBK temp at 64-68 degrees September thru May... it really isn't difficult to do that here in Anchorage. A few days ago I bottled a batch of Wild Wheat and was really surprised at how clear it was, for a wheat beer (I cold-crashed the LBK for 72 hours). Brews with an expected ABV below 6% I ferment for 21 days, those above 6% get 28 days. This seem to work well for me - I can always count on clear brews and compact trub. MB/C yeast is darn good stuff!
  3. fortybelowzero

    Medical beer?

    Geeze, this thread has gone to pot... where is Mr. Hand?
  4. fortybelowzero

    First brews...

    The HAA recipe is a pretty easy one to master. It was the third brew I did in my "new" LBK back in December 2014. After fermenting for 21 days, I let it carb/condition for six weeks and it turned out nice and crisp... not a hint of "green" or any other off flavors I could detect.
  5. One of my favorite brews is to slightly alter Mr. Beer's Fresco Chile Lime recipe: AMC HME + steep 4 oz Carapils for 30 mins + 2 fresh jalapenos + zest of one lime + 1/2 oz Cascade hops + 1 cup honey. Let it sit 3 weeks in the LBK then 6 weeks to carb & condition in the bottles. The jalapenos add a nice bite and mellow out with even more conditioning time. It's a great summer-time guzzler, or to thaw frozen toes-n-nose in the winter. Goes really well with tacos or nachos!
  6. fortybelowzero

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    Right now I've got a slightly modified Howling Red Ale in an LBK (sixth batch of this recipe) which will be ready to cold-crash in about 10 days. I just started brewing my second batch of Novacaine yesterday, and tomorrow I'd like to start another batch of Wild Wheat. A while back, Mr. Beer gave me a great deal on two Winter Dark Ale HME's which I'll start brewing into 4.5 gallons of Wicked Winter Warmer during the next couple of weeks. Towards the end of March I'll get another batch of Howling Red Ale going, again - it's my wife's favorite I took advantage of Mr. Beers 25% off sale and I'll have a large enough inventory of HME's and LME's to brew all my favorite recipes through this time next year AND do a little experimenting, too. Man, I love this hobby!
  7. fortybelowzero

    Novacaine question

    When I brewed my first batch of Novacaine last May, I noticed big globs krausen that didn't sink into the wort for nearly three weeks. I was informed this sometimes happens with US-05 yeast. I let it brew in the LBK four weeks, cold crashed for five days then bottled. I taste-tested one back in November and it was GOOD. I'll be starting my second batch of Novacaine this week to give as Christmas presents later this year... the recipe is that good!
  8. fortybelowzero

    Howling Red Ale Review

    This is one of my favorite recipes. My wife is quite fond of it as well. I alter it a bit by steeping 4 ounces of Carapils at 160-180 degrees for 30 mins and I also add 2/3 cup of "extra dark" brown sugar. The Carapils helps a little with mouth-feel and head-retention while the molasses in the brown sugar adds a little complexity to the flavor of the beer. The sugar also bumps up the ABV a tad. On December 22nd I'll have a batch that'll be ready to crack open after carb/conditioning for six weeks... just in time for Christmas!
  9. fortybelowzero

    One Year With Mr. Beer...

    November 11, 2015 I started brewing my first batch of beer one year ago this week. It was the Classic American Light and it didn’t turn out well. Not at all. At the end of two weeks, eager to bottle my first batch, I poured a sample… it had a pink-ish hue that reminded me of AVGAS. Hmmm. I decided to taste it and immediately spit it out… not only did it look like AVGAS but it tasted like AVGAS, too! I didn’t check to see if it was flammable, but it wouldn’t have surprised me if it was. The good news is my brewing skills have advanced nicely since then. My first stop after that disaster was this forum which has been most informative and immensely beneficial. “Thanks” to all of you ‘ole pros out there who take the time to answer questions and post advice. Any questions I’ve had had already been asked, and answered, here on the forum. During the past year I’ve perfected my technique and established my own routine that has been successful for me. I’m now the proud owner of three LBK’s and a 3.2 gal Speidel for the “big” brews. So far my favorite MB recipes (with modifications) are: Howling Red Ale (steep 4 oz Carapils and add 2/3 cup dark brown sugar); Have You Seen Cleopatra’s Asp? (steep 4 oz Carapils and add ½ oz Mt Hood hops); and my very favorite, Fresco Chile Lime (steep 4 oz Carapils, add ½ oz Mt Hood hops, use just 2 medium jalapenos, and substitute 1 cup honey for the recommended MB Booster). Currently I’m brewing batches #17 (Big Red One recipe) and #18 (Santa Catalina Pale Ale recipe). What’s next in my brewing cue? NOVACAINE… it’ll be my second batch! This time I’ll try adding 4 oz Carapils (steeped), 1 cup dark brown sugar and 1-2 Tbs mulling spices. I think it’ll make a nice Christmas-time barleywine for 2016. Thanks again to all the long-time brewers who’ve posted excellent advice, and to the noobs I say: be fastidious, be patient, read these forums and enjoy your beer.