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  1. The only acceptable "toss" is down your gullet.
  2. I bottled some wheat beers with fruit flavored extract from an LHBS for this purpose. I used 55 ml of extract for 8,162 ml (23 twelve oz bottles) of beer, or approximately 5 ml/740 ml bottle. If you have a kids medicine dropper or dispensing cup, that should work fine. My notes on a batch of Cream Ale shows that I used 2 ml/355 ml (12 oz), so the ratio there is about 4 ml/740 ml. That should be a pretty mild taste for a strong flavor like raspberry if you like fruit flavored beers. If you like Sam Adams Cherry Wheat or something similar, you should like this amount. I used the same amount of apricot flavoring and my notes say to use more, so keep in mind the strength/body of the flavor extract you are adding. ETA: I guess I should say that I added the flavored extract to the slimline at bottling with my priming sugar.
  3. I'm about 45 mins from K-zoo and surprisingly have not been there yet. A co-worker went and said he really enjoyed it. Sadly, I'm usually working when I'm in K-zoo, so no beer trips for me! (said in your best Soup Nazi voice) I WILL get there, but with the plethora of local micro's and the availability of Bell's at the store, I really have no need to venture very far.
  4. I transfer from the LBK to the SlimLine with a short auto-siphon.
  5. Sounds like a good tasting party, @KaijuBrew. I see you have an Oberon glass. I love that beer! This year's batch is especially tasty. I'm in SW MI and we have 10 microbreweries within 6 or 8 miles or so of my house, plus wineries and distilleries.
  6. I like Mr. B's Oktoberfest. It is even better as a Deluxe version with the extra malt. You did what the hobby is about: brew and learn. Good for you and I hope you enjoy many more of your own brews.
  7. What about a UPS Store or the like? Place an order from Mr. Beer and ship it there. Call the store and let them know you will be in town to pick it up.
  8. You mean for the non-beer drinking family members, right? My two batches of mead were 11% and 12%, with the 12%er being a strawberry melomel. I do like the idea of using the LBK for making mead. I can go from a 1 gallon batch to a 2 or 2.5 gallon batch in the same basic space.
  9. Having brewed Voodoo myself, a piece of advice: let it sit!!! The reviews are right when they say wait a year. I couldn't do that, but I did wait 6 weeks for the first one. I finished the last one at the one year mark. I wished then that I had let the entire batch sit. I'll brew it again and do just that.
  10. I'm not an ABV chaser, either. I like to brew for the flavor/style but I like to know the ABV as well. Just part of the process that I like doing. Some folks ask about it when you offer them a home brew, thinking it'll be water-weak, and it's nice to come back with "It's X.xx%", not a shrug of the shoulders.
  11. Gotcha. I thought you were wanting to use it for determining FG. Like @RickBeer said, it should work just fine for monitoring for change.
  12. @MRB Tim, it looks like the gauge/display on the one in your link has Brix on the left and gravity on the right. That's how mine is. I read OG directly off the gauge on mine. @Shrike, I don't think you can use a refractometer on beer, only wort. ETA: OK, in researching that statement, there seems to be a way to use the refractometer to measure and calculate FG, although the by and large consensus is OG only. I'll have to research it more to see if it makes sense for me to do it that way. I kinda like to have a hydro sample to take my reading from and then sip as I'm bottling.
  13. Thanks for the example. That makes sense seeing it written out. I'm like you - I would probably experiment with each LBK.
  14. Thanks for the info. I figured the can of HME alone would make a pretty weak brew at 6 gallons. Are you dividing the HME and making it one LBK at a time or are you making it in one batch and dividing it between the LBKs? That's how I do a 5 gal batch - mix it all up in one pot, cool it, add it evenly to the LBKs, then top off. I wouldn't mind trying their Pale, APA, and Amber.
  15. No problem. With a small batch, it doesn't make sense to periodically check your final gravity over a two or three day period to make sure fermentation has stopped as you would use up too much of your beer. Three weeks gives time for complete fermentation plus any clean-up the yeast need to perform. In the beginning, it was suggested two weeks (or even less!), but the collective wisdom of a whole slew of Mr. B brewers decided three weeks works. When you bottle your beer, let them sit for 4 weeks at 70°F or more. When you are ready to drink, put them in the fridge for 3 days and then drink. Don't worry if the first go-round isn't great. It's beer, you made it, and you'll do better next time! Look in the pinned topics above this for other notes, and seek out a post by RickBeer for many good notes in his signature.