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  1. I may stay Fri. and Sat. nights to make it interesting. I know it is easy to get too much 3F in you to drive.
  2. @MRB Josh R, I'm sure we can do something like that. Anything specific by them?
  3. If we are going to do this in Munster, I'm guessing a stop by 3 Floyd's is in order, no? Great beer and great food. @scouterbill, you be glad to know the last couple of times I went, the music was at a tolerable level. I'm about 45 mins or so from there so count me in!
  4. You got it. Follow the basics and you'll do fine. As far as the Shiner Bock, there are a few folks who may be able to suggest a recipe for you. Welcome to the hobby and the forum!
  5. I made it to Dragoon Brewing after visiting Josh and stopping at the Tucson Hop House. Their Frosty Friends Red IPA was awesome. It was even more awesome cask aged with an extra dry hop addition.
  6. Well, I made it to Mr. Beer headquarters. Josh and I talked for a bit, toured the digs, sampled some beer, got the skinny on some of the micros in town to hit, and I bought some half-price HMEs. Nice visit - thanks, Josh!
  7. Any other recommendations for dinner or drinks? I'll have two nights open for dinner. If it is at a brewpub, so much the better. I'll most likely head over to Dragoon after leaving Mr. Beer since they aren't too far apart if they are open.
  8. @Kevin Caffrey, they just keep getting better the longer they sit. Seriously, hide one or two and put a note on your calendar to go get them. You'll kick yourself for not saving more!
  9. A light (lite) beer with a kick! Nice!
  10. @WisconsinBadger, @Shrike, @Kevin Caffrey, do yourselves a favor and let as many bottles age for as close to a year as you can. Believe me, you won't be disappointed!
  11. I would think that would be OK to try young. The lighter beers don't gain much by aging/conditioning like the higher ABV or maltier/darker beers do. Maybe wait 3 weeks since it will probably have a higher ABV than normal.
  12. What is this batch, Pete? If it is an IPA or a wheat, try it early. It should be OK after 2 or 3 weeks.
  13. recipe

    I'm an altbier fan so I really enjoyed the article. I'll try the above recipe as well. I am just about finished with a 5 gal batch from AIH. I brewed that one with an ale yeast. The next batch will done with a lager yeast. The batch after that will be a lager yeast and then lagered for a couple of weeks extra to see how that influences the final product. I read that in the BYO article and it sounds like something I would like to try.
  14. Thanks for the suggestion. I may need to leave on Saturday...
  15. It's on! Shipped the component to the customer so I'm planning on flying out there Oct. 11 and returning Friday or Saturday. It looks like I can get there around lunch on Wednesday so I'd head over to the Mr. Beer shop for a few beers, I mean minutes. Customer on Thursday and try to meet a forum member from an FAL forum.