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  1. When I first got mine, I calibrated it and compared it to the hydrometer. It was always within a point of the hydro, and both were within a point or so of the recipe if the OG was given, or what the brew program calculated. After that, I quit wasting wort in the hydro and used the refractometer. Is it 100% right? Probably not. Do I care? Absolutely not! I like to have an idea of the ABV, but I don't need to prove that it is correct in a lab or a court. With 5 gal batches, I wouldn't mind a hydro at both ends of fermentation. I'll probably do both as a check on each of them for OG.
  2. I bought a refractometer for my OG readings. The volume in an LBK is small enough that I only want one hydrometer reading's worth lost. One drop with a refractometer and about 1/2 - 3/4 of a cup for the hydro. That gets sipped as I'm bottling once I read the FG and make any corrections.
  3. Nice! I'll keep this thread updated as the time approaches assuming everything goes to plan.
  4. To the Mr. Beer Team, it looks like there is a very good chance of my company visiting a customer in Tucson. If so, I would take the trip in hopes that I could stop by and visit. Would that be possible? I would plan an extra day there to visit as I guess no one is there after hours.
  5. Nice topic, @AnthonyC. I love barleywines for the holidays. My first homebrew (at a brew shop) was a barleywine with a coworker back in 1997. I have some Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine from 2013 in the basement now. I also have some Samichlaus from 2012, 2013, and I think 2014. Both of these beers age really well. I usually drink two or 3 bottles of them over the holidays, and pick up more each season to keep the aging pipeline going. (Puts barleywine on the list...)
  6. Thanks, @Creeps McLane. You echo what another forum poster said except he doesn't like burst carbing. He likes the minimum 3 weeks for conditioning so he puts his regulator at 12ish psi for 2-3 weeks after the conditioning phase. That yields a 5-6 week time to drink but if you plan for it, it may not be a bad thing. I'm sure I'll play around with burst carbing at least once.
  7. I'm just getting ready to start kegging myself. I have a second temp controller mocked up, ready to wire, a freezer to modify for my keezer, a CO2 tank to get filled, and my taps and lines. I'm just waiting on my double body regulator. How long to I need to have the keg under carb pressure before it's ready? I know it needs to be cold (serving temp or lower) to carb, just not sure on the time. Conditioning will take the normal 4 weeks unless it is meant to be drank young, so the carb time will add to the time before consumption. I have this chart bookmarked - http://www.kegerators.com/carbonation-table.php for determining vols of CO2, just not sure on the time. I have seen a few different things out there but you guys are family so I thought I'd ask here first.
  8. @BDawg62, I'm going to try your method on my next batch. My wife wants a blueberry melomel. The first two batches I made just sat for the entire primary and secondary fermentations with no movement. They aren't "hot", but I have a bottle from a co-worker that would probably run my lawn mower.
  9. The only acceptable "toss" is down your gullet.
  10. I bottled some wheat beers with fruit flavored extract from an LHBS for this purpose. I used 55 ml of extract for 8,162 ml (23 twelve oz bottles) of beer, or approximately 5 ml/740 ml bottle. If you have a kids medicine dropper or dispensing cup, that should work fine. My notes on a batch of Cream Ale shows that I used 2 ml/355 ml (12 oz), so the ratio there is about 4 ml/740 ml. That should be a pretty mild taste for a strong flavor like raspberry if you like fruit flavored beers. If you like Sam Adams Cherry Wheat or something similar, you should like this amount. I used the same amount of apricot flavoring and my notes say to use more, so keep in mind the strength/body of the flavor extract you are adding. ETA: I guess I should say that I added the flavored extract to the slimline at bottling with my priming sugar.
  11. I'm about 45 mins from K-zoo and surprisingly have not been there yet. A co-worker went and said he really enjoyed it. Sadly, I'm usually working when I'm in K-zoo, so no beer trips for me! (said in your best Soup Nazi voice) I WILL get there, but with the plethora of local micro's and the availability of Bell's at the store, I really have no need to venture very far.
  12. I transfer from the LBK to the SlimLine with a short auto-siphon.
  13. Sounds like a good tasting party, @KaijuBrew. I see you have an Oberon glass. I love that beer! This year's batch is especially tasty. I'm in SW MI and we have 10 microbreweries within 6 or 8 miles or so of my house, plus wineries and distilleries.
  14. I like Mr. B's Oktoberfest. It is even better as a Deluxe version with the extra malt. You did what the hobby is about: brew and learn. Good for you and I hope you enjoy many more of your own brews.
  15. What about a UPS Store or the like? Place an order from Mr. Beer and ship it there. Call the store and let them know you will be in town to pick it up.