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  1. kraig927

    Creating a recipe database

    the spreadsheet looks real nice yoda. Keep up the good work.
  2. kraig927

    Looking for a recipe for an Irish Red Ale.

    have made a few good red ale using the imperial red hme and a golden lme. I have been mashing carared and added red wheat flakes and 2-row to my last mash.
  3. kraig927

    Rate My IPA

    I can't give you a rating unless you make this beer and send me a 6 pack.
  4. kraig927

    How to improve Czech Pilsner?

    tettnanger hop addition with 2 smooth lme is the alberts atomic altbier recipe. Turned out ok when I did it.
  5. kraig927

    First Brew = Autumn ESB

    loosen then cap 1/4 turn and try to keep the temp at 65 for best results
  6. kraig927


    70 degrees
  7. kraig927

    Churchhill nut brown recipe ideas

    thanks josh. What specialty malts would compliment this recipe then ? I have some caramel 120 I need to use up if that would work. Might be a little too dark a grain? Also some carahell but don't think it will match the flavour profile.
  8. kraig927

    Churchhill nut brown recipe ideas

    Thanks cisco...think I'll give that a try...some new mr beer recipes on there as well if others haven't seen the site. Not trying to go all mad scientist or anything but what does everyone think of me mashing .5 - 1 lb of marris otter grain with this recipe ?
  9. kraig927

    Churchhill nut brown recipe ideas

    So no to the lme addition then ?
  10. kraig927

    Churchhill nut brown recipe ideas

    Thanks josh
  11. I am looking to make the nut brown and am looking for some recipe ideas. I am looking to mash some grain, and add a lme and a hop boil as well. Also any yeast suggestions for this batch as well.
  12. kraig927

    Specialty Grain Ideas

    I mash cara red with all my red ale recipes. great flavour. make a good imperial red hme partial mash recipe for all to enjoy.
  13. kraig927

    Newbie needs help.

    If you dont have a hydrometer brews should ferment for 21 days not a week. Not sure if you will end up with much of a brew with only 1 week fermenting. Read some of the stickys under rick beers posts. Will help you get where you want your beer to be.
  14. If you want to venture into AG I would buy the biab starter kit from Northern Brewer, I have it and have been pretty happy with it. Comes with what you need, is fairly reasonably priced vs buying the equipment individually. Also comes with a 3 gallon caribou slobber kit which tasted good.
  15. kraig927

    Irish moss

    I almost always use Irish moss unless it's a dark beer. I am always mashing some grain with my recipes though.