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  1. BDawg62

    Temp & Fermentation

    It is a diacetyl rest but it also does help with finishing fermentation. It is not necessary but it doesn't hurt either. I always raise my temperature as fermentation finishes by a degree per day until I hit 66 or 67 degrees. I leave it at that temperature for a few days and then turn off the heat and allow to drop to basement ambient temperature prior to bottling. I never cold crash (just my preference)
  2. BDawg62

    Temp & Fermentation

    Fire Rooster, My fermentation chamber does not have the ability to cool based on wort temperature. I can only cool to an ambient air temperature. Because I also measure the temperature of my wort during fermentation I have a pretty good idea of what ambient works to get the wort to the proper fermentation temperature. I set my chamber to 59 or 60 degrees ambient to achieve a fermentation temperature of 62 to 64 degrees for most of my fermentations. I am using liquid yeast (chico strain) most of the time but occasionally I do use US-05 (dry chico strain). It ferments perfectly at those temperatures so if your fermentation spot is 59 to 61 you should be fine as well. Use @RickBeer advice and check with a hydrometer to ensure fermentation has completed. Dawg
  3. BDawg62

    Upcoming Brewing Schedule

    I have a friend that does 1 bbl Biab. Had a bag made especially for it. Uses pullys and hoists to lift the bag.
  4. BDawg62

    Partial Mash

    Cryo hops will work but remember they are much more potent than regular pellet hops. I have not used them myself but understand that they perform best later in the boil and dry hopping. Maybe use regular pellets for your bittering addition and use Cryo for flavor, aroma and of course dry hop.
  5. BDawg62

    Miller Lite

    Lionfan67, First of all, welcome to the forum. I hope you stick around after being beaten up with your first post. Don't listen to the grumpy old man above. If you are a Miller Lite drinker and want to brew something similar then so be it. That is the great thing about being a homebrewer, you can brew what you want. With regard to a recipe that is closest it would be Classic American Light straight up from Mr. Beer. In homebrew competitions this beer style is rarely attempted because of the hatred but also because it is difficult to brew well, but it can be and is done. Most craft beer people hate AB InBev and Miller/Coors as do I, but as a brewer I also have a great deal of respect for them. Think about it, no matter where in the US that you buy a Budweiser, Bud Light, Miller Lite or Coors each one will taste exactly the same. As a brewer being able to achieve this in multiple batches not to mention from multiple breweries is an awesome accomplishment. Dawg
  6. BDawg62

    Partial Mash

    If you have grains that are not crushed, you can put small amounts in a baggie and crush with a rolling pin (not easy). I have done it with this method and after one time made sure my grains were always crushed. You can also use a food processor but that makes a mess. I now have my own mill so not an issue.
  7. BDawg62

    Partial Mash

    JDub, You are fine, just understand that sharing a recipe requires that you input the complete information. Since you used C60 for your beer you should have stated that in the recipe. Remember there are folks on this forum who have relatively little knowledge about brewing and others who have vast amounts of knowledge about brewing. The difficulties arise in answering the questions of the former and quieting the later.😉 Dawg
  8. BDawg62

    Partial Mash

    I have no problem eating them either. The Briess rep probably doesn't promote eating them because a 20L and a 40L are different in quantity but if you look closely they are a mix of light and darker grains. The 40L has more dark than the 20L. If you were to get all lighter grains in your sample you probably wouldn't notice a difference.
  9. BDawg62


    ^^^^^^ THIS
  10. I live in Ohio where this time of year the ground water is awesome for chilling. But it is a different story in July. My solution was to buy a 50' coil of 1/2" copper tubing and wrap it around a pot or something a couple of inches smaller than the inside dimension of a 5 gallon bucket. Make it so that you can get to both ends when submurged and using tubing and some fittings make it so that you can connect it to your garden hose and then to your other immersion chiller. Either plan ahead (I never do that) or buy a bag of ice at the store and run that immersion chiller in the bucket filled with ice and then into your immersion chiller in your wort. I can cool 3 gallons of wort to 62 degrees with 70 degree tap water in about 15 to 20 minutes using this method. The ice cost about $4 each time but I don't have to wait to pitch and risk infection.
  11. Can't clone it with a MRB extract. Best version is an all grain recipe. There is an extract recipe as well. Look on Northern Brewers site for Caribou Slobber. Also note, that the recipe instructions are on their site with ingredient quantities so you don't actually have to buy it from them.
  12. Most of those guys don't brew decent beer either. They tend to deflect to their equipment because their product does not speak for itself. In my experience in my brew club the guys more interested in equipment and who's is better don't bring beer to share and when they do it usually isn't that good. Those of us who concentrate conversations on processes are the base that bring beers to share and surprise, it is usually good beer. We also as a club support anybody that brews with Mr. Beer and try to help them through any issues. It is how I started and even though a lot will not admit it, they started the same way too.
  13. Haggard, First of all welcome. Since you say you are new to brewing the general recommendation is for you to first make several pilot batches so that you have the processes down and understand the brewing process. Making a clone of a particular beer will either be an extract recipe or more likely an all grain recipe. Neither of which you are probably ready to tackle at this point with good results. Since you already have an LBK, my suggestion would be to buy one of Mr. Beer IPA refills and brew it only after familiarizing yourself with the processes necessary to brew good beer. Plenty of advice on this forum has already been given multiple times by the experienced brewers on this forum. Then after you have brewed your first recipe, try another and then try another. With time you will get better at the craft and will then have enough knowledge to tackle a high ABV clone of a beer. Dawg
  14. BDawg62

    Bottle priming with Corn Sugar

    Corn sugar and cane sugar are different since corn sugar is not quite as fermentable as cane sugar. The measurements that you use per bottle of cane sugar will work with corn sugar but will leave slightly less carbonation. For arguement sake, say that 1/2 tsp per bottle will net 2.4 volumes of carbonation with cane sugar it will net about 2.3 volumes with corn sugar. Corn sugar has 95% of the fermentable potential of cane sugar. I batch prime so when you do that you also need to know the highest temperature the beer reached and not the current temperature.
  15. BDawg62


    http://www.ezwatercalculator.com/ This is what I use to get an idea of my mash PH. It is very accurate with the measurements that I have taken with my PH meter. I don't even bother to double check any longer. It does require that you know the mineral makeup of your water. Some municipal water sources will give you this information if you call them. Some frankly don't test for all of those items. You also could take a sample of your water and send it to get it tested. Ward labs is the most recommended lab for this. https://www.wardlab.com/BrewersKitOrder.php They will test your sample and return the results to you via an email. Another option is a water test kit, I have one of these. https://www.morebeer.com/products/lamotte-brewlab-basic-water-test-kit-718901.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiA28nfBRCDARIsANc5BFBa0F8IkvFBTuu6j2XVP6mk-uRsWqW6QtCfxr5znQCLZX9LOkOue0MaAvIEEALw_wcB