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  1. BDawg62

    Churchill’s brown ale

    Hoppy, That would have too much dark malt for a Scottish.
  2. BDawg62

    No evidence of fermentation?

    If there isn't a perfect seal, there won't be gas bubbles in the airlock.
  3. BDawg62

    No evidence of fermentation?

    Some fermentations don't develop Krausen for one reason or another. Check your gravity. I"ll bet you already had fermentation.
  4. BDawg62

    Metallic Grass like taste, need help

    Congratulations, you have finally gotten @RickBeer to give up. That is a feat worthy of a medal. It is your beer and you can do what you want with it. I always drink a bottle after a week of carbonation. It lets me know how my carbonation level is progressing and how the beer is progressing. I always drink at least a couple of ounces at bottling so I can see the changes starting to happen. Not to mention, I don't have the patience to wait longer to see how my batch turned out. They do change as the weeks go by but in the end it is your beer. And by the way, you aren't wasting it by drinking it, you are just converting it to waste water.
  5. BDawg62

    Yeast Wars ?

    There are also some commercial yeast that you can purchase that is already a blend. I use a couple from White Labs myself. WLP080 is their Cream Ale yeast which is suppose to be a blend of Lager and Ale yeast. Also, WLP060 is their American Ale blend which is a blend of several American Ale yeast. Both of these yeast perform well and I really like the WLP060, it seems to perform a little better than WYeast 1056 which was my go to American Ale yeast in the past. I still use it for some recipes that I have had good results with but I use the WLP060 on any new American Ale recipes that I try.
  6. BDawg62

    MUG MidWest Meeting #2

    Passed it a couple of weeks ago. Judging this weekend at the Ohio State Fair.
  7. BDawg62

    MUG MidWest Meeting #2

    One week later and I would probably be there. Hoping to make the list for the BJCP exam on the 23rd.
  8. BDawg62

    First Experiment

    I would say that is active fermentation
  9. BDawg62

    Yeast in bottles

    Here is a video for a gadget that I don't know if it works or not.
  10. BDawg62

    Belle Saison

    Give that yeast time to finish (make sure you go the full 3 weeks). It will eat through most everything. It is a monster.
  11. BDawg62

    Looking for a Christmas beer recipe

    The last Club Competition for my homebrew club was everyone brewing the same recipe. It was in fact my Blonde Ale recipe that I have won several medals in other competitions. I did not win either, and every beer that was brewed was different from each other. So a recipe is only a guideline, you as a brewer have to do everything else to complete that beer. Even Anheuser Busch brewers have to blend several batches of Budweiser to get the taste just right.
  12. BDawg62

    Metallic Grass like taste, need help

    If you are transferring to secondary, how are you accomplishing this? If you are using a racking cane to move the beer from a 5 gallon carboy to an LBK then try replacing the racking cane and tubing. I have only used a secondary twice and that was when I racked my initial batch onto cherry puree and recently I split a 5 gallon batch in the middle of fermentation and added orange zest to half of it. The 1st half stayed in the original fermentor.
  13. BDawg62

    Wort aeration is bad?!

    Only one way to check this out. Brew two identical batches side by side and only aerate one of them. Then when both batches are ready to drink, do a blind triangle test with tasters to see which beer is preferred and if they are able to pick out the different beer. I am still going to aerate.
  14. BDawg62

    Starting to think about HME and LME

    Canmanron, I understand the "twang" that you are getting. I got it from any HME or LME batch that I brewed. Then I tried DME and added my own hops and it all but disappeared. Now with all grain it is gone completely. I use my tap water and campden tablets to dechlorinate it. Maybe try the DME approach or try Distilled water since the LME and HME already have the necessary minerals in them.
  15. BDawg62

    First attempt starting tonight

    What is the purpose of the Wine fridge? Why are your bottles on their side. You need to carbonate at 70 degrees or higher. Also, your bottles will carbonate on their side but then you will have a layer of trub on the side of the bottles. Always keep your bottles upright to keep the trub on the bottom. Otherwise it will end up in your beer when you pour it.
  16. BDawg62

    I cannot lager

    JDub, Maybe, I haven't brewed any lagers myself because I can't achieve the 34 degree rest. I am not sure if S-23 requires this type of lagering. I did a quick look around on the internet and came up with just more confusion. I would look myself and decide what you think based on your research. Lagers are tougher to ferment but rewarding in the end. Dawg
  17. BDawg62

    I cannot lager

    Marius, To answer your question, yes you can change yeast. A lager yeast will usually create a cleaner fermentation than what an ale yeast will create. However that is based on being able to handle the lager fermentation with proper temp control throughout. That means fermenting in the 50s and then raising to the upper 60s for a diacetyl rest and then cold crashing to the low 30s to "lager" the beer for a month or two. Most brewers don't have the equipment or patience to accomplish this fermentation profile. You can use an clean fermenting Ale yeast to closely simulate the lager cleanliness but you will end up with a slightly different beer. US-05 would be the best choice for this (or similar liquid yeast) and it should be fermented in the low 60s to help make it as clean as possible. You could even go as low as 60. Be sure to pitch plenty of yeast so that there is no yeast stress that will cause ester production and it will be a good beer. Dawg
  18. BDawg62

    Wide temperature range yeast

    $ 8.95 is not cheap but if you harvest your yeast and reuse it, the price per batch can be fairly cheap.
  19. BDawg62

    Yeast temp

    Jdub, As Creeps said, it is the optimum range. I recently brewed a Cream Ale using White Labs 080 with a range of 65 - 70 and I brewed at 63, it rose to 67 after fermentation was basically finished. I then brewed a beer using White Labs 060 with a range of 68-75 and it never got above 64. Both beers fermented completely without issue. You just have to get to where when using a yeast you know what it will tolerate. Both of the above yeast are generally clean but at the temps that I brew they are very clean. Also note that I usually pitch at least 1.5 times the recommended amount of yeast and sometimes twice the amount. Lots of healthy yeast is the secret with healthy being the key word here. Wort is meant to become beer and yeast love to make this happen. It is difficult to almost impossible to kill them at lower temperatures. In fact, if you harvest your yeast from a batch and store it in an airtight jar in the fridge, you are risking an explosion because they will still slowly work even at those temperatures. Dawg
  20. BDawg62

    Metallic Grass like taste, need help

    I thought is was MAGIC, isn't that what the "Bottling Wand" is for?
  21. BDawg62

    2 LBKs

    You are a victim of the obsession we call HOMEBREWING. There is no cure, you now have the ability to only think about beer no matter what you are doing and to think of how everything you see could be used in your brewing process. Congratulations
  22. BDawg62

    Old Yeast Question

    JDub, Ignore what the cheapskate above said. If you want to add $4 to each batch of beer you brew then by all means do just that. I personally quit using the Mr. Beer yeast as well after a few batches. Two reasons, I think it gave a character to the beer that I didn't like (could have been other mistakes). And second, it is not a yeast that you can just go buy at your LHBS. So if I decided to brew something that didn't use a Mr Beer HME then I wanted to know that I could trust the yeast I was able to obtain. Dawg
  23. BDawg62

    Metallic Grass like taste, need help

    I had a similar problem about 18 months ago. Do you use a bottling bucket or do you bottle from the LBK? How old is your bottling wand? In my case, the issue was an infection in my bucket or one of my hoses. After all were replaced, the issue went away.
  24. BDawg62

    Old Yeast Question

    Marius, As @RickBeer said there is really no need to do it for a Mr. Beer batch or any batch of beer. That being said, I brew All Grain batches and always add commercial yeast nutrient in addition to pitching plenty of healthy yeast. For me it is more insurance than a necessity, IMHO it is $0.20 well spent. Using old yeast in the boil serves the same purpose as commercial yeast nutrient, commercial yeast nutrient is dead yeast and some other minerals to help with yeast health.
  25. BDawg62

    Old Yeast Question

    Nothing wrong with your method JDub. You should taste a sample at 21 days to make sure it didn't get stuck. As long as a 1 ounce sample taste like flat beer at 21 days you are good to bottle. No reason to waste a bunch of beer.