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  1. I've added grapefruit flavor to an IPA that way. As per the 5G recipe, steep 2 oz of grapefruit zest in a cup or two of vodka for a several days and then add that along with the dry hops to the fermenter a week before the bottling date. When I was bottling, the grapefruit kept clogging up the bottling wand, so next time I'll put it in a mesh hop bag. However, the grapefruit came through pretty strong and most people who like IPA's have said they liked it.
  2. Congrats, DrMJG!
  3. ^^ Yes, definitely put it in a hop sack. I recently made a 5G Extract w/steeping grains Grapefruit IPA recipe, it called for 2 oz of grapefruit peel to be steeped in vodka for a few days along with extra hops to be added to the fermenter a week before bottling. I had a heck of time bottling it as the grapefruit peel pieces kept clogging up my bottling wand. I had to stop and clean the bottling wand several times. However I was able to get it all bottled and the IPA's aroma and taste are wonderful.
  4. I was going through their other items and they've got quite a few thing on sale. Thanks for posting this, Hoppy.
  5. Congrats and welcome to the site / addiction... Sounds like you're well on your way to brewing beer. That Bewitched Amber Ale is one of my favorite Mr. Beer recipes.
  6. ^^ That's what I've been thinking about posting. If you're wanting some All Grain experience then buy a 1G recipe kit. There's quite a few vendors selling the 1G AG recipes, Brooklyn Brew Shop is probably the most well known. You can either get the complete kit with 1G jug and accessories or just use your LBK for the fermenter. I've done several and they've all worked out fine.
  7. mmm., looks good to me with the Maris Otter, the crystal 60, and the EK Goldings.. So when is the recipe taste testing? ;-)
  8. Yep, I finally pulled my fermenters out of the coolers. Well, except for the 5G bucket, I just left it in there and opened the top of the cooler. It's nice to be to ferment beer without having to worry about changing out ice bottles in a cooler every morning.
  9. That's pretty much what I do for bottle priming too, it seems to work fine for me.
  10. I've made several 1G AG recipes and they turned out fine. It's definitely worth the time and effort if you've never tried it. True it's only 1G, not 2G-5G of beer but you can always make more.
  11. ^^^ What he said...
  12. Yeah, when I've dry hopped the different recipes, I just toss the hops in commando (ie. no hop-sack), it seems to work fine for me.
  13. Yeah, I got that email from them about this beer. Wonder what it tastes like.
  14. I'm using both also, not sure which I prefer though. While it's nice to pop a top on a cold one, it's also nice being able to unscrew a bottle, pour beer into a glass, and then reseal the bottle with two more servings left in it. Bottling the 1 Liter bottles seems to be quicker (but it's probably not) and they definitely take up less space while they're cond/carb and being chilled in the 'fridge. The last 5G batch I bottled I filled a 12pk of glass bottles and then within 1 bottle of filling up 2 8pk boxes of the 1 Liter bottles.
  15. Mmmm, this sounds good. I'll bet it smells and tastes even better.