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  1. MnMBeer

    Temp control

    Has a glass door with inside temp report but I use probes like Zorak stated this is the true wort temp. Wow what a format, Lets make Beer
  2. MnMBeer

    Temp control

    I use coolers in Florida for conditioning. Coleman beverage fridge with controls does both with Lager temps as needed. nice work on the frigidare. Cheers
  3. MnMBeer


    Never used the DME but read quite a bit about it. sorry But I am hooked on LME or a bath of added HME, I have some DME to try though. I like it here we learn something new always. Once one starts brewing its hard to stop when the results are positive. Not to bring up negative thoughts but the LME packages are sold in different types but powder is just plain powder. Correct me again if needed. Best, M
  4. MnMBeer

    Aztec ideas

    My favorite Aztec was with a med LME with Cherries (un pasturized) sterile. 1/2 pint honey sterile. added at week 2 and 3 respectively. Strrrrrrrrong and delicious. Watch your hydrometer. M
  5. MnMBeer


    Adding an LME gives some Flavor to the brew. There are different variants. LME is simply some extra food for the yeast to consume. The byproducts from the yeast are of course alcohol and flavor. DME is a powder that has no refrence to flavor just a sugar boost to increase yeast output. (not confirmed). Most of the posts I have read from this forum is that the DME is harder to work with while steeping as it clumps up and steers away from the sugary malt that makes the desired flavors. WOW what a run on. Har, Cheers, M
  6. MnMBeer

    Yeast Recommendations

    If it tasted good going down and sounded rough coming out. You made beer Its a like!! Har, Har Cheers, M
  7. I like it, Report in a few weeks, Watch out for heartburn!! LOL, M
  8. MnMBeer


    I like the LME is gives strong characteristic flavor to the beer. The booster powder seems like more of a chore. Zorak and Rick are champs but to each their own. Chase flavor not ABV. Best, M
  9. It also depends very much if you want the brew to be spicy or jalapeno flavored. To collect the flavor of the jalapeno add commando in the last week of ferment. To collect the spice only add after the toss. A spiced jalapeno brew will take some good planning with a basic starter malt. Best of luck with it. M
  10. MnMBeer

    Stirring in the yeast

    Agreed some really crafty brewers have found ways to make an easy task more complicated. We are all in this together so lets keep it simple so it stays economical and fun. Whisk and toss Temp proper. Best, M
  11. MnMBeer

    What is your priming sugar preference?

    I use glucose (corn sugar) across the board. It comes in powder form easy to handle. Easy to increase ABV or tweak a stout with less carbonation. Table sugar is most common but to each their own. I would stay with table sugar on root beer mixes. M
  12. MnMBeer

    Did I blow it?

    When in doubt wear a set of surge gloves and use kitchen utensils sparingly. Most of us buy utensils for brew only and sterilize before use. Pots, measuring cups, Ladle and others never see Christmas cookie dough ever. Cheers, M
  13. MnMBeer

    Beer Types

    If your just learning how to brew then some hop blends will help tremendously. Use a basic Mr. Beer kit and Hop the Malt with Cascade or Liberty, These are good starters for home brewing. I still use for a citrus flavor. Best, M
  14. MnMBeer

    Why Three Days in the Fridge?

    Is that a trump cloud, DOH (quote homer simpson) likely false. 7 days chilling is a charm
  15. That is Prime, Irish Stout improves with age. I served some up during the holiday festivities and turned many people into stout lovers. I stored mine for 60 days before refrigerating for 7. What a smooth stout Ale. I usually add a cup of glucose (corn sugar) to boost ABV but this malt blend tastes fine without it. Cheers, M