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  1. Introducing our newest Brewery Spotlight Edition* recipe from Funky Buddha Brewery in Florida, the Hop Stimulator!! *(formerly known as "Collaboration Recipes") This is a BIG double IPA (10% ABV) with a LOT of flavor and body. It was very difficult to source the Citra for this so it is a VERY limited recipe and when it's gone, it's gone for good. And to sweeten the deal, if you buy this recipe, you can get a complete equipment kit for only $20. That includes and LBK and a case of bottles. You're basically getting a free LBK out of the deal. So if you like big, juicy double IPAs, pick up yours HERE before they are gone!! Cheers! NOTE: This has a LOT of malt and hops in it so keep it on the cool side for those 1st few days of fermentation to prevent overflows. The LBK will work for this recipe, but the 2G upright fermenter is recommended.
  2. You can give it a good bleach rinse and it should be fine. Just remember not to leave your beer out longer than 3 weeks. Your wheat beer probably isn't ruined. The pellicle is young and the beer probably tastes fine. Like I said above, it can sometimes take a long time before you can taste the infection in the beer. This usually happens after it's been in the bottle for awhile. So bottle your beer and consume it within a couple of months. I'd personally leave a couple out for several months to see what they do, but that's only because I love sour beers. lol
  3. Here's an image of a more advanced pellicle from a similar infection. Fortunately, @rsnake2, you caught yours before it got too advanced.
  4. The jagged edges of the white pieces with their "broken ice sheet" look indicate that they were part of a film, or "pellicle" that is only created by bacterial or wild yeast infections. When you move the fermenter, the film breaks up into these jagged pieces. You can see the yeast "rafts", which are the more yellowish rounded blobs, especially noticeable in the bottom right of the photo. I've brewed enough sour beers to know a broken pellicle when I see one. And yes, it most likely happened by letting it sit for too long. Since fermentation was done, the Co2 will off-gas leaving the surface exposed to oxygen and bacteria, and bacteria love oxygen.
  5. Eventually. I have some here in the local store, but they aren't online yet.
  6. Keep in mind that EVERY batch of beer you make is infected or contaminated in some way on a very small scale. In most cases, it's so minor that you simply can't perceive it or it shows no perceptible symptoms of contamination/infection. But until you have a completely closed system like an actual brewery would, you will almost always have some sort of minor infection in your beer. The trick is to minimize it as much as possible so you can't tell it's there. Fortunately, it takes lactobacillus a long tome to actually sour your beer. You would have to let it sit for months before you would get any perceptible sour taste. This is why many sour beers on the market are more expensive than their sanitized counterparts- it takes a long time to make. Usually, when your fermentation is infected with lacto, you won't taste it until months after bottling. So I recommend going easy on the aging of this beer and try to consume it within a few months if you want to prevent the sour flavor from emerging. Because once your beer is infected with lacto, there is no reversing it so drink it sooner rather than later. Also, sometimes lacto infections can become tasty accidents if you're into sour beers.
  7. That is definitely the beginning of a lacto infection. I would recommend replacing the LBK with a new one. Or you can try bleaching it and rinsing well, but I wouldn't risk another batch with it personally, when LBKs are only $10. Crash it and bottle it ASAP. Though you might want to consider using different bottles, too.
  8. Pilsen will work fine, but I seriously doubt 4 oz of 2-row will change your color more than 1-2 SRM points. It's dark because you're using liquid malt extract. This is completely normal in liquid extract brewing. If you want to avoid the darker-than-normal colors, switch to using all dry malt extract or all-grain. Those recipes are incorrect. No, if you get an infection, you will know it.
  9. Yikes! Expensive, too! We are looking into getting some Citra CryoHops from YCH. More on that later possibly...
  10. They sure are! lol. They are the best containers for pet food, but they also work great for storing grains. They fit a 50 - 55 lb bag of grains perfectly. Beats 5 gallon plastic buckets any day!
  11. I HIGHLY recommend the VIP tickets so you can get in an hour early and avoid the beer lines. They run out of beer every year so get there early.
  12. Sep 30th.
  13. You will see me there since I'm at the booth every year serving beer.