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  1. The BJCP does do cider. Here are the guidelines.
  2. Each Brewmax Softpack is .55 lbs or 8.8 oz. Keep in mind, though, that Briess Golden Light is not the same as our Golden Softpack. Our Golden is a wheat malt. The Briess Golden Light is not a wheat malt and would be similar to our Pale Softpack.
  3. Yeah, it doesn't make much sense, but the sales results after several years don't lie. With that said, we should be releasing some holiday beers soon, regardless.
  4. It was a last minute promotion. Also, we've done market testing on this and people are more likely to buy a themed holiday beer on that holiday, than a few months before.
  5. No. It will only add flavor, color, and some complexity through body, mouthfeel, etc. There is some fermentable sugar in chocolate malt, but only trace amounts that won't really effect your gravity. The roasting process that makes chocolate malt destroys most of the fermentable sugars in the malt. This is true for all dark/black malts.
  6. Introducing our newest recipe, Thunder Bay IPA. This beer is our take on Bell's Two Hearted Ale, which was recently named the Best Beer in America for 2017 by Zymurgy magazine, dethroning Pliny the Elder after its 8 year reign. You can get this recipe for FREE with the purchase of a Brewmax 2G fermenter. Or you can buy the recipe HERE. Happy International Beer Day!
  7. At least I THINK it's 1000 posts. I could be wrong. lol.
  8. It's based on posts, not likes. He only needs 6 more posts to get Brewmaster.
  9. Yes, Spaten Lager is more like a Munich Helles. It's a different BJCP category and a lighter version of Helles Bocks. Both are still considered Helles lagers. You could always add more water...
  10. Our Helles Bock IS a Helles Lager. It fits all the BJCP parameters. But yes, you can make your own version doing an unhopped extract/partial mash method. A Helles lager is simply a pilsner that is more balanced and less hoppy. They tend to be a bit breadier than pilsners.
  11. For that you will have to go all-grain, unfortunately.
  12. We still have some Helles available. You can supplement it with a small amount of pilsner malt (4 oz) and maybe some Vienna malt (2oz) to get a bit more flavor and body. Saaz is a good hop with that beer.
  13. Looks like some great recipes@MrWhy! Never used coconut sugar in brewing before. Let us know how it turns out!
  14. Depends on how they are bottled. If using our MRB bottles, they are typically good for up to a year or so. If in our MRB Oxy barrier bottles, they can last for a couple years. If bottled in glass, they can last for several years (I just drank a 10 year old gueuze the other day that was fantastic). IPAs and most wheat beers are the exception. They should be consumed fresh or they will lose their flavors (hop flavors/aromas in the case of IPAs, estery fruit flavors/aromas in the case of wheat beers).
  15. Same here. I'm constantly checking the gravity and pH when I brew AG. My refractometer is probably the most important tool I have to be sure I hit my numbers.