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  1. So we are changing the schedule up a bit. We will now be airing Tues, Wed, Thurs. Friday was one of our lowest viewer counts probably because people are getting ready for their weekend so we are ditching Fridays for Thursdays instead. Today, we will be brewing The Standard Oktoberfest Lager refill and will be talking a little bit about the style. Please keep in mind that for some of you guys, the Tuesday streams may seem a bit repetitive, but these streams are intended for beginners and new viewers. With that said, please try to refrain from asking advanced questions in the chat on Tuesdays. Save those questions for the Wed or Thurs stream where we will have more time to answer them properly because the Beginner streams will only be 30 minutes long. But feel free to help out any of the newbies in the chat if I miss them or my answer needs a bit of elaboration that I can't offer in the video. We will be doing things a bit more casually and less structured going forward. Tomorrow we will be brewing the Surly Dog IPA and will talk about hop additions and how to choose hops for aroma, bitterness, etc.
  2. Another trick would be to suspend the muslin sacks using sanitized string or fishing line through the top.
  3. Either that or you didn't read the whole thread here. I updated it a few times with what was going on. Scroll up for more info. Keep in mind that while Tues, Wed, and Fri will be our regular schedule, this will always be subject to change due to meetings, projects, business trips, etc. Always check back here or the MRB Twitter or Facebook for updates. You can also check the store page for updates: Also, if you go to Twitch, register an account, then go to our channel (, register, then click the "Follow" button at the top, you will get email notifications when we go live. The channel is live 30 minutes before the show starts (with a countdown timer) so you get some time to tune in. Don't forget to tune in today, if you can. We will have a special show with a special guest from Coopers Brewery in Australia. Scott Harris, the Marketing Manager of Coopers will be here to talk with our MRB President, Rick Zich, about how our extracts are made and some Coopers history. I will also be brewing their flagship beer, Coopers Sparkling Ale in a 6 gallon batch. Don't miss this one!
  4. They are all saved and will be uploaded soon. I'll try to get more info on that today.
  5. Live stream starts in 30 mins!
  6. Ok, so we decided to do the Shillelagh Stout tomorrow (3/15). This includes the use of dry malt extract and some extra hops. We will start at the usual time. This show should run about 45 mins to an hour.
  7. Hey guys! We won't be doing a stream today due to a bunch of scheduled meetings with the Coopers rep from AU. We may either do the St. Patrick's Stout tomorrow or just wait for the Friday show (which will be a Coopers Sparkling Ale 6 G batch) and save the St. Paddy's stout for next week. I will keep you all updated here.
  8. No back videos are posted at this time, but we are working on implementing that. Keep in mind that Arizona does NOT participate in daylight savings time so if you are on the east coast, we are 3 hours behind, and if you are on the west coast, we are at the same time zone.
  9. Friday we will be brewing a Coopers kit. This isn't technically an Advanced show, but we will have a special guest coming in from Coopers Brewery in AU to chat with us so we're going to feature a Coopers kit. Thanks for the suggestions!
  10. Going live in 30 mins.
  11. Yes. We will be archiving them. The Twitch site has a way to do it so that you can watch past episodes. I just don't think we have the function turned on yet because the last 2 episodes were mainly tests. I'll ask RickZ about it today.
  12. Opened a new thread here: Closing this thread as it was intended for the test streams.
  13. While the last 2 streams were mostly a test, today's stream will be our first official live stream so we've went ahead and announced it far and wide. Expect to see more viewers and a livelier chat for the rest of our shows starting with today's show which will be a Beginner episode and we will be brewing the Aztec Mexican Cerveza Standard refill. Join us at 2:30 PDT (5:30 EDT)!
  14. I decided to open a main thread for our Live Stream. This is where we will be posting the schedule, updates, etc. To get to the Live Stream, go to this link: You may need to create an account to participate in the chat. Once you have created an account, please be sure to click the Follow button at the top of the page. All streams will start @ 2:30 pm PDT (5:30 EDT) and the tentative schedule will have the structure below: Tuesdays - Beginner - These episodes will target beginning MRB brewers. About 30 mins long. Wednesdays - Intermediate - These episodes will target intermediate brewers. About 45 mins to an hour. Fridays - Advanced - These episodes will target more advanced brewers and may also have a special guest. At least 1 hour, but may go over depending on subject matter. Each show will begin with some sort of brewing process and the last half of the show will be dedicated to answering questions from the chat and discussing various topics. I apologize if any of the shows, especially the Beginner shows start to seem repetitive. We are trying to reach out to the widest audience possible and this may include doing several repetitive tasks, such as brewing our standard refills for newcomers. The Wed and Fri shows will have more content for those of you that get tired of watching us make standard refills over and over again. With that said, it is still appreciated when you guys come into the chat to help answer questions from the newbies. If anyone has ideas or topics to discuss in future episodes, let us know in the comments below. Cheers!
  15. Just an update that these streams will be on Tues, Wed, and Fri, not on Thurs.