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  1. I do need a vacation.....hmmmmm
  2. As I said above, I recommend contacting our customer service department for replacement caps/bottles. This has been a recent recurring issue and we are investigating.
  3. HAHAHAHA!!! Just noticed that and fixed it.
  4. Well, we do have access to rice syrup solids. Let me see what I can do.
  5. "Lager" means cold-conditioning. While it's not required, it helps make a very clear and crisp beer. It's most common for lagers (hence their name), but can also be done for many light ale styles. Higher ABV beers and dark beers generally benefit from cellar conditioning instead (55-65 F).
  6. Think of a keg as a very large bottle of beer. If it is a style of beer that ages well then, yes, you can leave it at room temps, but cellar temps are always preferred (55-65). But as Rick said, a couple of months at 75 should be fine. Just be sure you are purging the headspace with Co2 just before carbonation (while pulling on the pressure relief valve, add some Co2 for a few seconds to allow it to push oxygen out of the tank, then release the valve and let it carbonate at your desired pressure). Always store your IPAs and lagers cold.
  7. No, I did not know this because I don't drink Miller, nor do I have any desire to research their recipes. I have heard of tetra iso-extract, but didn't realize Miller was using it. I assumed they were using some sort of chemical treatment. Again, I don't drink Miller. The reason I ask here is because this is a FORUM, which is intended for discussion among the forum members. These discussions wouldn't happen if everyone just went to Google.
  8. It's too damn hot to be doing anything outside during the summer in AZ anyway!
  9. Huh? How so? What are they doing to prevent lightstrike of the hop oils? This I would like to know.
  10. Just a heads up for you guys that free shipping on orders over $39 will start this afternoon and run through the weekend. It's the best time to stock up on those Winter Dark Ales before they're gone again.
  11. ^^^Definitely overcarbonated.
  12. The pin holes are put there by us. This is what lets excess Co2 escape to prevent explosions. The brown stains indicate that there was some foaming coming out of the caps, which would imply that it is done carbonating.
  13. The problem may have been the beer fermentation itself. If it's too warm, the yeast will create more "beery" esters. Try to keep the main beer fermentation as cool as you can (65-68 is best). This will give you a cleaner fermentation that will result in less of a beer flavor in the final product. @zorak1066, the brown sugar in the HRB isn't for ABV, it's for sweetness. The main fermentation has no sugar added to it. The sugar is added when the beer is mixed with the root beer extract. Like the regular Mr. RootBeer kits, the Hacked Root Beer uses special gasketed caps to prevent explosions during carbonation, which typically only takes about 5-7 days because of the high volume of sugar. Once the bottles are firm and/or the caps start to foam a bit out of the gaskets, the root beer is to be refrigerated right away to prevent any further fermentation. If done properly, the brown sugar will not ferment out creating the flavors you described. Keep in mind that the product is called "Hacked" for a reason. Feel free to experiment with different sugars and flavorings. I actually like to add a small amount of molasses (not black strap, something lighter) to my batches. I've also found that maple syrup tastes amazing in root beer.
  14. The chocolate malt is out of stock, but the warehouse should have received the new shipment today. It should be back in stock by tomorrow or Saturday.
  15. 66-72 is the sweet spot. We are always referring to ambient temps, not the temps inside the keg.