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  1. I also recommend brewing it at the cool end of the temp scale. While it will brew fine up to 90 F, it will throw off a LOT of esters and fusel alcohol at high temps - more than your average saison yeast. So if you don't want your beer overwhelmed with a solvent-like flavor, I'd keep those temps low (65-72 F).
  2. Yes, pitch whole packet. No need to hydrate with that much yeast for a 2 gallon batch. If doing a 5-6 gallon batch, I would recommend hydrating to reduce lag time (time between adding the yeast and visible activity).
  3. I double checked this recipe and it is correct to add both yeasts. It's ok to ferment this slightly warm, if you wish. 68-75 F.
  4. It's not just about the recipe, but about technique, sanitation, etc. I'm all for someone entering a recipe they didn't create into competition. They will still get valuable feedback which will help them create their own recipes. @Ironman brew even pointed out how he's going to tweak the recipe for a fuller body, which will pretty much make it his recipe. Many of my AG recipes are inspired by base recipes that other people wrote. There really is no such thing as an original recipe.
  5. Standard refills come with the Boosters at no charge (though they are sold separately @ $1.75), but when buying a Deluxe refill, the cost of the LME is figured into the price. Whether you choose DME/LME or Booster depends on what you are making. This was mainly due to shipping issues. The larger bag had a history of busting open in transit. The smaller bags are much stronger and less likely to bust open. Also, many customers expressed that they didn't always use the whole bag and preferred using half instead.
  6. All lagers will lager at cold temps (35-45). The word "lager" means "cold storage". The closer you can get to freezing temps without actually freezing is best. Yeah, they used to lager in caves back then, but we have refrigeration now and I can almost guarantee that the quality of lager we can make now is way beyond what they had when they were still lagering in caves. When lagering, colder is always better.
  7. This isn't true. The One-Step/No-Rinse (same product) becomes hydrogen peroxide when mixed with water and the ppm of oxygen does NOT affect the flavor or carbonation in any way. This product has been used in homebrewing and professional brewing since the early 90s with great results. There is no need to rinse the No-Rinse cleanser, hence the name. Corn sugar does not affect the flavor of the beer, nor does any other sugar you might add. Even honey or brown sugar isn't enough to add flavor to the beer when priming, unless it is a really light beer. Such a small amount of sugar ferments out in the carbonation process leaving no flavor behind. That is why I always recommend priming with corn or cane sugar (or carb drops) because they are cheaper than the other options and none of them will add any flavor.
  8. Doing a stream all about hard cider today! Check it out in about an hour!
  9. Just don't cold-crash. It's not required. In fact, I almost never do it.
  10. Here is the chart and other info from today's stream.
  11. We've got a special stream today! While Fridays are usually our Advanced stream, this will apply to all levels of brewing. Today I will be showing you how to keg your beer. I will also be showing off different draft system options. Be sure to tune in at 2:30pm PDT (5:30pm EDT).
  12. It's either your equipment or your ingredients. It's definitely not magic.
  13. Hmmmm....maybe just stick with Mr. Beer kits instead?
  14. Typically 3 years.
  15. If you missed today's stream on designing your own beers with MRB products, you can still watch it on Twitch. We also wrote a blog that compliments it.