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  1. I tried a sample of my last batch, Irish Red 2.0 and it's freaking delicious. Little lighter then I expected, crystal clear, has a huge malty mouth feel with slight fruitiness from the hops. My opinion; this batch is one of the best all grain beers I've need to date.
  2. Irish Red Ale 2.0 1. Mashed at 157 for 75 minutes Recipe as pictured. First runnings SG: 1.055 Second runnings SG: 1.027 Preboil SG: 1.044 Batch OG: 1.056 Pitched yeast at 65 degrees. Primary 1 week Secondary 2 weeks Cold crash 3 days. Batch prime 2.4 vol CO2. Pictures: Preboil sample Second runnings sample Preboil sample
  3. Bottled my second attempt at an Irish Red. Nice color, clarity with a better malt backbone. The recipe is below.
  4. Racked my pale ale to secondary to free up a fermenter for this weekend. So far it has a great flavor and fruity aroma.
  5. Brewed a 4 gallon, all grain Pale Ale yesterday. 5 gal boil. 7.5lb 2 row 0.5lb Caramel 40 0.5lb Carapils Mash at 154 for 75 min. Mash out, batch sparge the recirculated the wort for 25 min with cousin's recirc pump. Wow!!! Wort in to boil kettle was so clear... 0.5oz Citra 60 min 0.7toz Exp Stonefruit 15 minutes 1.0oz Exp Stonefruit flameout. Whirlpool to 170 them cooled. Aerated wort well and Pitched WLP001 at 65 deg. Fermenting 1 week, secondary two weeks, bottle 2.4 vol three weeks. OG: 1.053 Es FG: 1.012 Est abv: 5.3 SRM: about 7 IBU: 53 Fermentation took off about eight hours after pitching the yeast and temps are holding 65-66 last I checked.
  6. My cousin and I are coming up with a recipe at the moment. Collaborating by text and e-mail is a pain.
  7. Tried a small sample and holy-molly, it's good. Nice light color, decent mint aroma, nice mint forward taste with a lingering bourbon flavor. One more week in primary and then bottle.
  8. My goto SMASH IPA is brewed with 2 row and Simcoe on an increasing hop schedule throughout the boil. Ii is, I'm opinion, amazing. My LHBS always has a good stock of Simcoe and since I am limited to a 4.75 gallon boil my batches come in around $20.00. My cousin has found a couple websites where we can buy hops in bulk, half pound to full pound for reasonably cheep. I think those sites are where my LHBS buys from. They always have a few ounces of Citra in their fridge. I get there after the deliver comes so I've never really had a problem.
  9. Yes.
  10. Doesn't seem to be.
  11. Must be @RickBeer since I can like your post.
  12. @Bonsai & Brew Show-off.
  13. Go big or go home. You can do what I do and scale the batch down to 4.5 gallon boil, 3.5 bottle. Once I met up with my uncle I have a propane burner, for free. Hee comes 5 gallon batches.
  14. Anyone else receiving an error liking another users post? I keep getting a forum error "You are not allowed to react to this users post."