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  1. sabres032

    Wide temperature range yeast

    I used the Omega tropical ale yeast on an all grain 5.5 gallon 2x IPA batch last summer. The batch fermented primary at 74 degrees, secondary at 68 and the final product was amazing.
  2. sabres032


    I recently brewed an all grain New England Tropical IPA and I added most of my seven ounces of hops as late addition. Bittering hop was Citra at 60, flavor and aroma hops were Stonefruit, Simcoe and Mosaic at 15 minutes and the rest were flameout and dry hop. Sorry, the recipe is a closely guarded secrete so I will not post.
  3. sabres032

    Help with Stouts

    Here's an all grain recipe I brewed that is outstanding.
  4. sabres032

    What's the warmest you'd pitch US-05?

    Warmest I ever pitched 05 was 70 and my beer came out just fine. Any warmer the active fermentation temps could hit almost 80. I'd give it more time and ice packs.
  5. sabres032

    204 Pale Ale

    Update on the Simcoe IPA. It is delicious. I really like the flaked oats addition. Gives it more body and mouthfeel. I it's definitely going in all my pale ale and IPA.
  6. sabres032

    204 Pale Ale

    Saturday I brewed a 5 gallon batch with the same grain bill, adding 8 ounce of flaked oats with all Simcoe Hops. I'm hoping the addition of flaked oats will give more body. If it turns out how I expect this will be my base pale ale grain bill.
  7. sabres032

    204 Pale Ale

    Both of my batches came out great.
  8. sabres032

    204 Pale Ale

    I brewed another batch with the base grain bill and yeast but substituted Azacca for the hops. So far, the samples I have handed out, I'm getting great feedback. Everyone likes it.
  9. sabres032

    204 Pale Ale

    Another phenomenal brew from me. Well balanced, great aroma, flavor, color and clarity. Out of two cases I have a six pack left after handing out samples to friends and family. This one is definitely in the rotation with no tweaks.
  10. sabres032

    The Jim Johnson memorial Landbier

    I cracked a bottle after conditioning for over a month and a half and all I can say is WOW!!! All the flavors have blended well. It's a nice balanced ale with great color, clarity and a subtle mint flavor from the hops. My wife and her bestie have laid claim to the batch. This might go into the rotation with no tweaks.
  11. sabres032

    The Jim Johnson memorial Landbier

    Everyone I let try this beer loves it. Might be one that goes into my rotation.
  12. sabres032

    The Jim Johnson memorial Landbier

    The yeast I got in a trade and the hop was leftover from a brew my cousin and I made a few months ago.
  13. sabres032

    The Jim Johnson memorial Landbier

    Bottled this batch yesterday and thought, hey, why not put 16.9oz in to a flip top bottle and not carbonate. Refrigerated over night and poured it today and WOW!!! Nice color, balanced malt and bitterness with a huge minty flavor. Let my cousin and his girlfriend try it and they love it.
  14. sabres032

    The Jim Johnson memorial Landbier

    The farmhouse ale is coming along nicely. Cold crashing later this week then bottling on Saturday.