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  1. The yeast I got in a trade and the hop was leftover from a brew my cousin and I made a few months ago.
  2. Bottled this batch yesterday and thought, hey, why not put 16.9oz in to a flip top bottle and not carbonate. Refrigerated over night and poured it today and WOW!!! Nice color, balanced malt and bitterness with a huge minty flavor. Let my cousin and his girlfriend try it and they love it.
  3. The farmhouse ale is coming along nicely. Cold crashing later this week then bottling on Saturday.
  4. Yesterday I did a 30 minute hop stand with my Smash Ale and all the hot break smutz settled to the bottom of the boil kettle. I was able to keep about 90% of it in the kettle when I racked to the fermenter.
  5. Even with shipping I'm still paying less than I would at my local homebrew store. Last time I bought Citra there it was over $4 an ounce.
  6. Yes, $23 for a pound of hops is a little pricey but when it's the only place I can find Citra I'll pay it.
  7. Galaxy out of stock here but plenty of Citra.
  8. Should still give great flavors and aromas. Instead of tropical fruit I can see grapefruit flavors. I'd drink it.
  9. Na, looks good to me. Brew it up and see if it turns out like you envisioned.
  10. I brewed one a end of February with 2 row, caramel 40, CaraPils as my grain bill, citra and experimental stonefruit hops with wlp001 yeast. I think it turned out good. Color turned out about a 7 or 8 and the flavors are apricot, peach and hints of plums. The abv came in about a 5%ish. 204 Pale Ale
  11. I only wish I had a keg to do that with. I was going to ferment the beer for three weeks, in my big mouth bubbler, then transfer to an ale pail for four or five months with the bourbon and oak cube. I think I can get my hands on a co2 tank to get a protective layer in the pail but that's the best I can do.
  12. I'm going to try an all grain version of this using my uncle's Imperial Stout recipe, Pride of Ringwood hops and French oak medium cube. Debating if I want to soak the oak cube in Woodford Reserve or Elijah Craig 18 year old single cask bourbon. After reading through the thread I've seen everyone using oak chips not cubes, so I do have one question. Would one 1oz French medium oak cube, soaked in enough whiskey to cover, bring a light oak flavor? The cubes have more surface area I really don't want the oak to be overpowering. Reading the interwebz I see brewer adding 2-3oz per five gallon batch, that seems like a lot to me. The flavor of the hops says cedar and oak.
  13. Hope yours turns out as good as I think mine will.
  14. I don't have a wort chiller yet because the basin and pipes in my utility room need replacing. For the time being I'm just chilling the boil kettle in an ice and cold water bath. Maybe I'm not reaching cold break fast enough for the gunk to settle. Once the wort it cooled to pitching temp, I run it through a fine mesh strainer into the fermenter. It does a good job of catching any hop particles but the other gunk still gets through. This will get transferred to a secondary on Saturday for a couple weeks then cold crash before bottling. I'm still making beer that is clear when I pour into my point glass and it tastes good so I'm not worried.
  15. It's all brewed up and yeast is pitched. The shot glass was a pre boil sample. The picture of the fermenter was after pitching the yeast.