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  1. fathead5f

    Sugar for carbonating different sized bottles

    Phone auto correct. Figured we were at a point in society where we could understand that phones suck at corrections. Guess not. But yes it's teaspoon or tsp. In any event the site has 16 ounces at 1tsp but the next size up is 20 ounces. The bottles I'm using are 16.9 So figured i'd have to compensate for that .9. But didn't want to create a bottle bomb. So figured I'd ask.
  2. fathead5f

    Black Beer'd porter

    I am making a batch straight up. But I have 2 others to make, so I was seeing if anyone had any suggestions to experiment on it. Everyone else, thanks for the ideas.
  3. fathead5f

    Black Beer'd porter

    Hey all, I recently, after some miss communication, became the owner of 3 black Beer'd porter kits. I'm planning on making a batch straight, but since I have 3 fermenters. 2 empty and one soon to be. I was wondering if anyone has made this, or done anything different to it. Maybe you wished you did something different. I welcome all thoughts and suggestions as to what I could add to the other 2 to get different unique beers. Thank you
  4. fathead5f

    Sugar for carbonating different sized bottles

    I recently came into a bunch of 16.9 ounce bottles. I noticed that 16 is 1tsb. Am I ok to add 1 1/4tsb? Or will that create a bottle bomb? Thank you
  5. fathead5f

    Lock stock stout

    Hey miniyoda. First let me tell you that this might be one if not the best beer I've brewed. Here's what I did. I used High West Rye Whiskey and soaked the chips for almost 2 weeks before adding them. I also replaced the 2 row Munich with a smoked version from my local brewery shop. I've recently read that about 3 or 4 days before you should put the oak chips in the freezer and take them out the day before putting them in. This will pull the whiskey out of the chips thus giving more of that oak flavor, I have not tried it last, but definitely will the next batch I make. This really is a great beer.
  6. I have so many brews to brew. But, I bought this because it sounds great. Plus I need another fermentor to get this stock pile of brews down.
  7. fathead5f


    Hey all, I'm going to be purchasing the helles seasonal. I'm wondering, how'd it turn out for those of you who made it and did you add any hops or anything to it? Thanks for the insight
  8. fathead5f

    Zombie fest question

    As always, thank you
  9. fathead5f

    Zombie fest question

    Thanks guys I will try both. like I said not a huge deal but for next time, just wanted to learn from my mistake if there was one. Cheers
  10. fathead5f

    Zombie fest question

    Hey All, I brewed zombie fest awhile ago, was ready for consumption on Thanksgiving. It has an amazing flavor, but I noticed with the 4 bottles I've drank so far, that head retention is lacking. it's like pouring a can of coke. I get the head for about 30 seconds then it goes away. the beer is very carbonated. is this normal? not a big deal, but would like to know my mistakes if there are any. Thank you
  11. fathead5f

    Lock stock stout

    Great thank you
  12. fathead5f

    Lock stock stout

    I'll have to look into it. This recipe gets bourbon oak chips added. But was thing a slight smokey taste along with the bourbon wood flavor might be nice.
  13. fathead5f

    Lock stock stout

    Hey all, Getting ready to brew the lock stock and barrel stout and was thinking about a way to add a slightly smokey flavor to it. Any suggestions? Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving
  14. fathead5f

    3 New Partial Mash Recipes!!

    I just bottled the dry river rye ipa and wow the flavor is awesome.
  15. fathead5f

    Introducing the Kegaroo!!

    Sweet I defiantly want. So a brew in the LBK will fit in this? Just doubly checking.