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  1. yeah I agree with you, I have body year odor too it's tough to rid of, so I just splash sum American lager extract under there and everythings just fine
  2. I brewed a 12% Helles Bock At Ya! I later re named it " Black out Bock" because a couple of glasses I wouldn't remember a thing!!!! It was kegged for over a year
  3. i bought around 10 or 11 of them, I think I still have 3 or 4 in stock, but its been awhile since I looked. and Now Finally My Roommate is out, I can return to finishing my supply/stock room and be able to visually inventory all I have. which, by the way is too much that i'll probably will just give away, bcuz i'll never brew it. like maybe I have at least 15 cans of American Lager??? LOL!
  4. You Have TWO CANADIAN BLONDES!!!!!!?????
  5. I've been gung ho on Youtube with the infamous W.C. Fields famous quotes. Drats! Drats!
  6. I haven't even tried it out yet! LOL! strange coming from me. i'm waiting on this new law to come into effect around November, supposedly the beer laws are going to be upgraded. i'm hoping i can get refills at pubs to take home, but knowing this bible belt state, i'll get the belt
  7. I have the Ukeg 128 copper, really cool, they have a new black chrome edition out. but pricey
  8. well there is shipping too, but I still paid less
  9. don't know if any of you have tried this, but I just purchased the software on Monsterbrew.com for $9.99 sale newer version. I checked on the Beersmith website and it's around $27.00 for the same upgrade.
  10. I would carefully lick it off, if it has a spoungey sour taste then it's ok you will live, the beer inside the LBK will be fine too, but yes, at least make sure the spigot is definitely sanitized properly. I've seen some guys on youtube even soak a q-tip in sanitizer and gently swab the inside of the spigot
  11. what about mandarin Bavaria? probably good for a wheat beer? I have about a half pound or so
  12. i use Goldings
  13. too much beer

    I tried the S-189 swiss lager yeast on a kolsch this last spring, not bad, this yeast strain isn't for the high ABV or flavor. more of light crisp swiss lager. I wanted to keep things more simpler
  14. only if I cud fit into one of my mini kegs
  15. it's kinda sweet and thick on the way down, probably would have been better on my waffles