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  1. just bottled my last farm house ale for the summer, will be saving a few to enter the state fair home brewers contest this sept. that is......if I don't drink it all....
  2. Man i'm sorry to hear about that, my shepard is hitting 13 now and when she goes I dnt know if I could ever find another awesome dog like her again
  3. one of VERY few glasses of my Fantrastica Farmhouse Ale
  4. and I thought I was flying over Anartica there for a moment, Whew!
  5. Rick has finally exposed himself to us all!
  6. my looking forward to farm house ale leaked out of the mini keg and into the bottom of the fridge. I did however get a few glasses, and thought about licking the remaining up bcuz it was so good, but the bottom of my fridge doesn't look so good nowadays
  7. And where the hell have you been sir???

    1. Bonsai & Brew

      Bonsai & Brew

      Hope Hoppy did not go to jail.

    2. HoppySmile!


      I've been playing an online game similar to building an empire sim game

    3. HoppySmile!


      I did quit brewing til October, so now i'll go crazy

  8. beer wars

    probably 1/2 ounce tettnang @ 60 min. and 1/2 ounce cluster for aroma @ 10 min. depends too on the extra grain additives, would they be in ounces or pound? i'm assuming ounces? or you cud do halleratau @ 60 min., Tettnang @ 20 min. and cluster @ 5 min.
  9. this might work since i'm a non smoker, I don't have to worry about blowing myself up drinking a beer
  10. I use a sawz all but make sure you're not drunk, u may mess up some of the bottles, plus use protective gear to protect the plastic bottles from further damage
  11. beer wars

    throw in some tettnang and cluster hops ( favorite in Mexican cervezas and lagers ) and do a White Labs Mexican lager starter
  12. when I use the LBK's, I just refrigerate 2 gallons of tap water the day before
  13. I was suppose to have a sampling session this last saturday but no one showed up, so I drank all of it! at least I can get 100% positive feedback that way
  14. No! I haven't!!! I wish I would have thought of that! Maybe its where the " cidery" taste can be coming from too? And all this time I was thinking my ABV was around 5-7 % and with that fuel adjunct added it could have been around at least 7-10 %!!!
  15. I basically did a small hopped up northwest pale ale. turned out pretty mild, but I didn't want to turn it into a wacky ipa, which isn't hard to do. and did use the wyeast northwest pale ale yeast, and quite frankly really didn't notice a huge change in flavor profile like I was hoping. next time i'll save a few bucks and just use under the lid yeast