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  1. Hoppy.  How much corn did you use in your five gallon cream ale???

    1. HoppySmile!


      I didn't use any corn, I tried 3/4 lb of flaked oats trying to achieve a softer feel to the beer, probably won't amount to anything, but I gave it a shot

    2. AnthonyC


      That's right!  Sorry about that.  I do remember you telling me that already.  I made the Cream Ale this morning.  I added .80lbs of flaked corn and 1.25 cups of 2-row.  Also, I added 2lbs of lme for 60mins and 4lbs at flameout.  I was hoping to achieve a lighter color b/c from everything that I've read the only complaint was about the color.  What do you think for this one?  3 in the primary/2 in the secondary??

    3. HoppySmile!


      what I think is that the LME is the color distraction, once we go to all grain i'm sure the color will be more manageable. every LME extract you open up is not light what so ever.

  2. don't see y u can't either, lemme know how it comes out! I may brew this up!
  3. Buried Alive Brewing Company!!! somebody get me a logo design!!!!
  4. i'll give you a dollar if you chug it right now!!!
  5. I think it also has to do with the recent deportations, perhaps the Liberty hop had originated in another country, and the Crystal hop is truly American. but at the same time it's pretty crystal clear that I don't have the liberty to comment further
  6. 3/4 of my house is beer! no garage, no storage, and no basement, I cud be on Hoarders in a few more years, that wud be awesome!!! crawling all over my ever so Not Ending brewing mammouth to dig out a beer!!! i'm not there yet! but working on it!!
  7. I get on a baileys kick every now and then, but since that stuff is expensive, I buy the cheapest irish cream I can find, then get a pint of jameson. bcuz after three to four glasses of the spiked irish cream, it doesn't matter how it tastes, and by that time i'm usually crawling on my belly in the back yard anyways
  8. wait about a year or two from now, basically where I am, and you will develop Obsessive Brewing Disorder, I think there's a rap song from the 90's sounds like " I'm down with the OBD! Yeah You Know Me! " gotta have my fix u know!!! My Precious...............
  9. how'd it turn out? i'm brewing a kolsch using mostly kolsch grains, as a first time experimental attempt.
  10. what kind of DME do you have? it's not a priority to add vienne malt, that's just a popular malt used. i'm brewing a 5 gal. Mexican cerveza which i'm using a lot of corn maize which you can buy at your local h.brew store or get it @ Mr. Beer website, it also depends on what flavor you want to achieve. I brewed a Mexican lager using vienne malt and it turned out to be very similar to Dos Equis. the current cerveza i'm brewing i'm using corn maize in substitution for the vienne to reproduce a more lighter beer and color as well. I would research this more, or just brew on azteck straight up to see for yourself if it needs tweaking
  11. I've had a beer next to te kill ya, the beer was the chaser
  12. been wanting to do a wit, just a little dim on how to go about it? can u post a basic recipe that you've brewed up Nick?
  13. I use my old panty hose that my fat veiny legs can't fit in anymore, so I dnt see any reason you can't use cheese cloth?
  14. OMG!!!!!!!! Sparks are flying Now!!!! I just caught my mini blinds on fire!!!!