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  1. HoppySmile!

    Churchill’s brown ale

    I just got 4 of these on sale , has anyone got a recipe for a Scottish ale with this as a base?
  2. HoppySmile!


    So what’s LDME?
  3. HoppySmile!

    Introducing the Kegaroo!!

    Wow!!! First Kegorators now Kangeroos! What will they think up next????
  4. Has anyone ever tried brewing with a wooden shoe? I keep seeing this item in my a.g. recipes and I really don’t know when I should add it?
  5. HoppySmile!

    Doppelmunder Import?

    I know this is late response compliments to your beer but recently I got another friend Finally started brewing with a Mr. Beer kit I gave him over a year ago along with a Dortmunder and an Octoberfest lager. About a few months ago he asked me to come over and help him get started on this kit and when I got over to his house he had these two beers in the fridge. It dawned on me that one of them was a Dortmunder I brewed with 6 german hops. We poured two glasses worth and I must say that was probably the best german lager I’ve ever tasted! Plus I drank it Very slow bcuz of the ABV% slap in the face! My friend told me if I had enuf patience I cud enjoy this! I really just can’t wait a year man.....
  6. HoppySmile!

    Lock Stock and Barrel III

    Sailor Jerry is a nice choice
  7. HoppySmile!

    Lock Stock and Barrel III

    I’d add more whiskey maybe another fifth or maybe half and chug the rest
  8. HoppySmile!

    Wild wheat + citrus

    I’ve brewd quite a few of these and added about 2 oz of honey malt
  9. HoppySmile!

    cold yeast need advice

    My yeast infection was in my hair on my head u know the head that sits on my shoulders....... a bad case of dandruff and the scalp flakes would fall on my body and cause irritation and swelling. The skin doc told me it was a yeast infection.... so there’s no dark and ugly door here unless I’m staring in a mirror drunk and naked lol
  10. HoppySmile!

    Left over yeast packs

    my wife likes Dickens Cider
  11. HoppySmile!

    cold yeast need advice

    I had a yeast infection once
  12. Youve been gone a long time. Dont you miss us? Rick misses you. He talks about you all the time. Last night he called me crying. Thats why i decided to write this public message to you. Come back man. If not for us, do it for rick. He promises he’ll try to be nicer. 

  13. HoppySmile!

    Build me a recipe

    I'm building another IPA recipe, will be posting soon, however, I do not know when to add the used leather shoe? During aroma or dry hop????
  14. HoppySmile!

    Fresh brewed beer

  15. HoppySmile!

    Trapping Wild Yeast