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  1. recipe

    or the Four Dorm Unders
  2. not too many in my family lol we're all drunks lol
  3. you know the ladies sure love their wine....... been curious about doing a mead as well for the non alcohol family members
  4. well in that perspective, I brew up to 5600 gallons per year
  5. maybe a wine batch would be inviting.
  6. 2,000 if there are two occupants, and 1000 if single occupant, this would be my case. believe it or not I get close to the 1000 mark every year
  7. I even have 5 gallon plastic carboy I never used, I ordered a 6 gallon and the 5 gal. was sent by mistake, so I got it free. so if someone wants the few LBK's I would throw in that 5 gallon carboy. I need the space
  8. I've got about 6 LBK's, do u want a couple of em? right now I have three 8 gallon buckets, a 20 gallon fermenter I built, and two 7 gallon fermonsters. in addition to two 6 gallon carboys, one 5 gallon wide mouth glass carboy, and two new 7 gallon wide mouth carboys...
  9. I crammed 2.5 gallons into a 6 gallon fermenter once! Whew! that was close..................
  10. legacy recipe

    the current rum oak amber ale is in the whiskey barrel and to my disappointment, I tried a sample and all you can taste is booze. The amber ale kit was 2 years old, probably the grains lost their robustness. anyway, another month i'll take it out and put it back into a glass carboy, hit it with either some LME or DME and a dash of yeast to see if I can rejuninate some of that flavor. maybe dry hop. It was an experimental attempt anyway so I can't be too disappointed
  11. I should have never taken the Red Pill!!! Why cudn't I just taken the Blue Pill??? The Matrix
  12. legacy recipe

    lemme know how it turns out, I have some WDA left and may want to brew this up!
  13. I used to was my butt ocks butt now I just was my keggs
  14. saaz hops and a smooth LME works really nice
  15. I keep it as a souvenior