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  1. DME

    So what’s LDME?
  2. Wow!!! First Kegorators now Kangeroos! What will they think up next????
  3. Has anyone ever tried brewing with a wooden shoe? I keep seeing this item in my a.g. recipes and I really don’t know when I should add it?
  4. recipe

    I know this is late response compliments to your beer but recently I got another friend Finally started brewing with a Mr. Beer kit I gave him over a year ago along with a Dortmunder and an Octoberfest lager. About a few months ago he asked me to come over and help him get started on this kit and when I got over to his house he had these two beers in the fridge. It dawned on me that one of them was a Dortmunder I brewed with 6 german hops. We poured two glasses worth and I must say that was probably the best german lager I’ve ever tasted! Plus I drank it Very slow bcuz of the ABV% slap in the face! My friend told me if I had enuf patience I cud enjoy this! I really just can’t wait a year man.....
  5. Sailor Jerry is a nice choice
  6. I’d add more whiskey maybe another fifth or maybe half and chug the rest
  7. I’ve brewd quite a few of these and added about 2 oz of honey malt
  8. My yeast infection was in my hair on my head u know the head that sits on my shoulders....... a bad case of dandruff and the scalp flakes would fall on my body and cause irritation and swelling. The skin doc told me it was a yeast infection.... so there’s no dark and ugly door here unless I’m staring in a mirror drunk and naked lol
  9. my wife likes Dickens Cider
  10. I had a yeast infection once
  11. Youve been gone a long time. Dont you miss us? Rick misses you. He talks about you all the time. Last night he called me crying. Thats why i decided to write this public message to you. Come back man. If not for us, do it for rick. He promises he’ll try to be nicer. 

  12. I'm building another IPA recipe, will be posting soon, however, I do not know when to add the used leather shoe? During aroma or dry hop????
  13. Yeah!
  14. hehehehe
  15. ive slightly over filled my LBK past the recommended mark on the side so I could get a little more out of the volume and had over flowing issues from the vents and as well a very lively active fermentation in process