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  1. I would carefully lick it off, if it has a spoungey sour taste then it's ok you will live, the beer inside the LBK will be fine too, but yes, at least make sure the spigot is definitely sanitized properly. I've seen some guys on youtube even soak a q-tip in sanitizer and gently swab the inside of the spigot
  2. what about mandarin Bavaria? probably good for a wheat beer? I have about a half pound or so
  3. i use Goldings
  4. too much beer

    I tried the S-189 swiss lager yeast on a kolsch this last spring, not bad, this yeast strain isn't for the high ABV or flavor. more of light crisp swiss lager. I wanted to keep things more simpler
  5. only if I cud fit into one of my mini kegs
  6. it's kinda sweet and thick on the way down, probably would have been better on my waffles
  7. or to save money, u can get a large Styrofoam cooler and use ice bottles . this way it's out of the light, the wort is under better fermentation temps, and if you so happen to blow off a lid, it'll be more contained. be a good start for a new brewer. In addition you can buy adhesive temperature strips to put on your LBK to help monitor the wort too. I've learned to invest slowly at first to see if this is really what you want to do more than often, and really enjoy. after that you should become obsessed and spend your entire retirement savings on brewing great tasting home made beer!!!!
  8. when I did my nilla porter, I think I ate the brown sugar and then realized it was suppose to go into the wort, so like a dumass, all I had was some aunt jameima's maple surup, so I poured an amount into it, all in all no real defining flavor, maybe a hint of maple
  9. I just crawled outta my hidey hole
  10. too much beer

    summer kolsch? I know i'm responding too late
  11. at this point I would Immediatedly drop about a pound and a half of finely chopped halbenero's into the LBK
  12. actually our city prides itself on its newer water filtration/purifying system they spent millions on to perfect the taste. I believe we have the top 10 best tasting water in the U.S. but it wasn't always that pleasant. now I quit using bottled water and have been using the tap water and so much to my surprise I really can't make the difference between the two! but yea, at first it was all bottled/ spring water for me. research and experimentation does pay off! and of course a lil help from above! RIP JIM!
  13. about a month ago I woke to a loud explosion right behind me. I was in my bed sleeping deeply , a work week and KABOOM! The last mini keg of my cream ale exploded literally and ejected a forceful load of full one gallon of cream ale all over my back ( bcuz I was sleeping on my side apparently ) and the remaining soaked parts of my bed and walls. that cud have been used in a midget porn movie! Welcome back my friend! we all missed you! Did you get married? Pregnant? in a clash at the local LBGTQ rally? thrown from a train by momma? party with trump? car broke down? dog ran over? mother in law passed? tried to jump out of an airlines emergency exit door at 25,000 feet?
  14. Rickbeer doesn't have permission..... maybe the Russians hacked into his account too??/ LOL!
  15. so what about yeast infechuns? I've read about this before, somewhere in a playboy magazine. and still I dnt understand why a beer article is published in a nudity magazine. plus the things that are discussed have nothing to do with home brewing! I really think those editors are stupid!
  16. in Algeria when a camel is being courted, it's a tradition for the female camel to spit. It shows the affectionate side and arousal of interest to the suiter
  17. the one with the hole in the top is used for rootbeer making I believe
  18. legacy recipe

    if your looking to rid of some cerveza cans i'd be in the trade for that.....
  19. she's a humpless camel, born that way I hear, but I guess i'll see for myself! Wonder if she has a sister?
  20. legacy recipe

    the rum oak aged ale I finally bottled 3 weeks ago has actually turned out pretty good! After racking it out of the barrel, I decided to ferment it a third time in the glass widemouth carboy and added an additional 2lbs of dried amber malt dissolved with a smooth LME. that REALLY seemed to help bring back some of the malty sweetness into the ale.
  21. legacy recipe

    I think I have 3 or 4 cans of the WDA, possibly trade for a long play ipa? I dunno i'll give u good deal, since your a good guy, tell me what you have in inventory and maybe we can Shrike a deal! lol
  22. i'll be in Algeria for a wedding of my cousin and his camel
  23. recipe

    I dated a girl from Mandarin, China once, she didn't smell like tangerine either
  24. just bottled my last farm house ale for the summer, will be saving a few to enter the state fair home brewers contest this sept. that is......if I don't drink it all....
  25. Man i'm sorry to hear about that, my shepard is hitting 13 now and when she goes I dnt know if I could ever find another awesome dog like her again