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  1. HoppySmile!

    Paulaner Oktoberfest Marzen

    I’m gonna try to stop by once in awhile!
  2. HoppySmile!

    Miller Lite

    Doing good Sarge! Just working all the time from my so called promotion! Lol! Thought finally I earned the respect from 33 years in the industry! Nope! Lol! Finally getting to brew some beer now!!!
  3. HoppySmile!

    Paulaner Oktoberfest Marzen

    Well that sucks I’ll be dead by 2026
  4. HoppySmile!

    Shaken LBK?

    I always use the James Bond method I like my LBK’s “ Skaken not Stirred”
  5. HoppySmile!

    American Burleywine

    Well I think I might have an American barley wine something in the making. Something sitting in a whiskey barrel going on a year and a half taste something like a barley wine if you want to call it. It was originally a rum oak amber ale that developed a sour taste due to an infection at the time in secondary fermenter with the rum and oak chips. I had just dumped my whiskey barrel and decided to throw that in there just to keep liquid in it to keep it sealed. I tried a sampler last month out of curiosity and was surprised the sour taste has deminshed and it’s more a flavor of wine
  6. HoppySmile!

    Old Recipes located

    I’ve been looking at trying to find the 1980 recipe in mr beer archives called Peanut Butter Mustard and Greens. No I don’t have the extract from that year, but maybe a substitute??
  7. HoppySmile!

    Paulaner Oktoberfest Marzen

    First of all it’s s high drinkable beer and low in abv%, do for starters I’d use saflager 189 yeast , maybe to keep it on the lighter side, a Pilsen dried malt extract or even extra golden lite. A very mildly hopped lager, I would use Spaz hops and if u decide to use any grains mix some malted barley in there to clean the beer up a bit. If your not worried about color too much throw in a can of mr beer octoberfest! Heck if you want more authentic flavor throw the can in there to!
  8. HoppySmile!

    Something other than booster

    I use a minimum of 24 boosters in all my beer recipes, tastes like vodka in my coffee
  9. HoppySmile!

    Miller Lite

    I dry out my miller lite and it becomes cocaine, but all in all I prefer vodka in my coffee
  10. HoppySmile!

    Getting back into this!

    I brewed up a can dating back to October 12, 1942, and I must say all in all, I prefer vodka in my coffee
  11. HoppySmile!

    Churchill’s brown ale

    I just got 4 of these on sale , has anyone got a recipe for a Scottish ale with this as a base?
  12. Has anyone ever tried brewing with a wooden shoe? I keep seeing this item in my a.g. recipes and I really don’t know when I should add it?
  13. HoppySmile!


    So what’s LDME?
  14. HoppySmile!

    Introducing the Kegaroo!!

    Wow!!! First Kegorators now Kangeroos! What will they think up next????
  15. HoppySmile!

    Doppelmunder Import?

    I know this is late response compliments to your beer but recently I got another friend Finally started brewing with a Mr. Beer kit I gave him over a year ago along with a Dortmunder and an Octoberfest lager. About a few months ago he asked me to come over and help him get started on this kit and when I got over to his house he had these two beers in the fridge. It dawned on me that one of them was a Dortmunder I brewed with 6 german hops. We poured two glasses worth and I must say that was probably the best german lager I’ve ever tasted! Plus I drank it Very slow bcuz of the ABV% slap in the face! My friend told me if I had enuf patience I cud enjoy this! I really just can’t wait a year man.....
  16. HoppySmile!

    Lock Stock and Barrel III

    Sailor Jerry is a nice choice
  17. HoppySmile!

    Lock Stock and Barrel III

    I’d add more whiskey maybe another fifth or maybe half and chug the rest
  18. HoppySmile!

    Wild wheat + citrus

    I’ve brewd quite a few of these and added about 2 oz of honey malt
  19. HoppySmile!

    cold yeast need advice

    My yeast infection was in my hair on my head u know the head that sits on my shoulders....... a bad case of dandruff and the scalp flakes would fall on my body and cause irritation and swelling. The skin doc told me it was a yeast infection.... so there’s no dark and ugly door here unless I’m staring in a mirror drunk and naked lol
  20. HoppySmile!

    Left over yeast packs

    my wife likes Dickens Cider
  21. HoppySmile!

    cold yeast need advice

    I had a yeast infection once
  22. HoppySmile!

    Build me a recipe

    I'm building another IPA recipe, will be posting soon, however, I do not know when to add the used leather shoe? During aroma or dry hop????
  23. HoppySmile!

    Fresh brewed beer

  24. HoppySmile!

    Trapping Wild Yeast

  25. HoppySmile!

    Fermenting bucket instead of using LBK

    ive slightly over filled my LBK past the recommended mark on the side so I could get a little more out of the volume and had over flowing issues from the vents and as well a very lively active fermentation in process