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  1. jpkarnes

    All foam, little beer

    I brewed "Uncle Monkey's Dunkle," which is a cold brewed beer. The last beer I opened, it foamed and foamed and left me with hardly any beer at all. Any ideas?
  2. jpkarnes

    Wort separation

    I am a week into a brew of the Bewitched Amber and have a layer of lighter, clearer wort about .5 inch at the top. Is this normal? I am tempted to stir it but am afraid that would invite disaster. Any thoughts?
  3. jpkarnes

    Carb Drops on Amazon

    Stick the measuring spoon into sugar and shake it until the excess spills out of the indentation on the side. Do that for the large and small spoon. That's the right amount for the 740 ml bottles.