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  1. efdbrian

    Here's an Idea ??

    I know of a couple people who have used this method. Just remember that the pellets will expand quite a bit. I only saw this used once and the person filled the ball about halfway. When it was removed the hops were packed solid inside. I had to wonder how much it hurt utilization if liquid wasn’t able to flow through. Give it a try and see if it works for you. Maybe start with only filling it 1/4 to 1/3 full of hops and see how that works.
  2. efdbrian


    I don't want to hijack this thread too much, but I'll give you a short answer. I'd be happy to continue any conversation in another thread or PM me. Malt extracts (DME or LME) don't have any diastatic power. The process to make the extract is basically like brewing an all grain batch, but instead of fermenting the wort they evaporate most of the water. The boiling process denatures the enzymes that convert starches into sugars. What you have above are what most people would call "steeping malts." When you steep them in hot water, you extract color and flavor, but little (if any) fermentable sugars.
  3. efdbrian


    Generally speaking, darker malts lack the diastatic power to convert to any remaining starches that they have to sugars. The process they go through to become those different types of malts kills that ability.
  4. efdbrian

    Newbie Question

    I wouldn’t recommend brewing with Nutella. There is quite a bit of fat in it much like chocolate. There are other ways to get that flavor though. I recently brewed a Nutella style porter. I used hazelnut extract, cocoa nibs and added some lactose to try to simulate the creamyness. It turned out pretty good, but I’ll probably adjust the amounts of each if I do it again.
  5. efdbrian

    Highest Attenuation?

    Yep in the brüt IPA. I used them in the mash and in the fermenter. I put in in a secondary on sweet orange peels and it’s like a beermosa. I’ve been drinking it with a splash of OJ in it, too. Goes down way too easily. 😂
  6. efdbrian

    Highest Attenuation?

    I’ve had a mead and a brüt IPA that both hit 100%.
  7. efdbrian

    lagering is soooooo long

    @Creeps McLane, I brewed two batches of Helles this spring. One with the traditional cold ferment and the other with the 'quick lager' method. Both started at 49*F. The quick ferment temperature was raised 5*F when it reached 50% fermentation and another 5*F when it was 75% complete. In both cases when fermentation was almost done the temperature was raised for the diacetyl rest. After fermentation they were both cold crashed by lowering the temp 5*F per day until they were in the low 30sF. The traditional fermentation was made prior to the quick lager so that they would have similar conditioning times. After a little over a month I took them to my club meeting and performed a triangle test. Of the 10 people that participated, 8 correctly picked the different beer. Most commented that the traditional lager fermentation was noticeably smoother, though none of them thought that the quick lager was a bad beer.
  8. efdbrian

    lagering is soooooo long

    I just brewed my Marzen a couple weeks ago. It's not truly for Octoberfest, but my club is doing a 'style of the month'. I signed up for Marzen in October. I also signed up to pour at a charity event in October, so guess what's getting served there... the Marzen. Regarding the times, most modern breweries don't wait that long to serve their lagers. Conditioning times are around a month on average from my understanding. Unless you have a ton of tanks, you can't afford to have tanks tied up with lager sitting in them for months.
  9. efdbrian

    What should I do with this beer?

    If the fruit wins, do we also get to help to pick the fruit
  10. efdbrian

    Keg carbonation

    If you already have the CO2 tank, then there is no need to add the sugar. Hooking the keg up to CO2 will carbonate the beer. Pressure and temperature will dictate how long it will take to carbonate to the volumes of CO2 that you desire.
  11. efdbrian

    Tips on adding pellet hops after DME hot break

    I’ll also add to the hop naked (not in a sack). When I do that with pellet hops, a good deal ends up in the fermenter. And that’s ok! If it’s a big batch and I’m siphoning I’ll give the wort a good stir to accumulate most of the hop material in the middle of the pot. If it’s a small batch that I pour into a LBK, I usually just pour it in hops and all.
  12. efdbrian

    Octoberfest plus sugar

    Sounds like more of a 'welcome back' then. I do remember people previously stating that old instructions used to include references to adding sugar. Makes total sense now! Sugar still has it's place in brewing and can be found in many commercial breweries though usually it's reserved for high ABV beers like double IPAs. Those topics are probably better off being discussed over in the advanced techniques part of the forum.
  13. efdbrian

    Octoberfest plus sugar

    @Dan`s Brew, first welcome to the hobby. As you can tell there are many different ways to go about things. As some of the others have said, I'd give the LME or booster a try and compare the results. Maybe you can even brew them back to back your original way and with the booster. That way you might be able to drink them at the same time. Many of us on here actually have more than one LBK which would make things even easier to brew and compare. Think of what you are seeing as advice and general guidelines. In the end, you are making beer for you and possibly a few friends. If you like it, keep making it the way you did or maybe look for ways to make it even better! In brewing there are few things that are absolutes, but there are many generally accepted practices. Which ones you choose to follow and to what degree is part of what makes this fun. So, brew your beer and enjoy the fruits of your labor!
  14. efdbrian

    2 Row Malt in my wort

    Absolutely! As far as this batch goes, just keep going and see what you get. And most importantly enjoy what you create!
  15. efdbrian

    2 Row Malt in my wort

    Ok. If it went through the boil you should be pretty safe. Grains have naturally occurring lactobacillus on them. If the grain went directly into the fermenter you could run a risk of an infected beer. As as far as off flavors, if it wasn’t much grain it shouldn’t cause much of an off flavor. Generally you want to keep the grains out of the boil. Boiling grains will cause the beer to be astringent.