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  1. cowboykyle

    Storing Unused Grain

    ewwwwww... Dr. Pepper... blech..
  2. cowboykyle

    Reese Cup Porter experiment

    just started three batches last night of the BP with S-23. Pitched at 56F - which will be the temp help in mini-fridge for three weeks.. . Did the same last Jan. - turned out great!
  3. cowboykyle

    Memorial Day Sale!!!

    funny story... order on 05/25 post on 05/31 (9:30 EDT) about no shipping confirmation 05/31 (3:25 EDT) receive confirmation about shipping 05/31 (arrive home at 6 pm) order has arrived!!! So... sorry @Stroomer420, you are probably SOL....
  4. cowboykyle

    New MRB Website search filter

    maybe he's an English teacher in Sweden?
  5. cowboykyle

    Strawberry Basil Question

    room temp or same temp as LBK,
  6. cowboykyle

    Memorial Day Sale!!!

    I placed an order on the 25th, and have yet to receive the shipping notification... so you'd probably still be ok
  7. cowboykyle

    Home Grown Beer Labels

    Next round of labels...
  8. cowboykyle

    Memorial Day Sale!!!

    Yeah Memorial day sale! supplying beer for the year!
  9. funny, I had my mosaic dreams end of last week, and couldn't find the LEO recipe. glad this popped back up!
  10. cowboykyle

    3 New Partial Mash Recipes!!

    ah... how do I say this... COPY CATS!!!! (did you hack my OneNote?)
  11. cowboykyle

    The Only Stupid Question.....

    yeah, what @J A said. I run through the top, and just make sure I move it once and awhile, as I don't want to indent the door seal by having the cable in the same spot ever time. I had thought about securing it via a hole or more permanent pathway, but in the case the fridge is ever used for anything else, I didn't want to make permanent changes.
  12. cowboykyle


    I must reiterate my fondness of Brooklyn Brewery's Kriek, I guess not a real lambic, but oh so good. I wish it were a bit less complex to replicate lambics, or that Brooklyn's Kriek was less expensive...
  13. cowboykyle

    lawnmower lager

    And they need to get off my damn lawn!!! j/k, valid points..
  14. cowboykyle

    wrong yeast pitched!

    I don't think it is fair to compare a mixed process with some defined variables to a yes or no abstract question. Both yeast have ideal ranges in which the manufacturers recommend use. Therefore it follows that when using two different yeast with two different ideal ranges, that holding temps in only ONE of the yeast's ranges will give that yeast an advantage, no? Multistage distillations utilize fixed tray temps to pull out very specific portions of compounds. the reason they work is because those specific parts boil off at very specific temperatures. It is proven that fermenting above 73F with WB-06 gives banana flavor... it is proven that fermenting below 72 gives clove... just because no one has previously done exactly what i've done here, does not mean previous knowledge of individual components behavior cannot be applied... in other words, yes, you you have a 75% chance of breaking your leg if the roof is over 15 feet high, but if the roof is under that, your chances drop to 35%. so likely no! Absolutely no one has to have even come close the doing what i've done to simply guess at what might happen. This is all just speculation. If you are all done talking about beer, you can wait for another topic to come up...
  15. cowboykyle

    wrong yeast pitched!

    for the first 48 hours i've had the LBK in a cooler with ice packs, keeping air temp around 63F. Looks like high krausen has come and gone. just guessing, but as the WB-06 prefers a slightly warmer temp than the S-04... is it reasonable to assume that the S-04 is working more effectively? now I think I will have to repeat the goof up and hold at a higher temp to see what banana flavors come though.