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  1. SgtPhil

    All Extract IPA recipe

    Like I said, I learn something new everyday. I have a buddy that has started to grow his own hops. I'll have to pick his brain, like yours, to see what there is to learn. His neighbor threatened to call the cops because he thought it was pot , but that's another story ... I always swear to never do the next step, such as making beer from fresh hops, or growing my own, etc etc, but the more I learn from guys like you, the more likely I do it ... This madness has to stop - LOL! It all started when someone said he could make wine with bread yeast, and I called "BS"
  2. I just bought a tap-a-draft system ... I'll be sure to post my opinion over time about the thing ...In all my reading about mini-keg systems, a common them is to always naturally carb when you can and use CO2 to supplement. And on that .... I was left with the impression that some mini-kegs can not do force carbonation while others can not do the natural.
  3. SgtPhil

    All Extract IPA recipe

    That's a bit of science I wasn't aware of ... learn something new everyday. As I've never tried it, could making a 1000 IBU beer cause damage to the mouth? Kind of like eating a ghost pepper or something extra hot.
  4. SgtPhil

    Advise on Canadian Blonde

    I went ahead and bottled it last night .... I primed for low carbonation "Just in case".
  5. SgtPhil

    Boil Time for LME

    Remember to use a calculator when making up your brews. Play around with the different kind of hops and 45 - 60 minute boil times, and you will see dramatic differences in the IBU. SRM for color And like RickBeer and Squeegeethree pointed out, use specialty grains (steeping grains) to enhance the unique flavor and color. Again, this is just to keep it simple, but keep your specialty grains at 20%, malts at 80%, and with one ounce of Galaxy you can make a good lawn mower beer of about 70 IBUs (considering you are using Galaxy - you like IPAs) 4 lbs of 2 row (hopefully someone knows how many pounds of pale LME to use instead) 1 lbs of Crystal / L15 1 ounce of Galaxy (~14 AA) (.5 ounce for 60 minutes and the other half for only 5 minutes - or flame out) Easy peasy - and I have a funny feeling I know what my next brew will be, but I'll only use about .25 to .33 ounce for 60 minute boil and using MB's yeast =) SRM ~6.5 IBU ~70 ABV ~5.5 -- needed to add this is a 3 - 2.5 gallon batch
  6. SgtPhil

    Has Your LBK Overflowed?

    I have done recipes that have over flown The lid is designed to allow for it. When you put the lid on, check it so that the threads are loose. Check your LBK at least every 12 hours through high krausen to make sure that if it IS over flowing, that the goo isn't clogging up the drainage system. Also, if you can, store the LBK in a storage bin of some kind - "just in case" and keep a towel under it. Fermenting at the low temp end of the range can help too - if you can.
  7. SgtPhil

    All Extract IPA recipe

    I didn't get to try it myself. I work with the guy who made it. The brew master from our LHBS said the AA was so high, that it burned and numbed his tongue for a long time. He couldn't taste anything I agree, 75 IBU is an IPA ... but considering what is on the market ... it's still kind of weak. I'm a malt-head, but I do like to go as high as 60 for a good 'lawn mower' ale. It all depends on the hops ...
  8. LOL - that was me with the 6 gal kit .... +1 for Sabres032
  9. SgtPhil

    Who's Your Heffe -- Hop Substitute

    Tettnang is an awesome low AA hop ... woody ester ... it's hard to find a close substitute - IMHO, but if I had to choose, I'd go with Hallertau
  10. SgtPhil

    All Extract IPA recipe

    LOL - you kids and your IPAs! Really, depending on what hop you choose, you can get your IBU pretty darn high. I know this one kid, he made a 5 gallon batch with 2 pounds of hops ... yes that's TWO POUNDS. I'm an odd-ball, I hate IPAs - 60 to 75 IBU tops for me, which would generally be considered like drinking water to most hop heads
  11. I caved in and purchased the 6 gal kit ....
  12. WOW! It does take at least 6 weeks to condition up good - IMHO. But I really like it. I have a batch in the LBK that I added a pack of the smooth DME
  13. SgtPhil

    All Extract IPA recipe

    I'm with you, hopefully that brew master tested his recipe. Wort actually boils at a higher temp than water. It has always been my understanding that this higher temp is actually needed to bind and sparks those alpha acids into the bittering love so many of us enjoy. .... and 6 ounces of hops is a lot for even a 5 gal boil. Just for kicks ... and you like simple IPA recipes ... give these 2 a try ... http://www.mrbeer.com/refills/recipes/brew-de-ale-ze-bub-recipe http://www.mrbeer.com/refills/recipes/surly-dog-ipa-recipe easy peasy and yummy
  14. SgtPhil

    Pumpkin Milk Stout

    Great recipe!! Thanks for sharing I was working on an all grain Pumpkin recipe this past week, I was a little intoxicated and I may have accidentally gotten some BBQ sauce in the wort .... I hate Macro-Beers so much that I am still going to drink it when it's done!
  15. SgtPhil

    Question about yeast substitution

    I'll probably be flamed for this, but I love this stuff for non-wheat beers: http://www.mrbeer.com/ingredients/dry-ale-yeast