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  1. Thanks for the link @MiniYoda
  2. Thanks Josh. Just curious how would I add vitamin C to the batch? I always use a bottling wand and carbonate in glass around 68-70 so I should be good in that aspect. Is the way you dry hop this style that the hops oils seem to oxidize much faster?
  3. So I have a batch of American Resolution fermenting and The Best Haze Of Our Lives up on deck. I've been reading a lot of negative things about bottle conditioning the NEIPA style because of oxidation and the beers turning a brown muddy color only after a few weeks in the bottle. I've read that most people prefer to keg this style of beer to avoid that. So my question is why does that happen so often with this style and any advice on how to avoid it?
  4. I'm on day 9 of American Resolution and it's been steady between 63-65. I was just stating that the recipes uses the same yeast but instructions are different so I wanted to clarify a possible mistake in the instructions.
  5. @MRB Josh R Can you share the recipe for the unhopped extract batch you made and as well the BIAB recipe?
  6. Also the instructions says to ferment between 65°-76° but the Imperial yeast says to keep between 62°-70°. The instructions for American Resolution state 62°-70° so I'm assuming both recipes are supposed to be the same.
  7. Yea I just figured it got carried over from another recipe that actually uses dark grains.
  8. I was looking at the instructions and it says to add dark grain water to the other grains and then boil. I don't see any dark grains and wondering if it got copied from another recipe.
  9. Had to watch the stream after work but enjoyed this one even if it was a last minute topic. I wish I could've tried some of those beers myself! There's a brewery 45 minutes from me in Everett Massachusetts called Nightshift that I wish I could send to Josh. lol I just love what they're doing and how they started out. I hope you guys keep the live streaming going. I'm still fairly new to homebrewing and I've learned a lot of new things just in the past couple weeks. Keep up the great work!
  10. Ugh, tried to watch the stream while on break at work but kept freezing on me every 10-30 seconds. I had full bars of service so idk why it was doing that
  11. Great show Josh! Fortunately I was able to catch today's stream because I was snowed in but I'm hoping the rest of the streams are available afterwards as I work nights and won't be able to watch live.
  12. I've never used this yeast before so I'll definitely keep my wort temps on the lower side. Now by over-pitching will this affect the flavor of the beer or not so much?
  13. I recently purchased the Sticky Wicket Oatmeal Stout recipe and I wanted to use Safale S-04 instead of the included yeast. It says that this yeast can be split into 2 batches. Would I be over pitching if I used the the whole packet or should I split it in half?
  14. Thanks. If I remember correctly I was drinking a can of Farmer's Fresh and It said they added a pound or maybe more of certain hops to the whirlpool. But I had no idea what that meant lol.
  15. Sorry if this is a dumb question but what does whirlpool mean? I've seen it multiple times on this forum and also from different breweries and I'm just curious to know what exactly it is.