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  1. I do pour slowly and when the sediment starts to move towards the shoulder of the bottle I stop. I do use glass bottles. I use an oxy-clean scent free type cleaner to clean the bottles with a bottle brush and I use the one step to sanitize. Maybe I'm just not doing that properly.
  2. Some bottles taste great, some taste like crap. Maybe it is my bottle cleaning.
  3. I've had a batch of Imperial Red Ale conditioning for 5 months and some are decent and some are so cidery it's gross.
  4. I just came home and cracked it open and as soon as I poured it I could smell the cidery aroma. The others I had were perfect.
  5. I don't either, during the warmer days I just stick the bottles in an empty case and store them. During the cooler days I keep them in a mini fridge with temp control.
  6. I made a batch of strawberry basil wheat some time ago. The first 2-3 bottles I had were great but the next few starting having the green apple flavor. Why is it that some are fine and some are not? I fermented at 65° for 3 weeks and carbed and conditioned for 6 weeks at 70° then they just been sitting at room temp for months. What could cause this?
  7. Ive had a few, so let me just ask.  311 the band?  I grew up listening to that stuff.  Music is such a good album.  Started with the self titles album and left around Transitions, was that the name? 

    1. youdontknowme311


      Haha Yep 311 is my favorite band. Transistor is what you're thinking of... great record but the blue album is my all time favorite.

  8. How much lime juice would you add?
  9. Sweet! I can't wait to try some of these!
  10. Although I just tried my first Australian Sparkling Ale after being in the bottle for 2 1/2 months and it actually resembled beer. Didn't expect it to have a bitter taste but it was quite good.
  11. How do you use Irish moss?
  12. Well I've done 3 batches of CAL, 1 Oktoberfest, Australian Sparking Ale, Strawberry Basil Wheat, and I'm brewing Imperial Red Ale right now. I also made a batch of Beach Babe Blonde. I saved 2 bottles of the Beach Babe Blonde because I actually forgot I had them and I wanna say they were in the bottle for 4 months and they were really good, just a little too much lime flavor. Didn't really pick up on the "green" taste.
  13. I do everything you mention but still get that flavor that's why I don't get it. Is it the type of beer I make that usually has a lower profile so that flavor is easier to detect?
  14. Thanks zorak for that info. As far as pouring goes I'm usually pretty careful. I hold it up to the light and when I see the cloudiness from the sediment from the bottom move towards the neck I stop. I would say it's more of a "green" cider taste than a yeasty/doughy taste. Which I thought would be eliminated by bringing the temps down. When I first got the kit I was fermenting at like 72-74 and the green flavor was intense. Now... It's just not as intense but it's still there and it drives me nuts.
  15. I pitch everything at 66 degrees sometimes a little cooler, I did buy a hydrometer but I didn't use it on those specific batches. I did take readings on others and they were pretty much spot on with the mr beer approx readings.