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  1. Ugh, tried to watch the stream while on break at work but kept freezing on me every 10-30 seconds. I had full bars of service so idk why it was doing that
  2. Great show Josh! Fortunately I was able to catch today's stream because I was snowed in but I'm hoping the rest of the streams are available afterwards as I work nights and won't be able to watch live.
  3. I've never used this yeast before so I'll definitely keep my wort temps on the lower side. Now by over-pitching will this affect the flavor of the beer or not so much?
  4. I recently purchased the Sticky Wicket Oatmeal Stout recipe and I wanted to use Safale S-04 instead of the included yeast. It says that this yeast can be split into 2 batches. Would I be over pitching if I used the the whole packet or should I split it in half?
  5. Thanks. If I remember correctly I was drinking a can of Farmer's Fresh and It said they added a pound or maybe more of certain hops to the whirlpool. But I had no idea what that meant lol.
  6. Sorry if this is a dumb question but what does whirlpool mean? I've seen it multiple times on this forum and also from different breweries and I'm just curious to know what exactly it is.
  7. Does cold crashing affect the amount of sugar used when batch priming? I see some priming calculators ask for current temp, fermentation temp or highest temp.
  8. Is there a benefit to bringing it up to room temp after the 3 weeks?
  9. I just ordered this one, should arrive tomorrow.
  10. What's the expected OG & FG for this beer? I just brewed this about an hour ago and got 1.040 for the OG. Not sure if that's close or not.
  11. I do pour slowly and when the sediment starts to move towards the shoulder of the bottle I stop. I do use glass bottles. I use an oxy-clean scent free type cleaner to clean the bottles with a bottle brush and I use the one step to sanitize. Maybe I'm just not doing that properly.
  12. Some bottles taste great, some taste like crap. Maybe it is my bottle cleaning.
  13. I've had a batch of Imperial Red Ale conditioning for 5 months and some are decent and some are so cidery it's gross.
  14. I just came home and cracked it open and as soon as I poured it I could smell the cidery aroma. The others I had were perfect.
  15. I don't either, during the warmer days I just stick the bottles in an empty case and store them. During the cooler days I keep them in a mini fridge with temp control.