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  1. I might be mistaken, but I think that he was describing a blowout. "However, after things began fermenting a couple of hours later..." says to me fermentation started getting vigorous and the kreusen started blowing out. It wouldn't be a couple of hours before he got a spigot leak, that would happen almost immediately. I have to believe that the fermentation temp was probably too high.
  2. Congrats! Welcome to your new obsession!
  3. From the album Drinking

  4. There's a plethora of posts dealing with pumpkin beers. Just do a search of pumpkin and you'll have a nice amount of reading ahead of you. I know, I have searched and posted a few times about pumpkin beers.
  5. Definitely take a sampler to see if it tastes like flat beer. Cold crash is always the last step before bottling, so definitely take a sampler before cold crash.
  6. I might go so far as saying that since you're at day fourteen don't even bother cleaning it up. You will be bottling in about 7 to 8 days anyway. Given where the mold is located based upon your pictures, it should have no influence on your beer whatsoever and is probably best attended to after bottling. Any cleaning you do will probably disturb your wort and the trub located on the bottom of the LBK and I would think that would be more detrimental than just some mold on the outside of your LBK. Just my $0.02. YMMV! RDWHAHB!
  7. The only advice that I can give is to drink this one young. Let it go 3-4 weeks before cracking open your first one, however, it won't benefit from extended aging.
  8. The thought process is that due to the high alcohol content most of the yeast will be spent by the time for fermentation is done. Adding fresh yeast will allow carbonation to occur because there will be active yeast to consume the sugars that you put in at bottling. The only way you would get bottle bombs is if you add too much sugar at bottling. At least that's my take on it having done it once before. Just my $0.02
  9. What Hoppy said is correct. Those bottles also work nicely for making cider.
  10. Thanks for this post. I'm definitely going to try this one!
  11. As a reminder, this Wild (scouter) Bill IPA is fantastic!?

  12. How are you calculating your ABV? Are you meeting your O.G. or falling short? Are you meeting your F.G. or is your fermentation not completing? Are you using the Mr. Beer yeast? If so, what is the date code? How was the yeast stored? There's a lot of questions that need answers to be able to help you. The one that I would like the answer to the most is how are you calculating your ABV?
  13. No doubt! It's a sign from the beer gods!!
  14. @MRB Josh R I've got my stockpile of Lagunitas The Waldo's, but I'm definitely going to brew this up for when my quantity of The Waldo's is gone!
  15. Wife's part Hispanic. Pacifico, Caguama, and Modelo Negro were regular attendees at her families dinners. Pacifico is pretty decent unlike that skunk beer in the clear bottle. I like to have Pacifico around when she makes salsa. It helps to put out the fire!!