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  1. What Hoppy said is correct. Those bottles also work nicely for making cider.
  2. Thanks for this post. I'm definitely going to try this one!
  3. As a reminder, this Wild (scouter) Bill IPA is fantastic!🍻

  4. How are you calculating your ABV? Are you meeting your O.G. or falling short? Are you meeting your F.G. or is your fermentation not completing? Are you using the Mr. Beer yeast? If so, what is the date code? How was the yeast stored? There's a lot of questions that need answers to be able to help you. The one that I would like the answer to the most is how are you calculating your ABV?
  5. No doubt! It's a sign from the beer gods!!
  6. @MRB Josh R I've got my stockpile of Lagunitas The Waldo's, but I'm definitely going to brew this up for when my quantity of The Waldo's is gone!
  7. Wife's part Hispanic. Pacifico, Caguama, and Modelo Negro were regular attendees at her families dinners. Pacifico is pretty decent unlike that skunk beer in the clear bottle. I like to have Pacifico around when she makes salsa. It helps to put out the fire!!
  8. Pacifico labels practically fall off if you look at them crosswise!
  9. Insert shameless plug here!
  10. Congrats on surviving open heart surgery! Patience is the key to brewing, but that's taking it to the extreme! Not uncommon for IPA's to lack head, the hop oils inhibit head retention. Keep up the good work and welcome to the obsession!
  11. You don't gain any benefit beyond 2-3 days. If you're only going 4.5 days, there won't be any harm either.
  12. Yeah, keep rubbing it in about all of the microbreweries you have near you. You forgot to mention the one in your backyard.
  13. I have a length of food grade tubing that's long enough to go from the LBK spigot to the bottom of my bottling container (slimline) with a partial coil on the bottom. That way the flow into the bottling container creates a swirling that does an admirable job of mixing the beer and priming sugar without any aeration. I haven't had any issues with this process. As always YMMV.
  14. On bottling day, transfer to a "slimline" or bottling bucket. Allow to "settle", batch prime, then bottle. "Easy peasy, lemon squeezy"
  15. I have never tasted the water after the different mineral additions. Interesting thought. I know that they make a marked difference in the beer.