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  1. Real simple. Food grade tubing. Food grade silicone adhesive (search for it on amazon). Drill hole in lid to 'just accommodate tubing and silicone in place. Run blow off tube into jug with star-san and you have a blow off tube (vapor lock). I'd give you pics, but I'm on the road for work (enjoying a Founder's Azacca as we speak).
  2. My $0.02. Modify 2 LBK lids with blow off tubes and put 2 1/2 gallons in each. I've done that to 2 of mine and it works great.
  3. St. Louis on June 10 for me.
  4. Put only as much as you plan to drink in the refrigerator leaving the rest at room temperature (>70F) to continue to condition.
  5. "There behind the glass is a real blade of grass, Be careful as you pass, move along, move along." @MichaelL Thanks, now that song is going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day. I guess there could be worse! @MrWhy welcome back from the forest moon of Endor.
  6. Like Stroom said the longer you go the better your beer will be. Except for IPA's and wheat beers, those are best drunk young.
  7. Stroom is right, however, I hope it was just a typo when you mentioned that you added the HME to the "boiling" water. You want to boil the water the remove from the heat ("flame-out") and then add the HME. Don't worry, you'll have beer when you're done.
  8. Now there's a keeper!!!!!
  9. Just wait until you start doing hop additions during your boil. If she doesn't like the smell of malt, the hops smell might cause her to divorce you.
  10. Also, don't forget that minerals in your water play a critical role in both of your goals. Read the following article to get an idea: Cheers
  11. Well, I just bottled this batch. I got an amazing amount of bittering for a 15 minute boil. The hop aroma is good, however, not as good as I had hoped. Hop flavors are muted at best. Hopefully 3 weeks of conditioning will help, we'll see. Still on track to be my St. Valentines IPA.
  12. If it tasted like flat beer before bottling and now tastes like vinegar, there was something amiss with your sanitization at bottling. What you are describing is caused by an acetobacter bacterial infection. Bottle conditioning unfortunately won't make that go away.
  13. Stroom, I guess that you like the 'floral' hop varieties?
  14. Thanks @Nickfixit. I'm definitely going to try the English style IPA recipe.