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  1. Louisville to St. Louis is about 4 hours on Interstate 64 (260 miles). Just sayin'!
  2. Beaver, Oregon (not Beaverton). Not to far from Portland. There was 1 & 1/2 miles of the Nestucca river that flowed through the property where I was staying. Great for fishing, mostly brown trout. I was also amazed at the size of the crayfish, almost tiny lobsters. It was the greenest state that I have ever seen.
  3. Your reading is probably correct at 0.995 for the spring water. Distilled water should be at 1.000, so if you get a reading of 0.995, you should add 0.005 to your reading. That's because your hydrometer is reading 0.995 on something that is at 1.000. That being said, 0.005 is negligible in the grand scheme of things! RDWDAHB!
  4. I visited Oregon once. Does that count?
  5. Lots of great opportunities in St. Louis and I'm there 2-3 times per week (I live in Southern Illinois). The Anheuser/Busch tour is very interesting (keep your snarky comments to yourself, it truly is interesting). A very vibrant craft beer scene. And if you want to do the touristy thing, the St. Louis Zoo and Museum's are free (paid for by local hotel tax dollars). Not to mention a lot of good food! Did I mention the craft beer scene? STLCBW (St. Louis Craft Beer Week) is in August. Food for thought.
  6. A lot of brewers use distilled water to brew with. The problem is that distilled water doesn't have any of the minerals that are needed for brewing. If you do, you will need to know about water chemistry and the style of beer that you are brewing so that you can add the correct minerals in the correct amounts. You want to use tap water or bottled spring water with Mr. Beer to keep the process simple while you're learning the fine art of brewing. If you're interested in learning more about brewing and water chemistry you might want to check out John Palmer. He wrote the book: How to Brew (an older edition can be found online) which has a section on water. He also wrote the book - Water: A Comprehensive guide for Brewers.
  7. I just opened a porter (my own recipe from DME) last night that I bottled in 2015. My beer has always been stored in an upstairs closet that ranges from the 80's during the summer to the 40's during the winter. The beer aged beautifully! If you're storing in an area that's mid 60's consistently you'll be fine for 3+ years (if you can maintain your patience).
  8. That should work fine. It will increase the malt presence in your beer so you might want to consider a hop boil to balance the increased malt. Your ABV will be higher as well (depending on the amount of grain you add)
  9. I could probably do October 13-15 or 16.
  10. Last night I opened up one of my own recipes (Mid-Winter Porter) that has been sitting for over 2 years and boy did it age well.
  11. If there's another in October, color me there!!!
  12. I logged the Belgian Spiced Ale in Untappd and earned a badge on my own brew! Sweet!!! The Dark Side badge.
  13. Sitting at home wishing I was at 3 Floyd's. Was going through some of my older inventory and ran across some of my original Belgian Spiced Ale (brewed in June 2015). Decided to chill some so that I would have something to toast you guys with. Opened one tonight and all I can say is Wow! It's mellowed wonderfully. The spice came through nicely on the nose. Still wonderfully carbonated. A good malt presence with a warming spice finish. This brew has definitely aged well!!
  14. From the album Drinking

    A 2 year old Belgian Spiced Ale. Brewed in June of 2015. Even better!
  15. I joined Untappd over 4 years ago under a different nickname: visorbill. I'm also in Untappd as a brewer: 618 Brewing.
  16. I highly recommend the Scotch Egg!!
  17. What! @Bonsai & Brew and @Creeps McLane are on Untappd and they haven't added me as a friend yet!
  18. Here's a thought for those attending this soirée. This event is happening in Chicago on Saturday.
  19. My attendance is 'iffy' at best. We've been crazy busy since the first of the year and my boss is sending me 'hither, thither, and yon' supporting other regions. I've probably logged 30k miles this year (10k/month), so even if I'm not busy that weekend I'll have to do some serious bribing to get SWMBO to bless this endeavor. I'm going to try my 'damnedest'.
  20. What Shrike said!
  21. Nicely done. Looks like a nice, creamy head with good lacing. Now I'm going to have to go home and pop open a stout!
  22. Just to clarify, you're referring to the Mr. Beer kit and not your girlfriend? Welcome to the Cult of Brewing and your new obsession. Your girlfriend has no idea what she's done to herself!
  23. The stick on thermometers are fairly accurate (within a degree or so). For the batch you have going 60 is at the low end, however, fermentation is definitely taking place. The bigger consideration would be wide temperature swings. As long as you can keep the temp within a 2-3 degree band in the low 60's you're golden (60-63 for example).
  24. Boiling wort is a staring contest. Whoever blinks first wins. What I mean by that is that: you can watch your boil and everything will be fine, but the moment you turn your back or look away you will have a boil over! If you watch it the whole time you win because it never boils over.
  25. Yea, I know. The name of that city is on the tip of my tongue.... The only problem is that SWMBO hates flying!