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  1. Is it bad that I've got my fermentation fridge and temperature control on an uninterruptible power supply? ☺️
  2. I'm definitely good with Louisville. Lots of things to do other than beer.
  3. scouterbill

    Newbie needs brew plan confirmation

    I can add one thing to this conversation. Only chill what you will be drinking, not the whole batch. Leave everything out to continue conditioning. So if you plan on drinking two or three of your beers, three days before drinking them put them in the fridge and chill them down. Also, most of your beers will improve with age so chill a few and try them at four weeks, chill a few and try them at five weeks,… One notable exception to this would be IPA's. You want to drink those young as the hop characteristics of your beer tail off 'relatively quickly'. Welcome to your new obsession and most importantly patience, patience, patience!
  4. scouterbill

    Carb Cond Chamber & Brew Cellar

    Damn, you could lager in there!
  5. scouterbill

    Carb Cond Chamber & Brew Cellar

    I jealous that you have a basement, let alone that it stays that cool with as hot as it is. Nice!
  6. scouterbill


    Our baby is all grown up and leaving the nest. 😩 Just concentrate on the process and it'll be great.
  7. scouterbill

    MUG MidWest Meeting #2

    Trust me, I wanted to be there!
  8. scouterbill

    Why the longer brew cycle?

    By the end of two weeks "fermentation" is complete as the old instructions state. However, yeast continue to clean up after themselves by clearing out components that would lend to off flavors. Three weeks is the ideal time in the fermenter for "optimum flavor" as the new instructions state.
  9. scouterbill

    No evidence of fermentation?

    Is there any trub on the bottom of the fermenter? Krausen isn't the only sign of fermentation.
  10. scouterbill

    Long Play IPA Tweaking

    As far as hop flavor and aroma are concerned, those are either very late boil additions or an addition at flame out. Also dry hopping after active fermentation will lend some hop flavor and more hop aroma. As far as lightning your brew, there's not much you can do with extract brewing. You could use less extract for the same amount of water, however, that would lend itself to a lower ABV beer. The fresher the extract the lighter the color will tend to be as the extract tends to darken over time. With extract brewing I would worry less about the color of your beer than I would about your process. As you move toward all grain brewing the color will tend to be closer to, if not right where you want it to be.
  11. scouterbill

    First partial mash attempt & newbie mistakes

    You're doomed! Pitch it and start over. RDWHAHB!
  12. scouterbill

    MUG MidWest Meeting #2

    I'm working out the logistics of this one. If I go, I'll head out Friday morning so that I can check in to the hotel and go to the Friday night festivities. Sleep in Saturday morning to head back home by noon.
  13. scouterbill

    Tell Yoda where to go

    You had me at bacon!
  14. scouterbill

    MUG MidWest Meeting #2

    Mount Vernon. About 1 hour east of St. Louis.
  15. scouterbill

    MUG MidWest Meeting #2

    The jury is out on this. I just looked and it's a 6 & 1/2 hour drive to Fairfield, OH. I'll need to do some serious thinking on this.
  16. scouterbill

    Tell Yoda where to go

    Tempting! SWMBO will be in California the whole month of June. College age kids can fend for themselves. Birthday weekend. I might have a birthday road trip here.
  17. scouterbill

    Tell Yoda where to go

    Louisville to St. Louis is about 4 hours on Interstate 64 (260 miles). Just sayin'!
  18. scouterbill

    Any Oregon Mr Beer users yet?

    Beaver, Oregon (not Beaverton). Not to far from Portland. There was 1 & 1/2 miles of the Nestucca river that flowed through the property where I was staying. Great for fishing, mostly brown trout. I was also amazed at the size of the crayfish, almost tiny lobsters. It was the greenest state that I have ever seen.
  19. scouterbill

    hydrometer readings for Voodoo batch

    Your reading is probably correct at 0.995 for the spring water. Distilled water should be at 1.000, so if you get a reading of 0.995, you should add 0.005 to your reading. That's because your hydrometer is reading 0.995 on something that is at 1.000. That being said, 0.005 is negligible in the grand scheme of things! RDWDAHB!
  20. scouterbill

    Any Oregon Mr Beer users yet?

    I visited Oregon once. Does that count?
  21. scouterbill

    Tell Yoda where to go

    Lots of great opportunities in St. Louis and I'm there 2-3 times per week (I live in Southern Illinois). The Anheuser/Busch tour is very interesting (keep your snarky comments to yourself, it truly is interesting). A very vibrant craft beer scene. And if you want to do the touristy thing, the St. Louis Zoo and Museum's are free (paid for by local hotel tax dollars). Not to mention a lot of good food! Did I mention the craft beer scene? STLCBW (St. Louis Craft Beer Week) is in August. Food for thought.
  22. scouterbill

    My first mistake

    A lot of brewers use distilled water to brew with. The problem is that distilled water doesn't have any of the minerals that are needed for brewing. If you do, you will need to know about water chemistry and the style of beer that you are brewing so that you can add the correct minerals in the correct amounts. You want to use tap water or bottled spring water with Mr. Beer to keep the process simple while you're learning the fine art of brewing. If you're interested in learning more about brewing and water chemistry you might want to check out John Palmer. He wrote the book: How to Brew (an older edition can be found online) which has a section on water. He also wrote the book - Water: A Comprehensive guide for Brewers.
  23. scouterbill

    long term storage?

    I just opened a porter (my own recipe from DME) last night that I bottled in 2015. My beer has always been stored in an upstairs closet that ranges from the 80's during the summer to the 40's during the winter. The beer aged beautifully! If you're storing in an area that's mid 60's consistently you'll be fine for 3+ years (if you can maintain your patience).
  24. scouterbill

    Extra Ingredients

    That should work fine. It will increase the malt presence in your beer so you might want to consider a hop boil to balance the increased malt. Your ABV will be higher as well (depending on the amount of grain you add)